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Title: Getting You While Getting There

"She's just a girl; she's nothing to me really…" Ayumu really needed to pick his words more carefully, especially if that certain girl was listening. Ayumu and Hiyono were close, solving cries, well only a few and mainly learning about the Blade Children, so would you call them friends even? Hiyono was always so bring and bubbly and always stealing poor Ayumu's lunches or demanding them be made for her as well, how could they not be friends. It could go either way, really, but to say that, that was pretty cold Ayumu…

Hiyono stepped back a bit behind the corner and ran off, she loved Ayumu, she had faith in Ayumu and now she didn't mean anything to Ayumu, she sighed and went back to the editor's room and finished the rest of her lunch, made by Ayumu.

The said boy came in a few minutes later, "Hey." He yawned as if he had just woken up from a nap on the roof.

"H!" Hiyono said cheerfully and got up, but inside she was crushed and broken by his words.

"Where are you off to?" he asked surprised that she was leaving, usually she stayed to lecture him on social skills or something.

"Ah, um…I have to go!" She yelled and ran off, she couldn't stand it, him, being so him and her being so…she didn't know anymore. Hiyono had been thinking about asking Ayumu to be her boyfriend, but now she couldn't. Couldn't hear the same words directed at her.

Ayumu blinked, so clueless for once, figured she meant to go use the bathroom he laid his head down on the table and dozed off, his thoughts traveled to a certain annoying girl, Hiyono. 'She's always there for me and supportive and probably my only friend, so why did I say that…that she is nothing to me, when really she's….everything.' He thought in his sleep.

Meanwhile Hiyono was walking around, 'All he every cares about his the Blade children and Kiyotaka…' She thought but then regretted it. 'No it's wrong for me to think that…' She scowled her self and held her ran to her forehead a splitting head ache coming on. "Ugggh." She groaned and fell back to lean on the wall.

Ayumu got up as the bell for lunch to end rang, he wondered what was up with Hiyono anyway, she did seem a bit weird, well weirder than usual.

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