Title: Triduction
Chapter: 4/4; Giving It Up …in more ways than you can imagine…
Pairing(s): Main- Yami/Yuugi; Side- you know 'em
Genre: Humor / Romance
Warnings: Yaoi, sex, sex talk, sexual references, persuasion to have sex, citrus, perverted Yami, giving up, coarse language, a sexylicious Yuugi, and extreme OOCness to the friggin' max. xDDD NO FULL LEMONS, but Yami tries… Heh… And also…implied yaoi scene! …There are also perverted hikaris + Jou. ESPECIALLY MALIK! OMFG.

Summary: In which Yami tries to give up. In which Yuugi gets advice from his fellow hikaris plus Jou. In which there is kinky boinking. In which this story ends.

Disclaimer: No own. Yeah… Wh00t?

Note: Thanks to Luff (S. Chensu and Luff) for informing me about a mistake in the third chapter. I had typed "holding his face in his eyes" instead of "holding his face in his hands." Imagine my embarrassment. XDDD So that has been edited.


Yami sighed and rubbed the back of his head in exhaustion. He would never admit it, but plotting to bed Yuugi and actually carrying out the plans took a lot out of him. The light truly was one step in front of him. And when he wasn't, he was just innocent, not understanding what Yami was trying to do.

His hand drifted forward and he rubbed his temple instead. Before him lay dozens of detailed diagrams written in tiny, meticulous writing on blueprint-like paper, each housing elaborate plans of seduction and trickery, home to plans that he would soon use against Yuugi to get him in the sack. …Well, at least that's what he thought of them.

In reality, they were Burger World wrappers with simple little plans and notes scrawled on them in Yami's funny-looking writing; he had earlier converted to being a leftie, and had yet to get the hang of it.

Along with his ruffled-looking physique and the many plans cluttered messily on the surface of his desk, one more variation contributed to his perfect picture of insanity. Yami sat in a self-given 'solitary confinement,' alone in his room with the lights dimmed to the point that they were almost out. Taped up to the black walls were newspaper clippings, though their headlines were far from relevant to Yami's point.

To put it bluntly, Yami looked like one of those nuts in America who were obsessed with trying to figure out who really shot that one president. But of course, Yami was definitely not one of them.

He was one of those nuts in Japan who were obsessed with trying to bed their hikaris. And that was completely different. …Completely. Don't look at him like that. -.-

O.O Not like that either, people. Jebus… You really need to get your minds out of the gutter… X.X …Because I am the alpha hobo here and currently hold residence over that designated spot. /fiendish grin/ Anywhoosle, I should be carrying on now… Sorry chaps. xDDD

Yami picked up the top burger wrapper and held it up to the light. He shook his head, crumpling it in anger, and tossed it into the trashcan beside him. The said can was already filled to the top with crinkled plans, thus causing the new plot to bounce off them and onto the floor.

Maybe I should just throw myself at his feet, and proclaim my undying love for him. I'll cry and make my shoulders shake. I'll ask him if he really loves me. I'll tell him if he really loves me, he'll let us boink. Yami's eyes grew flat to the point of being tiny lines. "Nah. It's already in the basket." He was referring to the trashcan. He had tried that stunt a few days ago. Yuugi only replied with a worried stare and an inquiry if he needed some anti-depressants.

Yami sighed once again, continuing to rub his temples. The darkness sifted through his wrappers, eying each with a meticulous air. But finally, he gave up. It was all useless, wasn't it? "Oh good Ra. I give-freakin'-up! I might as well be trying to persuade a cactus into sex… I might as well wait for him to be ready." And with a heavy heart, the darkness ventured into the kitchen for the only snack that could lift your spirits (and your cholesterol): ice cream.


"Guys, I don't know what to do. Yami's pressuring me for sex, and I don't know if I'm quite ready."

"He's pressuring you?" Ryou asked in surprise. "I don't think it's good to be with someone who pressures you to have sex."

