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The Science of Love and Evil
Chapter Four

Genre: er… Scifi? Sort of? I don't know. Gah. A lot o' angst.
Setting: 20th Century Tokyo
Word Count: 6668
Summary: Ed, Al, Winry and the Senshi have a LOT to sort out.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Yeah so… I just re-watched S, and realised that I totally copied the cytosi after those things that Uranus and Neptune battle after Pluto stops time. Ugh. Man... Well, more props to Naoko then. :- /

And by the way, I'm not going into the 'Serpent's Prayer' / 'The Serpent that Devour's its Own Tail' stuff from FMA at ALL. That's… what makes FMA so much different and so much more serious than SM, and… I don't know. This is just for fun! I know it's a pretty ridiculous plot. As much as I love going into the science of things and delving into the basis of human nature, FMA does that on it's own so I need to attempt, (not that I'm anything like the great Arakawa-sensei), to do it another way which is... less deep because that's how SM is. There's science, but overall it's light-hearted. So, have fun with the character's interactions! I am!

A Worldly Debate
Part One

Sailor Moon's uniform quickly faded to that of her school's as she again fell to her knees. "Bunny!" Venus shouted, running to support her. The rest of the Senshi rushed forward as well; all of them had seen how drained she always became after using the crystal, and all of them were worried. Venus didn't take the time to de-morph, and neither did most of the Senshi as they rushed to Bunny's side. Mars and Jupiter, having been farthest away, were the last to arrive. While Jupiter was busy trying to see through the crowd of Sailor Soldiers to check on their leader, Mars was sneaking angry glances back at the new trio who had somehow come into the rebound from Sailor Moon's attack on Kazuhide along with the Senshi. She wanted to help Bunny, but at the same time, she didn't know who these people were and wondered why no one else was worrying about the same thing.

Venus kneeled down in order to hold the small blonde as she collapsed into Venus' arms. "Bunny… " Venus started. Bunny had tears streaming down her face, over her recently gained scrapes and bruises. Although Venus knew that she was obviously injured and tired, as they all were, the obnoxiously worded question surrounding Bunny's crying slipped out anyway. "What's wrong?" she said.

She inhaled sharply and held her hands to her eyes. This wasn't her usual cry-baby antic; these were serious tears that wrenched her entire body with sadness. They were as heavy as the rain that currently poured down on her and the other Senshi, and she couldn't control them in the least. "It makes…." she started shakily. "It makes me miss the Queen." she said, and dug her head into Venus's shoulder. All the surrounding Senshi and Tuxedo Mask sighed with their own memory of the Queen, and their stances relaxed some. They all knew how hard it was to face the horrible past time and again. It was difficult to imagine Mamoru, or rather, Endymion, dying; his generals betraying their loved ones (the inner Senshi), Serena stabbing herself through the heart, and the entire Silver Millennium coming to an end. The most difficult thing, however, was facing the fact that those things didn't have to be imagined, as they had all really happened.

Sailor V's lip trembled. She hated seeing her leader cry, and to see her Princess in so much pain, when she felt so much like it was all her fault. She had been the leader of the Scouts that protected the Princess… and they had failed. True, her lover had betrayed her and she had been lost, and she had died before Prince Endymion had fallen protecting Princess Serenity, and therefore before Serenity had committed suicide… but her heart ached with the fact that she had felt so weak as to die without protecting her Princess. She had let her own foolish state at loosing Malachite overtake her; she had become frail and fragile and pathetic, and she had let herself die at his unmerciful and corrupted touch. –(1) She felt her breath catch in her throat as she remembered that once again, she had failed her Princess when she had first reappeared. Tuxedo Mask had been taken, ironically, by Venus's very own former lover, (and Prince Endymion's former general), and all she could do was tell Serenity to stay back and do nothing. And before the final battle with Queen Beryl, she had perished in her own attack, leaving Sailor Moon and Mars alone in the freezing cold.

And of course, just now, hadn't she once again failed to protect Bunny from the cytosi? Hadn't she even failed to protect Mercury? Hadn't she almost become unconscious and lost the fight all together?

So many times she had died before being able to help Serenity, or had failed to stop her tears, and she hated it. She was supposed to be the successor after Princess Serenity; she was supposed to be strong and trustworthy and brave and dependable! But so many times she felt that she wasn't any of those things, and every time she saw her Princess weeping she was reminded of that feeling of hopelessness.

