The Prince, The Maiden, The Curse

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Chapter 8: Another Surprise

Rogue and Bobby both looked shocked to see who had walked in. It was John and Lily.

"Bobby could you at least wait until she was here for a month before getting her in bed."


" It's gone …..I uh we.." but Rogue was cut off by Bobby.

" We have to go to dinner I'll meet you three down there …..okay?"

he finished referring to Rogue on the last part.

" Yeah…sure …." she said as she got up and fixed her gown. She walked over to Lily and John . They all began to walk over to the door when Rogue saw Bobby walking to his closet . To her he looked disappointed. He saw the look she was giving and nodded to tell her he was okay.

She understood what he was saying and walked out.

at dinner,

Rogue sat quietly at the table just listening to her friend Lily talk about all the things she saw at the castle. John sat and listened to Lily too, but Rogue could see he was really just staring at her in amazement. A couple of moments after Lily finally finished her long ass quarter story Rogue saw Bobby walk in. He looked as if nothing had happened. Just calm and conserved . He sat next to Rogue and began a conversation with bobby.

" So Bobby where were you and Lily ? I didn't see you all afternoon." Bobby asked with a curious look on his face.

"talking." John said casually " what about you and Rogue ? How did you get into that predicament?" he said back cockily

" uh…talking" Bobby said

" Lily….I'm not really hungry." Rogue interrupted.

" me neither …how bout we go walk around the castle for a while." Lily agreed.

" If you would excuse us your majesty were not feeling hungry." Rogue said to Bobby and the queen. Then both walked out of the room.

" Pig" Rogue said as she passed Bobby quietly

"What did i do!" Bobby and John both said in unison.

The next morning:

Rogue awoke with the sun in her eyes. She really must learn to close the fucken blnds.She noticed she was back in her temporary room. The walls were a violet. The sheets were a baby blue and it was draped by baby blue veil like material. the floor are brown hardwood . Roue was wearing a normal night gown the was only to her knees.

She decided to get soe breakfast .so she got up and headed for the door. She opened it and there was bobby getting ready to knock.

" um ...can i help you Bobby ?" Rogue said nervously.

Before she knew it Bobby had came in and closed the door and had Roue in a deep romantic kiss , slowly pushing her to the bed and then pushing her to a laying positon with him on top.

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