The Science of Love and Evil
A Sailor Moon / Full Metal Alchemist Crossover


The young girl with the sky-coloured eyes was sitting on the bed, alone in her darkened room, shaking slightly as she wept.

She wasn't crying because of the soreness in her arms, legs, and back caused by the strenuous work she had to do that day; (after using vacation days to go to Central, she'd had plenty to make up for around the shop). Perhaps the physical pain she was feeling from carrying around boxes constantly along with fixing prosthetic limbs would have made sense as the reason for her tears, and had anyone asked why she had lain down in her bed crying herself to sleep, she probably would have told them that it was. However, truthfully, her suffering was from a different type of hurt. Even though her body ached all over on the outside, it was what was inside her heart and mind that made her clutch the sheets tighter by the second and shiver even under her multiple covers.

Digging her head into her pillow so that her sobs wouldn't be heard, she wished once again that he were there with her. She wished that she was pressed up against his shirt rather than her tear-soaked pillow, she wanted to know for sure that he was alive and well, and every now and then during the night she allowed herself to yearn for his touch. She felt selfish because of her impatience for his return: didn't he have a brother to take care of? A brother who she also saw as part of her family? Didn't it make her gluttonous, to rather have both brothers back with her than out looking for what they wanted - for what they needed?

What they needed was what she couldn't give them, no matter how many arms and legs she built. For those arms and legs, no matter their functionality, still weren't real. Metal was useful and sleek and interesting, but it wasn't flesh. And even she preferred the latter. She loved automail, but she loved them more – if she could end their quest and make real bodies instead of metal, well…

She'd miss the constant use of tools, the smell of steel, the texture of unfinished iron, the look of titanium, but if the blonde-haired alchemist and his adorable brother were sitting next to her with real, full bodies… none of those other things would matter. However, automail wasn't alchemy, and that was just the way it was. She could heat, bend, hammer, sculpt, and fold metal, but she couldn't manipulate it in the way that they could. She could deliver a baby, but she didn't know how to save a life that had already begun. All she really knew how to do for them was wait.

Slowly, the girl got out of bed temporarily to grab a certain red coat out of its drawer. As she returned to her tear–stained sheets she held it close and took in the wonderful scent she seldom had the wonderful opportunity to smell. There was metal from an automail arm, alchemy's version of "soap" from his sad excuse for laundry detergent, the absence of oil (which would have been there if he looked after his damn arm properly)… and something else she just couldn't place. It wasn't sweat or even cologne or anything of the sort… it was just… him. His jacket didn't have the aroma of a store-made fragrance and it didn't have some scent that could be defined and written down for the public to understand, because if it could have been written down it wouldn't have been a one-line definition, it would have been a novel that only this girl and few others could read. To her he smelled like anger and fear and hope and dedication and so many other things… but most of all, he smelled like strength; strength as something that one needed to fight for those they cared for, (even if he never said those three words out loud to his brother, or anyone, for that matter). The essence she breathed in was part of what kept her going – she was inspired by it to do better for everyone she cared about, it calmed her down when she was afraid, and most of all, it helped her wait for some day when she hoped she would feel its source nearby, always.

As she gradually began to drift through the sea between dreams and reality, she caught glimpses of the stars out her window and visioned the sun, and fresh air, and fields, and a better time filled with family and without fear. She heard the clamouring of some machine she must have been proud of for building and the rustle of the grass under a good old dog's feet and felt fingers intertwined with hers, and she couldn't tell whether those fingers were made of metal or flesh but she didn't really care, because she knew they were Edward's and that was all that mattered. Her brother and grandmother and parents were somewhere close by, unharmed, and as she imagined more of this happy place she allowed herself to have the most sentimental thought before sleep claimed her; she wished she had the ability to do something other than wait, her own kind of alchemy, one which would protect the ones she loved.


She awoke from dusty winds and nightmares to a reality of soft raindrops pattering on her window. It was too easy to shiver from fear, fear that her dreams would be more than simply dreams. She had dreamt that he had died, he had died in her hands and she was unable to do anything about it. Confessing her years-old love for him had done him no good; her love couldn't stop his pain or help him breathe. Her uniform had been tattered and torn, her chain whip lost long ago, her tiara broken, but she didn't care because she'd rather lose all of that than lose him, for he was all that mattered.

Even her trusty cat had gone astray somewhere in the midst of her subconscious mind, but as things slowly came into focus she realised he was sleeping in her pile of stuffed animals, curled up into a little ball as usual. Moving cautiously so that she wouldn't wake him, she reached into the bottom of a certain drawer to retrieve a particular possession. She unfolded the paper carefully and read the words, making sure to take in every single one to the best of her ability, regardless of the fact she'd read it several times before. It was a note he had written her in school, just a simple little thing she had carried with her ever since he had given it. She treasured it and kept it hidden, and now it lead her to remember all the wonderful times they had shared together. All the laughter, the jokes, the hugs… it all came back to her suddenly. If she thought hard enough, she could remember just the way his smile made her heard skip a few beats and the way his voice made even her worst days seem alright. But in remembering all of these great things, she also remembered the sorrowful ones. In thinking of how much she missed him and her other friends she left behind, she began to cry.

It wasn't as if she didn't love the friends she had where she was… she did love them, and she did her best to protect them time after time. Sometimes though, she pondered the thought of not being a soldier anymore. She wanted to be free of all the restrictions of her secret identity and the loneliness they all strangely felt, even though they were constantly together. She refolded the paper and placed it back into its place, envisioning a life free of responsibilities and monsters and demons.