With that feeling, she clutched Bunny tighter to her. For now, she felt that it was all she could do.

The rain was pouring heavier by the minute, but none of the Senshi moved except to sit down. Of them, besides Bunny, Mercury was the most hurt, having been attacked by the greatest amount of cytosi. She wanted to inform everyone that she thought she had discovered what it was about the cytosi that made them so powerful while at the same time being so weak, but didn't know the appropriate time to speak up. She was also very weak herself, and was content for the time being to lie in the wet grass by the sidewalk, while the rest of the Senshi surrounded Bunny in the former building they had fought in, before being transported to the other world, (or whatever that place had been). Mercury did speculate herself on what that setting was, whether it was really the rebound from Sailor Moon's attack or Kazuhide's creation… or perhaps something else. She hoped that by the time everyone had calmed down enough – and rested up enough to be able to move to a safe, dry place – that she would have thought up a satisfactory answer to the questions surrounding their previous location.

It wasn't that she didn't care about Bunny, or that she wasn't worried about her, but she was too enervated to push herself up, and she doubted she could get through the crowd of girls surrounding her. After all, there was nothing that Mercury could do right now that wasn't already being done for Bunny; and it had become her job to take the position of the analyst regarding… unexplained Sailor Scout matters, such as the cytosi and the world they had just been in.

They weren't in that world anymore, though. Kazuhide and the cytosi were all gone, leaving the Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and Ed, Al, and Winry (which still weren't noticed by anybody but a very angry Mars), in 20th century Tokyo. Bunny and most of the Senshi were currently in the ruins of the building where the portal to Kazuhide's base had been. It had been badly damaged in the Senshi's efforts to destroy Kazuhide before he had sent them to the 'space between worlds'. Now, the majority of the Scouts sat or stood in the rubble of concrete supports and broken glass from the structure's windows. It had been an office building of some kind… Now it resembled nothing of the sort.

The building had been right next to the park that they inner scouts were oh-so familiar with. That particular park was the place they had morphed in order to transport themselves to the moon, when they had gone into space for the first time to regain memories of their past lives. It was also the park where Bunny had originally promised to return Mamoru's pocket watch to him before they had realised each other's alternate identities. It was a quaint little park, but it didn't look as inviting with the torrent of rain coming down, turning the sloped sidewalks into miniature rivers and overly saturating the grass. The whole scene, although familiar to the Senshi, was almost as un-inviting as the 'space between worlds' had been. It was wet, cold, and windy; and everything had been utterly devastated. None of them preferred to go back to the 'space between worlds' however… and all of them were too tired to move anywhere else other than the place they were now.

...As were Ed, Al and Winry. Of course Al wasn't physically tired, he couldn't be, but they were all rattled by the world's destruction in the previous moments, and tired from the cytosi. They also had no idea where they were in the least, and so they did nothing but sit and wait to be able to ask the Senshi where they were and what was going on. Ed was getting rather creeped out by Mars's angry stares… but didn't want to upset her anymore than she apparently already was at his presence, so he said and did nothing. Winry was even too tired to remember to get out the first-aid kit she had in her toolbox at all times.-(2) Alphonse didn't want to do anything his brother wasn't doing… and since his brother wasn't doing anything, he didn't do anything either. There were exchanges of 'Are you okay?'s and 'Fine's between the three, but not much else was said. All three of them were questioning what had happened and what they had done, and why they had done it, but chose to stay silent as the shower of water droplets fell upon them. The Senshi were much the same as they waited for strength to come back to them. Meanwhile, Venus was still holding Bunny, and most of the Scouts were still standing or sitting by her side.

"Did you… see another vision after your attack?" V asked in a wobbly voice, trying to hold back guilty tears of her own. Last time, when they had battled Nephrenia, something similar had happened in that they had gotten sucked into the reflection of Sailor Moon's attack on Nephrenia's mirror. After they had felt like they were falling for a short period, they had all ended up in the memory of Nephrenia's first appearance in the Moon Kingdom. That time had been particularly hard for Bunny, as Nephrenia had tried to convince Sailor Moon that she was the reason the Silver Millennium had ended.

