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"Ayumu….this….this might a be a shock…and a bit of hard to explain over the phone. Can you come over?"

"Yeah, sure thing." Ayumu told her and turned off the stove.

"Where are you going?" Madoka asked getting up.

"Out." Was all Ayumu told her and ran into his room. "Hiyono, I'm on my way." He said and grabbed his coat, throwing off his apron and putting on his coat and ran out, still holding onto his cell phone.

A few minutes later, a knocking came to Hiyono's door. Her mother answered it but Hiyono ran in front of her. "Hi Ayumu. Sorry mom." She said and pulled the boy inside.

"Sorry for coming over so late without tel-" His apology to her mother was cut off by him being dragged up the stairs. She shut her door and he sat down on her bed and she brought over her laptop and sat next to him.

"Ayumu…." Hiyono started and typed a few things. "This…is going to be a lot for you….it…was for me…I found out after I came home from talking with Rio and Kousuke….and I finally am telling you now…"

"Just get to it." Ayumu said, Hiyono shot him a look. "Please, please, get to it, please.." He corrected him self.

"Right…well, I guess I'll start off with this…" She showed him a picture of an older man. "This man is Mizushiro Yaiba." Hiyono said. "He was born with one rib missing from his right ribcage. Like Kiyotaka, he excelled at everything he chose to put his mind to. Like Kiyotaka, he was the darling of the world for the first twenty-odd years of his life. When he turned twenty-three, Yaiba started his own secret society, which swiftly grew to gigantic proportions, able to manipulate world events. Citing boredom, Yaiba initiated the "Blade Children Project"." Hiyono read.

"Blade Children Project…." Ayumu muttered. 'What does this all mean?' He wondered.

"Using in vitro techniques, he seeded his DNA and created a total of eighty children. These children all had a rib removed at birth to signify them being of Yaiba's blood. They were cursed in the same way Yaiba was: they would grow up as geniuses in their own right, but one day their blood would awaken murderously and take over their self-will, becoming avatars of Yaiba." She continued and looked to Ayumu.


"I can tell….that this is a lot of information, Ayumu." She paused.

"No, no, just tell me a little more…" He muttered.

"Alright…." She nodded and scrolled down to read a little more. "When Yaiba was thirty-six, one Japanese man came out of nowhere and easily killed him: Narumi Kiyotaka. He was the counterpart to Yaiba: if Yaiba had been a destroyer, Kiyotaka was a creator. Yaiba had intended to remake the world literally in his own image; with his death, the Blade Children project was halted. Kiyotaka had his hands full trying to stop the Hunters from killing all the Children, while trying to check the Savers at the same time. Savers are…one of the three groups of Yaiba, they are supportive of him and wanted to create more Blade children." She explained and set her laptop down. "Pretty intense…" She took Ayumu's hand for support.

"…so what's going on here?" He muttered.

"You mean, what happened…" Hiyono said to him, glancing to her screen breifly. 'Poor Ayumu….' She thought.

"So….this guy…Yaiba…and Kiyotaka were partners…partners in creating and protecting the Blade Children…." He muttered and put a hand to his forehead. 'What….why me…why him…..why anything…' He closed his eyes and fell back on Hiyono's bed.

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