Her pillows called for her return and she accepted the fact that she would probably cry herself to sleep again tonight. Laying down hurt as a result of the massive battle she and the others had just been through, so she sat up in bed, still wondering about the life she used to lead. She grabbed a random stuffed animal and held it close, pretending that she was holding him instead of cotton foam surrounded by fluffy fabric. As she sat there shuddering, she thought that if she had the chance, she just might trade her talents as a warrior for the prospect of love, even if love was ironically what she was fighting for and with. Sobs of regret engrossed her as she whispered his name. "Alan..." she said, and then listened to the raindrops fall.

The young girl with the sky-coloured eyes continued sitting on the bed, shaking slightly as she wept.

End of Prologue
General Info

SUMMARY: Teaser Line: "In our world, HUMANS are the REAL monsters." Edward told the Senshi.

Sailor Moon tries to destroy an enemy - right as Ed tries to open the gate! Ed, Al, and Winry are then thrown into 20th century Tokyo during the fight between the Senshi and the Emperor Kazuhide (along with his many scantly-clad minions, of course). After meeting, the Senshi decide to help the three get home… but the more the Trio tries to find their way back to a world of alchemy and automail which makes sense, the less they want to leave the convenient world they've found where love seems to conquer all and evil is easily defined and henceforth defeated... especially the person who learns what it's like not to have to wait and worry for the ones she cares about.

SPOILERS: YES! For all the FMA manga up to chapter 56, and even though I switch around a crap-load of stuff in the SM story, I'm going to say there's spoilers up to SuperS, just to be safe.

Bunny x Mamoru / Serena x Darien (duh!), Edward x Winry, Haruka x Michiru (hinted), Rini x Al? (MAYBE? ...Stop making that face!)

GENRES: All of them really. Varies by chapter, don't worry, I'll tell you. But, overall, I guess it's Fantasy, with Romance and Action / Adventure. (... Isn't that kinda what Fantasy IS? ...Eh).

DISCLAIMER Gah, this is so stupid; why am I writing this? OF COURSE this stuff doesn't belong to me! If it did, then my writing wouldn't be FAN FICTION, it would be the real story! (...Duh. And while I did make up Kazuhide, he is kind of based on Queen Nephrenia (I think she's referred to as Nehelenia in the anime?). Heh... Anywho. Fullmetal Alchemist and Sailor Moon are by Hiromu Arakawa and Naoko Takeuchi, respectively.

THE TITLE IS SEMI-TAKEN FROM A BOOK BY MICHAEL SHERMER. (Real Title: "The Science of GOOD and Evil"). But it encompasses everything that this story is about, so I gotta use it. I'm just saying here that the title is kind of unoriginal. I DON'T CLAIM IT! THIS IS A DISCLAIMER! Phew.


No, I can't make Winry into a Sailor Scout.

Why I'm writing this:
Sailor Moon and Hagaren! So, you now know why I call myself "SenshiAlchemist"! Haha… but anyway… Alright… this may sound like a weird idea for a crossover, but I really wanted to examine how in FMA, although there are 'monsters' in terms of the homunculi, humans such as Shou Tucker are the real evil because they try to play God. In Sailor Moon, the monsters are just pure evil, which I find to be a little too convenient. Naoko Takeuchi also makes a point to have Sailor Moon's weaponry to be fuelled by love, and she doesn't have a whole lot of actual violence, just cool powers. While I respect the message, it's not as believable as Hiromu Arakawa's usage of Alchemy, (a weird mix of science and magic; Alchemy was actually the precursor to chemistry). Also, I like the questions about human nature that Hiromu Arakawa brings about. However, I also don't think Naoko-sensei gets enough credit for the questions SHE raises, such as the debate of which is better - to stay in a world of fantasy where nothing goes wrong, or remain in the harsh reality.

How I'm writing this:
I use the Japanese names for all the Sailor Senshi, (scouts), except that Usagi will be called "Bunny." Sorry, but I really hate the name Usagi, because of the way it rolls of the tongue and because I always confuse it with Unagi for some reason... and I doubt anyone wants me to be constantly referring to Sailor Moon as an eel. -.-() Plus, the characters are how they are in the MANGA, (see below), and that's what she's called in the manga; and no, that's not just a translation of Usagi, it's a nickname. She's called that in the French AND English prints (trust me, I have both), so that's what I'm using. Please though, tell me if you get confused and why! I screwed with the whole timeline of SM for this fic, but I'll try to explain it as best I can. Also, I try to remain true to the manga of both FMA and SM, but there are a few parts of the anime that I need to make the story work… (from both FMA and SM), so forgive me if I change things to my own advantage. .-.-()

My author's notes will be at the end of the chapter, and they're marked with dash(-) and a number, if there are multiple ones in a chapter. Sorry if this is confusing, but I don't like seeing author's notes in the middle of the story so I figured this way would be better. I would make them little numbers at the top of the words like in um REAL books, but hah of course FFnet hates symbols for some reason so I can't. Shmeh.

Oh and... MANGA characters! MANGA! I HATE how the anime makes Serena more ditzy and stupid than she is in the manga, and the FMA anime makes Winry so much meaner, same with Ed! I'm trying to stick with the ORIGINAL characters, so if I do something that screams anime and goes against the manga characterizations, please, tell me!

Typing: 'Thoughts' / flashback / special stuff/ "Speaking."

THIS IS MY FIRST FIC! AH! I'm so excited; I can't believe I actually stopped being lazy and wrote something! Teehee. But anyway, on with the next chapter, (even though it's tiny because it used to be the prologue), so we can get to the real story!

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