...And when the nightmare of the Dead Moon was ending, before Helios had woken up, Bunny had once again recalled a memory of the Queen. Bunny had said, from that memory, that she had remembered her mission as a Sailor Soldier - to 'keep the star in her heard shining strong in order to defeat the dark and evil souls.' She had told them all that they each possessed a star within their hearts, and that it shown to give them the power they needed to protect the ones they loved. Venus hoped that, if such a thing was true, she had a star within her, in order to protect Bunny and her fellow Senshi far better than she previously had.

Bunny didn't answer her question, however, so she continued. "Is that… why you used 'Cosmic Moon Power' instead of something else?" Venus asked hesitantly.

...Was that something she could mention at this moment?

In awaiting her answer, the other Senhi failed to take notice of the three small figures moving towards them. In fact, the only person who had noticed the beings, probably because of what they were, wasn't even one of the Soldiers at all. But regardless of his recognition, the three figures continued to make their way to the Senshi who was about to speak.

"Yeah…" Bunny finally began. "I mean… I didn't use the sceptre, I dropped it and just used the crystal on it's own… and I was already thinking of her… and… yeah." She sniffed. "I guess that's just instinct." She finished as the figures moved past the Trio's point - of - view.

Al gasped slightly. It was in joy, but Winry took it to mean something else. "Al?" she asked worriedly. "What's wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong." he started exuberantly. "Look! KITTIES!"

' Uggggggghhhhhhhhhhh...' Ed groaned inwardly. Oh no, not this again. Al plus newly discovered kitties equalled hours of Ed convincing him that they didn't have time to take care of a cat. He looked in the direction Al was pointing in though, and sure enough, there were three cats, one black, one white, and one grey, headed toward the centre of the group in front of them. Unbeknownst to Winry and the brothers, their names were Luna, Artemis, and Diana.

Ed groaned inwardly. Oh no, not again. Al plus newly discovered kitties equalled hours of Ed convincing him that they didn't have time to take care of a cat. He looked in the direction Al was pointing in though, and sure enough, there were three cats, one black, one white, and one grey, headed toward the centre of the group in front of them. Unbeknownst to Winry and the brothers, their names were Luna, Artemis, and Diana.

The three cats rushed towards Serena and the other Senshi. Diana jumped on top of Chibi-Moon shouting "Small Lady!" as she always did, while Luna and Artemis trotted up to Bunny and Venus and sat down, panting.

"Luna? Artemis?" Venus said.

"Hey." Luna started, unable to get many words out while gasping for air. "We couldn't approach you…" she said, taking another deep breath. "For the longest time…"

"What do you mean?" Tuxedo Mask asked.

"Well… it was much like the time you fought with Pharaoh 90. The building you were in was encompassed by a barrier of some kind after you entered it..." Luna replied. "We couldn't get in, so we waited for the barrier to disappear." Artemis finished for her.

That was certainly very odd. The girls had felt that perhaps they were transported into another world… but had they really just been inside the building, or rather, the barrier?

"Do you think…" Venus started. "That the inside the barrier was the world we were in then? I mean, that it was an illusion of some kind?"

"But I have been there before," Pluto said. "And there was a great power shift after it was destroyed - didn't anyone else sense it?"

"Well maybe that was just because Kazuhide was destroyed too... Maybe he created the world?" Venus responded. Before, it seemed as if they had fallen into Sailor Moon's attack like the time they battled Nephrenia… but then, they hadn't fallen into some memory of the past, like they had that time. Could the world have been something else?

"You mean it was all a fake?" Bunny asked shakily, but without tears, looking up at Sailor V. By now she had calmed down considerably, and Mars was about to pop a blood vessel and obliterate everything in a fiery attack if the others didn't wake up and notice Ed, Al, and Winry.

"I don't know, Bunny-chan –"

"DOES ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT WE AREN'T THE ONLY ONE'S HERE?" Mars shouted, cutting Venus off. The Senshi turned to stare at her, as she pointed an irritated finger at the two teenagers and the suit of armour sitting not far from where they were. It wasn't that Mars didn't care about the situation regarding Kazuhide, but he was dead, and these people, or things, (or whoever they were), were still alive. Mars was actually acting so frighteningly because she was worried for everyone's safety... But, had she been calm and collected, perhaps she would have noticed that the three people she was extending her arm towards weren't harming anything and were just as banged up by the Senshi.

