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Note: This is my first attempt at fanfic-poetry. God help you.


by Gyrus

You'll never believe
how low the property taxes are
in this town.
Good mortgage rates,
cheap utilities,
excellent schools.

It's not perfect.
What is?
I hear talk about
gangs from out of town
with scarred faces.
Exaggerations, certainly.

Though I think I saw one
with a girl
from the high school
necking behind
one of the bars

He looked up for a second
Yellow eyes?

No. I must have been

At work they say
the guy before me
his neck was broken
by some mugger on
just a rumor
I'm sure.

But there are the
unavoidable tragedies
Jimmy Ainsworth
my sons friend
died suddenly of
a week ago Saturday

last night
i saw him

I was
that happens
all part of the grieving process
its ok

except its 4am
on a school night
and my sons
not home
hes not like that
he would have called

this is a good town
good schools
good business
good people