Title: Triduction
Chapter: 1/4
Pairing(s): Main- Yami/Yuugi; Side- There may be some roaming around…
Genre: Humor / Romance
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon cut up (warning will be shown before the cut up), sex, sex talk, sexual references, persuasion to have sex, citrus, limes, perverted Yami, and coarse language. NO FULL LEMONS (s'not like I can write them x.X), but Yami tries… Heh… The rating is high for a REASON!

Summary: (YAOI – WARNING: Rating is high for a reason!) Yami wants sex. Yuugi's not ready. But Yami's insistent. What's up his sleeve? Trickery? Seduction? Both, of course! It's triduction: Yami no Yuugi style.

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-Gi-Oh… Well… You don't want to know what I'd do. /perverted grin/

Note: I'm so damn perverted. XDDD VIRGIN MINDS BEWARE OF MY PERVERTEDNESS! I've already corrupted one virgin mind this month, and I don't need another one over my head. -.-

HAH! I've gone from a chaste kiss to rabid yaoi-y goodness in a split second. XDDD Fear me! … -.- Ignore me…

And also note this is my first "descriptive" yaoi fic, so it will be choppy. X.X


Yami's hands wandered lower and lower, stroking Yuugi's inner thighs. The boy moaned into the kiss, causing Yami to smirk predatorily against his love's full lips. He pushed his hikari adjacent to the wall and distracted his hikari, sneaking his hand around slim hips to cup one cheek of the boy's ass, long enough for his free hand to continue fondling those shivering inner thighs.

Yami allowed his light to slip his tongue into his slightly larger mouth and to explore the wet, hot caverns that Yami had been told tasted like hot cinnamon. Deciding Yuugi was distracted enough, Yami stealthily moved the hand that was currently stroking Yuugi's inner thighs inches so that it hovered over his love's most private area.

Yami stroked Yuugi through his leather, relishing in the fact that it was his touch that cause Yuugi to shiver and moan so in such a provocative way. He stroked harder, hearing both his love's and his own ragged breaths. The dark pulled his hand away from Yuugi's delicious body just long enough to move his shaking fingers from the luscious area, up to the zipper of Yuugi's pants.

(Yami…?) Yuugi froze, his tongue in mid-dance.

((Yes, love?)) Yami had the pants completely unzipped and was trying to shimmy the tight leather off his hikari's hips.

(Get the HELL off me!) Yuugi pulled his mouth away from Yami's and shoved the offending man off his form.

Yami stared intently at Yuugi with hungry eyes, taking in the sight of his love's current state. The light was pressed against the wall, lips swollen and slightly hanging open, heaving in huge breaths of much-needed oxygen. Red hickeys and other moist bite marks trailed the spot right under his full, pink lips down his jaw and to his collarbone. His gravity-defying locks were drenched in perspiration, causing some of them to splay over his heaving shoulders, and the golden bolts of silk lightning framed his clouded eyes. Last of all, his legs were outstretched invitingly, pants pulled down slightly and wide open, revealing…slightly bulging white boxers.

"Yami! I've told you many times before- I will not have sex with you!"

Yami pouted. "Y-you don't love me?" he asked.

"Those damn eyes don't work on the master," Yuugi chided. "And yes, I do love you, but-"

"No buts, let's fuck!"

Yuugi blushed at the rather blunt suggestion, but shook his head. "No, Yami. I love you and all, but I'm not ready for a sexual relationship."

"Can't I…can't I just touch you a little?" Yami asked innocently.

"NO, Yami."

Yami pouted again. "Oh, all right, Aibou. There's only so long I can wait, Yuugi, but if I must, I will."

Yuugi beamed. "Thank you, Yami."

Yami eyed Yuugi again and stepped a little closer. His breath tickled the other's neck and he took one of Yuugi's hands in his. "You know, Yuugi…this…" He trailed a finger down Yuugi's erection and purred, "…could be resolved with a few simple…" He licked his lips and smacked them near the shell of Yuugi's ear. "…sucks."

Yuugi growled and shoved the pharaoh off his form. "I thought you were done being horny!"

"Goodness, no!" Yami exclaimed in mock surprise, gesturing down to his bulging manhood.

Yuugi rolled his eyes. "Nothing oral, either."

"But Yuuuuugi! How else am I supposed to get rid of this?"

Yuugi pushed himself from the wall and started to walk towards the stairs. "You be a good little gay boy and touch yourself like the rest of us not getting' any."

"You touch yourself?"

"I'll have to now, thanks to you."

"Can I watch?"

"…" Yuugi rolled his eyes. "On second thought, I'm going to take a cold shower."

"Can I join?"


"I'll only touch you a little bit…"

"Damn it! Go fuck yourself, Yami."

Yami licked his lips. "I'd rather fuck you, my delectable light," he purred, raking his eyes over Yuugi's form.

Yuugi shivered under his dark's lustful eyes. "N-no." Then, more boldly, "You keep those perverted thoughts to yourself." With a teasing sway in his slim hips, he walked up the stairs.


(Lemon cut up here. n.n Skip to the next bold print if you don't like.)

"Oh- oh- oohhh! Harder! More! Please! Oh, ahhh! S-so good! Harder!"

Yami was only happy to comply. He thrust harder into Yuugi's tight entrance, pleasuring both of their needs.

"Gonna…gonna cum," Yuugi moaned.

"Cum for me, love." Yami buried himself to the hilt, moaning as the heat constricted around him. He felt himself about to reach his climax, and as the pleasured scream of his name reached his ears, he was brought over the edge. The dark reached his limit and-

(Hallo again. n.n Come back to me. O.O)


Yami- and the squirming body beneath him- froze. "Aibou?"

Yuugi frowned from the doorway of the darkness's soul room as the Yuugi under Yami disappeared. "So Yami…do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Yami groaned. "Damn it, Yuugi! That was my second best wet dream ever! You interrupted it right when it was getting good…"

Yuugi arched an eyebrow. "And the best was…?"

A goofy grin broke out on Yami's face. "I was shackled to the bed, screaming your name out in ecstasy, and you were sucking-"

"I don't need to hear anymore!" Yuugi screamed, covering his ears.

Yami smirked, but it soon fell. "But Yuugi, if you won't do the real thing out in real life, why do you deny me the pleasure of letting my imagination go wild?"

"I can hear my own voice going "Please, touch me! Ah ah ah- harder harder!" through the hallway!" Yuugi cried angrily.

Yami drooled at the very good imitation.

Yuugi growled. "You pervert! Go to sleep," he snapped, slamming the door of Yami's soul room shut.

Yami sighed. "I'm never going to get laid now…" But he smirked predatorily again as sleep neared him, bringing with it the horny Yuugi clone.

But during the incredibly hot dream sex with the contortionist-like Yuugi-clone, Yami swore to himself: I will make Yuugi mine- body and soul.


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