Be that as it may, she wasn't the least bit calm or collected, and continued to scare the crap out of Ed, Winry, and Al. What was wrong with this crazy woman? They hadn't done anything!

Venus spoke before anyone else could. "Mars, calm down," she said, transferring Bunny into Darien's arms. She got up slowly and sighed, making a futile attempt to brush the dirt out from her skirt, even though it was already almost soaked through so that any dirt that had been on it was either mudlike or washed away. The Senshi turned back to face her as she stood, putting her hand to her head in frustration. By this time, Winry and the Elric brothers were feeling very awkward and out of place… in truth, they had felt that the whole time, but the feeling was exaggerated from having the group of women in the strange short skirts stare at them moments before.


"Mars!" Jupiter shouted back. "Stop!" she yelled. Venus was, after all, clearly planning to speak. She was their leader, under Sailor Moon –(2), and she was trying to lead them now. Jupiter was also alarmed by Mars's rash actions considering the fact that she herself didn't view these people as evil at all. If they had been, wouldn't Sailor Moon have destroyed them along with the cytosi? And hadn't she seen the blond boy strike down a cytos?

"I saw you earlier…" Jupiter started, turning towards Edward. "Who are you guys?"

Ed, Al and Winry were very confused. What could they say to explian their presence, when they didn't even understand it themselves? 'Um hi, we're some random people… We tried to cross the gate but we ended up here fighting a bunch of blue monsters with you guys. Who are you again?' didn't sound too impressive, or sensible.

"Uh, well-" Al began.


"MARS!" Venus shouted. It wasn't much like her to be serious, or to shout, but in times that required both of her, she could always provide such things. "They're not evil! That girl helped me before! So it's okay, take a chill pill!"

The air became thick for a moment while Mars stared lividly at Sailor V, until she regained some of her senses. She didn't want these people to harm anyone, but as Venus had said, they weren't evil, and Venus was the one to listen to now. She sat down with most of the rest of the Senshi, awaiting Sailor V's direction. It was Serena, however, who spoke next.

"What are you talking about, Mars?" She questioned, starting to stand. Mamoru, still dressed as Tuxedo Mask, was careful not to let her fall. "Venus?" she asked. "What's going on?"

Sailor V looked at Winry for a few seconds before twisting around back to face the one other blue-eyed blond in their group. "Bunny…" she began. "Do you remember, right after your first attack, Mars said she sensed something else come in with us? I think… these people are it."

Bunny glanced at the three with her face slightly contorted in thought, while the rest of the Senshi started to stand.

"But they're not bad!" Jupiter said. "I saw that one get rid of a cytos!" she continued, pointing at Edward.

"And like I said, the girl helped me before." Venus added. Ed looked like he was getting pissed from being talked about as if he wasn't there, and would have made a move to get up and yell if, a) Al hadn't seen it coming and held him back before he could even do anything, and, b) one of the women with blue hair hadn't spoken first.

"Don't you think…" Neptune started in a calm manner - something that was rare for her not to be in - "That we should learn their names, and that we should just ask them who's side they're on?" It was a sensible question, but it still caused a few moments of awkward silence between both parties until an over-eager, pink-haired girl ventured forth.

"Yeah!" Chibi Moon said, and walked over towards Winry, whom she was inclined to like by looks alone. "I am RI-ni." she said, holding out her hand. Winry took it hesitantly. "Uh, Winry." she replied with a small smile. They shook hands, and Winry relaxed some. So, it appeared that they weren't all angry at her like the woman with the black hair and red skirt was!

"Chibi Moon!" Mars started. "You can't use your real name like that."(-3)

"Mars... It's alright." Jupiter said, exasperated.

"Sailor Mars, they've already seen Bunny de-morph and we've been referring to her by her real name for some time. Also, if they've come through the fight with Kazuhide with us, maybe they deserve to learn our real names? They already know Buns (-4), so it's just as well." Tuxedo Mask said. Bunny curled closer to him at the mention of her favourite nick-name. He had a point, after all.

Mars sighed and crossed her arms, de-morphing herself. "I guess you're right." she replied.

