The Prince, The Maiden, and The


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Chapter one

It was the day of Maiden Mary's due date. she was due to have a girl.. It was a tough labor and a few days afterward the fairies came to give they're gifts. No one knew what was to be. the first fairy gave her the gift of ultimate beauty. The second gave her the gift of a harmonious voice, the third a gift of kindness, the fourth gave her the gift of courage but the fifth fairy was a total screw up so she tried t give the sleeping baby the gift of heavenly touch but instead the infant was given the gift of deadly touch.

Over the years her gift became more and more deadly. She was the sweetest child you could see but no one knew she has ever given her a hug or touch, not even her parents. Then one day her mother and father were killed in an unknown accident. She wandered the streets for days and a kind woman took her in. She grew up with that woman until she was old enough to move out( which was 16 in this time.) so she moved to her best friend's cottage, Lily, and lived with her parents.

They supported many causes of Orge rights and Elves and all unfairly treated mystical creatures. She despised a young prince named Robert Fairington III. He was called Bobby by his fans and many other people of the kingdom.

one day while she was walking from the recently opened town mall she saw a crowd rushing. She paid no mind. But then they came her way she had no where to run then a pair of hands grabbed her. She managed to dodge the wild crowd but was surprised to see who it was. It was Prince Bobby. She couldn't believe her eyes.

" what ..what are you doing here?" She asked stunned to see him up close.( and he was quite handsome)

" trying to dodge my wild and oh so large fan club. And you?" he replied

" Well I was at the mall trying to support the unfairly treated Mystical creatures of the kingdom but then my stupid classmate Penelope , who is also the president of your idiotic fanclub rushed me out in the rampaged you saved e from earlier. you jerk. "she said while walking quickly down the road.

" what did I do ?" he asked while trying to follow her down the road.

" You don't think I could have dodged that crowd. you totally ripped the sleeve of my shirt." she said while pointing to her half torn sleeve..

" oh I'm incredibly sorry. let me see." he said only seconds from her skin.

" NO!STOP! DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed as she quickly moved her arm away.

" Geeze what is with you?" he said to himself a tad confused .

" nothing…I…I have to go" she said while quickly dashing off .

' that girl……….is so interesting.' he thought with a smirk on his face. ' wait.. why am I just standing here ? I didn't even get her name' At the exact moment after he thought that he ran after her.

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