During this conversation, venus had begun to walk towards the female member of the Trio. "Um, Win…ry?" she asked. "You helped me back there… thank you." she said, extending her hand as Rini had before. "I'm Sailor V, but you can call me Mina." Although she was a bit scared by the forwardness of these women, (especially the little pink one who spoke as if whoever she was introducing herself to was five years old and spoke another language altogether), Winry appreciated the gesture, and grasped the blonde woman's hand. "...Well, you helped me first!" she said, shaking Venus's hand. She stood, and both girls smiled. They looked each other over for a few seconds before both of them suddenly exclaim at the same time, "Cute skirt!" After which point, they laughed, and much of Winry's tension about the situation vanished.

Jupiter approached Edward after de-transforming. "I'm Makoto" she said as he stood. Al was standing too, and before Ed could respond, he replied (very enthusiastically): "We're the Elric brothers!"

The Senshi of course had no idea that his statement was supposed to ring a bell with them, but with the general confusion that resulted from all of the de-morphed Senshi and the Trio trading introductions, and with so many new names to learn, time wasn't found for either side to be surprised by the fact that they had no idea who the other side was until Edward asked them:

"Are you guys alchemists?"

The group was generally confused by that question. "We're the Sailor Soldiers…" Bunny began. "Haven't you heard of us?" Rini asked. Winry, Ed and Al all shook their heads. The Pretty Sailor Soldiers, especially Sailor V, were used to being recognised by the general public, whereas Ed and Al were used to being recognised as the Elric brothers. Both groups were surprised that they were all unheard of to each other.

"What are alchemists?" Makoto asked, right as Ami said "Alchemists?" Mako looked at her. If anyone would know what an 'Alchemist' was, it was probably Mizuno Ami.

And of course, she had heard of them, but not for a long time.

"Yeah…" Ed trailed off in response to Ami's question. He chose, for the most part, to ignore Makoto's. (Did they really not know what alchemy was? It seemed so improbable). "Alchemists…" Ami repeated. "No, we're definitely not alchemists. We don't use alchemy here!" She said with a bit of a giggle. It was a strange thought though.

"What was it Ling called it, brother…" Al started, but Ed stiffened at the mention of Ling's name. He still wasn't over seeing Ling become a homunculus right in front of his eyes. "Rentanjutsu? Is that what you call it here?" Al carried on. He wasn't sure if they were in Xing, but it was worth a try.

"No…" Ami started. "I mean, there isn't such a thing as alchemy anymore. It's called chemistry now, well, chemistry is what it developed into anyway."

"Chemistry?" Rini said. "Wow, are you guys scientists?"

Ed and Al didn't respond. Neither did Winry. They couldn't respond. They couldn't believe what they had just heard.

There wasn't such a thing as alchemy anymore in this place? WHERE WERE THEY!

Winry could have fainted right on the spot. For the longest time, alchemy seemed to be all she ever heard about besides automail. It had been Ed and Al's life for as long as she could remember, and it had pulled them away from her too. And now they were in a place where it wasn't even used? It was cruelly ironic.

The Alchemists, on the other hand, were too shocked to be sad. Edward's jaw seemed to drop to the ground, and had Al had a human jaw, his would have done the same. Alchemy was their life! It was the reason it was their life – their interest in alchemy had made them think to restore their mother, and in doing so, they had been required to use it even more afterwards in the search to correct their mistakes. But... but here, it wasn't... anything?

And, of course, not knowing what alchemy meant to the Trio, Ami chose to answer Rini's question right at that moment. "Well, it was never a real science, Rini." Ami said.

... It might not have been the best moment to answer that question, especially in that way...

And all members of the Amestris Trio could have died right there immediately after Ami had finished saying such a blasphemous thing. Winry's eyes almost popped out of her skull, and Ed and Al could have cried in astonishment.






There were a few moments of stunned silence between the Senshi and the trio. The Senshi were confused because they had never even heard of that which apparently so much to the Trio... and the Trio was confused because the Senshi had never even heard of that which was such an important part of their lives. After a short amount of time, in which only the falling rain could be heard, Winry's voice pierced the semi-silence of the outdoors and spoke aloud the question all three of them had been wondering.

"Where… are we?" Winry asked finally.

"Tokyo, Japan" Ami replied matter-of-factly. Ed, Al and Winry had blank expressions, (which was a large improvement from the shocked and angry ones they had donned before, but sadly still not very hopeful). "What's that?" Winry said. She had never heard of it, and neither had the boys. "You mean you haven't…" Venus started. They hadn't heard of Japan? "Where are you guys from?"

"Amestris…" Al responded. The Senshi looked confused. "So… this isn't Xing? Or Creta? Or Aerugo? Or Drachma?" Al said, listing any country he knew in hopes that they would find one familiar. All countries called themselves something different then another country's interpretation of their name… but perhaps they'd find something they'd heard before. All he knew was that this place wasn't the gate; that was for sure.

"I've never… heard of any of those places…" Ami said. She narrowed her eyes in thought. "How did you three get here?" she asked.

"We're kind of wondering the same thing." Ed said, suppressing a shudder brought on by the icy downpour.

"...It's almost as if you guys are from another world or something!" Makoto said, with a nervous laugh. "Maybe you're not from Earth! After all, I guess we technically aren't…" Well, it was true. The Senshi weren't even really from the time period they now resided in. They were all from their respective planets, and the Silver Millennium thousands of years ago. Truthfully, Mamoru was the only one from Earth.

"…Earth?" Winry repeated, the name sounding weird as it came off of her tongue. She'd never said it before, as she had no idea what it was. Ed and Al were equally perplexed.

"Yeah, Earth, duh!" Rini said, and giggled. When the three teens remained confused, her laughter awkwardly decreshendoed and died, leaving an odd air to overcome the group as they finally realised the magnitude of what might be going on.

"You guys… don't know what Earth is?" Rei asked, breaking one of the many silences that seemed to come between the two groups. The Trio shook their heads. "You guys don't know what alchemy is?" Ed asked in turn. He still couldn't believe that it didn't exist anymore, and not only that, that when it had existed it wasn't even a 'real' science. "No, we'd never heard of it 'till you guys mentioned it. At least, none of us except Ami." Venus said. "Or Amestris?" he pondered aloud. "I don't think that country… even exists… Not that we know of, anyway." Ami said sadly.

The three's faces were the epitome of disbelief. Before their shock could possibly turn into heartbreak, Haruka decided to change the subject for the time being, and affirmatively said, "We should probably find somewhere else to talk."

"I agree. We need to get out of the rain." Setsuna said. "I don't want Small Lady to catch a cold."

Luna sneezed. "I think I've already got one." she said.

"Well… we can't all go to my house, my parents are still angry at the mess we left the last time you guys all slept over…" Mako-chan said. "But you're right, we should find somewhere dry to talk everything out."

"We can't use the shrine, Grandpa wants it to stay clean before the upcoming festival…" Rei added.

"You guys just came over yesterday, and I don't want to go home because I failed my maths test so Mum will be angry… And my parents would probably be suspicious…" Bunny trailed off.

It appeared that there weren't many places to go, as the places where the Senshi usually met together were slowly ruled out. The rain pitter-pattered on the ground as the group stood in the quiet for a minute.

"HMMM." Rini said loudly. "I WONDER where we could find a place where there aren't any other GROWN UPS around..."

Bunny got the hint, and turned towards Mamoru slyly. "Oh MAAAAAAAAAAAAmochaaaaaann…" she sing-songed. At which point, all of the Senshi began to watch the humorous, inevitable scene that was going to come. No one had mentioned Setsuna's or Haruka and Michiru's places, nor Hotaru's. All of them probably could have brought over the group… or at least, if they couldn't, nothing was said about their inabilities to do so. But somehow, once again, it fell to Mamoru to host the girls.

If they hadn't all been soaked with rain, the large beads of sweat forming profusely on his head would have been visible. But, alas, they looked merely like the raindrops that were already present there, and went relatively unnoticed. "Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssseee?" Rini and Bunny asked all-too sweetly, grabbing Mamoru on either side. He looked at the other Senshi, possibly for help, but none came. He looked at Winry and Ed, and noticed that they were shivering in the cold, (although Edward was trying to hide it). Rini was trembling too, as were a lot of the other Scouts. …He didn't want anyone to get a cold, which was definitely going to be a problem if they stayed there any longer. He sighed. "Alright…" he started. "Let's all go to my place and we can-"


"Then, can I have a piggy back ride there?"

Bunny grumbled at being interuppted (conviniently forgetting the fact that she had interupted Mamoru herself). "Rini! You are so... spoiled..."

Mamoru smiled at the pink-haired girl's efforts... She was cute, even if her actions were a little annoying. He picked her up as she had requested, causing Diana to jump off of Rini.

"Diana, where're you going?" Rini said. "Small Lady, I usually fall off when you are on Mamoru-san's back." She replied. "Diana," Luna began. "You shouldn't walk on your own... I don't want you to step in a puddle and get even more wet…"

"But I can't hold her." Rini started in reply. Poor Diana! She was already practically frozen to the bone, and her fur dripped constantly from the falling rain.

"Can I…" Al started timidly. "Hold the kitty?"

Ed rolled his eyes. At first, Rini was a bit intimidated by the large suit of armour asking to hold her Christmas present from so long ago and her closest friend and advisor, (besides Hotaru), but after realising that Al's voice had such a soft tone to it, and seeing him in the ridiculous stance she herself usually took when she wanted something, (the one where both hands were clasped together as if in prayer, and the bent knees and puppy-dog eyes... or rather, eyes that would have been that way if they could've been), Rini decided that it would be okay. "Yeah Diana, go with – Al, right?" she asked, remembering his name from all their introductions before.

"Yesss!" he said, half in response to her question and half in his joy at getting to hold the kitten. There were few things Al liked better than alchemy, his brother (/ his family), and kitties. "Yeah… you guys are obviously far from home, and you look like you're going to be sick if you stay out here any longer, so you should come too." Venus said to Ed and Winry, and hopefully Al, (though he didn't look like he was paying attention to anything other than Diana). "Maybe we can figure everything out at Mamoru's." she continued.

All three of them were pleasantly surprised at her kindness, not to mention everyone else's. However, at the same time, these people were nice almost to the point of being suspicious, and it wasn't as if the Trio really knew any of them..."Well… we wouldn't want to impose on people we just met…" Winry started. "Awww come on, it'll be okay. Mamoru-san is a great guy, and his place is nice. Although I guess anything would be better than here right now!" Sailor V responded with a grin.

"Yes; and since you three were only present after the rebound from Sailor Moon's attack, and since we only first saw you in that world with the cytosi and Kazuhide, maybe you can help us figure out where we were. If we figure that out, maybe we can get you back home. I have a few theories on how you got here in the first place, too, but we'll need to talk it out. I think talking it out here would not be beneficial to anyone." Ami stated as they began to walk to Mamoru's.

"And besides, you guys seem like nice people. You helped us out!" Makoto added.

A strong gust of wind came right after Mako's statement, splattering everyone's faces with the cold rain and reminding them that they needed to remove themselves from such an environment. "So, are we on your 'side' then?" Winry asked through chattering teeth, still thinking about Neptune's statement from before. Makoto laughed. "Well Rei, are they okay?" she enquired of her raven-haired friend. Rei smiled. "Yeah." she said. "I guess." she added with a chuckle.

"I wouldn't like knowing I had left people out in the cold, especially if they had helped out my friends." Mamoru thought out loud. "You sure it's... okay?" Winry asked him. He put a hand on her shoulder. "Of course." he said. At this seemingly kind action however, both Serena and Ed scowled. (What the hell was he touching her for?) Their eyes turned to angry slits and remained that way until Al interrupted their jealous stupour by asking Rini about Diana.

"So how old is she?"

"Why don't you ask her?" Rini said with a laugh. "Oh yes…" Al said.

"...Huh?" Winry said as she and Edward turned to look at Al and his newfound feline playmate. With all the shock of being in a different world, (one which didn't even have alchemy!), she and Ed hadn't noticed that the cats could all talk. Al of course, just thought it was cool that he could now converse with his favourite animal, and failed to be scared. "Luna, Artemis and Diana." Sailor V started. "Haven't you noticed they've been talking to us the whole time?"

"THEY CAN TALK?" Ed and Winry exclaimed at the same time, causing Al to sigh as everyone else sweatdropped slightly. "Haha wow, I thought it was just you guys but maybe all blondes are kind of ditzy!" Jupiter said without thinking. Before Ed and Winry could even react, Bunny and Venus were on either side of her, glaring like their was no tomorrow.

"Uh, I mean... heh... you guys know I didn't mean that..."

"Yes, we can talk." Artemis interrupted angrily, ending Jupiter's predicament. He was a smart kitty, he was! He was an advisor to the Royal Family, after all!

Venus broke away from Jupiter and laughed at her cat's defensive remark. "Oh calm down Artemis, don't you remember how surprised I was when I first found out you could talk?" she said. Artemis sighed. "Yes Minako-chan." he said. It was at her real name however, that he noticed she wasn't in her regular form. "Venus… why haven't you de-morphed yet?" he asked.

"Oh! ...I guess I forgot!" she replied with a nervous laugh, and took the time to de-morph to an orange skirt and white sweatshirt, hoping that Art wouldn't revisit the matter.

"...So anyway... Your name is Diana?" Al asked the grey kitten he was holding. "Yes." Diana responded in her squeaky voice. "You're so cute!" Al exclaimed. "So, how old are you?" he pondered.

"Almost as old as Small Lady." she responded. "Small Lady… is that you, Rini?"

"Yeah." she replied. "So, how old are you?" Al enquired. Rini laughed. "Older than you think."

"Really? I'm younger than a lot of people think. I'm fourteen, how old are you?"

Rini giggled again. "Hehe... Nine hundred and three."

"WHAT?" Ed, Winry, and Al responded, causing Al to almost drop Diana. "Rini…" Mamoru started, giving up quickly. After all, if these people already knew everyone's aliases, as the Sailor Soldiers… there wasn't much else that could be secret from the Trio anymore.

Artemis on the other hand couldn't let his qualms with the situation go as easily as Mamoru had. He was still bothered by the fact that Minako had not only donned her uniform for far too long, but the wrong one, and he chose the moment of silence resulting from Rini's statement of her age to speak to Mina-chan.

"Minako-chan…" he began. "Why did you wear your Sailor V uniform?"

Mina faltered for a second and almost stumbled, but successfully regained her balance. "Mina, you wore your Sailor V uniform?" Makoto asked. "Didn't you all notice?" Artemis asked back. "No…" Mako-chan replied. Bunny looked up, surprised. "You transformed into Sailor V instead of Sailor Venus?" she said. "…Why'd you do that, Mina?"

"Uh, well, you know, the Sailor outfit was SO much like the one I'm wearing now, I, uh, wanted some variety, you know?" She responded apprehensively, smiling too largely and scratching the back of her head. Artemis wasn't satisfied. His face was twisted in serious thought, (or at least, as much as it could be with him being a cat), and he was about to ask her again when Winry spoke first. "Wait, so are you 'Sailor V' or 'Sailor Venus'?" she said with a slight stutter from the cold.

"I'm both." Minako answered. "Yeah, Mina was way famous before we all were! She even has a game based off of her!" Bunny said proudly. She had always felt so special having met THE Sailor V, and not only that, getting to see her on a daily basis. Not to mention she was also the best player of the Sailor V game anyone had ever seen.

"But still Minako, why did you-"

A clap of thunder, a flash of lightning, and another forceful gust of wind interrupted the argument and threw the group into a short silence. Ami had noticed Mina-chan's obvious discomfort at the questioning moments before, and wished to change the subject before anyone else spoke again and before anything else made her uneasy. Hoping to get out of the rain soon as everyone was, Ami decided to divert the conversatoin to a question she thought everyone was bound to be wondering... "Mamoru-san?" she began.

"...How much further is your apartment?"

End of Chapter Four

Um… I made that up. I mean, they did have relationships with Endymion's generals, (I don't remember whether it is simply implied or actually stated), but I don't remember how they all died in the manga. I hate the way they die in the anime! It's too quickly done. Anyway, I went back and re-read the issue where they talk about Bunny's suicide when they go to the moon… but it doesn't say how the inners all die. Maybe that's in another issue; I don't own them all. I'm writing my own prequel to the SM first season, all about the Silver Millennium, which will apply to this story (when I post it). That won't be for a while though, as it's very much in the works. Gah! In short, they all got killed by their former lovers (because I love drama and angst). :D
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