"Oh, no. Not pressuring as in pressuring. It's more of…he's pleading me for it and reminding me how good it'll feel all the time. I mean, I bet it'll feel great-"

"Oh yeah," Malik cut it. "The orgasms are endless."

"Uh…yeah. …As I was saying, I bet it'll feel great, but I'm only seventeen."

"Well you'd better think about giving it up soon. 'Cause if you wait for a bunch of years, I bet he'll pound you permanently into the mattress…" Jounouchi thought aloud. "You've got a cute face, the personality of a saint, and the tightest ass for miles."

"Jounouchi!" Yuugi cried out in embarrassment. "You can't say that."

"Though the mutt is right," Malik agreed, nodding his head slightly amidst Jounouchi's dog-like growls at the mutt reference. "If you don't give it up soon, when you finally do, you'll probably be stuck in bed for weeks with back pains…if you know what I mean. Eh? Eh?" Malik winked flirtatiously despite Yuugi's red face.

"Ryou, you can't possibly agree with them, can you?" Yuugi asked the doe-eyed male beside him.

"Of course I don't. My ass is tight too!" Ryou pointed out. "But the whole back pain thing is true," he added as an afterthought.

Yuugi hid his face in his hands. "What should I do?"

"What do you want to do?"

"Do you want to have incredible sex with that god-like creature?"

"Or do you want to endure months- and maybe even years- of him trying to grope your beanbags 'cause he's not getting' any?"

"…Are you all conspiring against me?" Yuugi finally asked amidst their howls of good-natured laughter.

"No! We just want the best for you."

"And if the best is kinky sex with Yami, then you should have it!"

Yuugi's head drooped. "But really. Be serious. What should I do?"

"We really, honestly have no advice for you except to follow your heart."

"That's cheesy movie crap," Yuugi interjected.

"Well we have nothing better," Ryou told him calmly.

"We do, however-"

"Have the perfect plan for you to put in play-"

"When you give yourself up-"

"To that sexy god."

Ryou and Yuugi exchanged strange glances. Yuugi didn't know what the two were up to, but it was obvious from their evil giggling and deranged smiles that nothing good would come from it. The tricolor-haired teen heard snippets of their whispered conversation and was horrified to hear the words "Daisy Dukes, chains, Ojii-chan, and bare-nekked ass." The poor dear was even more scarred when Ryou delightedly joined the quiet conversation, his back blocking Yuugi from seeing what they were up to. New phrases entered the conversation, such as "Like a stripper, sexy as hell, and fishnet is shmexy on him."

Yuugi was busy contemplating whether running far, far away from Ryou's apartment was an option when the three suddenly turned to face him. One glance at the identical expressions on their faces sent one message reeling through his head: Run like hell.

The poor dear never got a chance.

Malik and Ryou grabbed him by his underarms and dragged him out the door, which was cordially being held open by Jounouchi.

"Wait! What? Where are we going?" Yuugi demanded.

"Sex shopping, of course," Malik replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Sex shopping?" Yuugi screamed when Ryou and Malik tossed him headfirst into Jounouchi's Honda. (Killah: Heh heh… Pun. xDDD …I think. O.o) Don't worry, though- his hair and the seat cushioned his landing. "But I'm not even sure when I'm gonna do it!"

"But you will eventually, so we've gotta dress you up!"

"What if I wait three years, get taller, and can't fit into my clothes?"

Malik plopped next to Yuugi as Ryou took shotgun and Jounouchi had the wheel. "Don't be silly. We both know you're not gonna grow any time soon- and three years is still soon."

Yuugi pursed his lips as the engine revved up. "And if I get too fat?"

Jounouchi laughed openly. He turned, his arm slung over the back of Ryou's seat, to check if he was going to back into some poor girl scout or something. As he slowly rolled out of the driveway, he said, "You're Asian. Everyone knows they're naturally skinny." (Killah: RACIST! ./le gasp/ xDDD)

Yuugi glowered as they hit the road. "What it I scream and yell so loudly in the store that they might kick us out?"

To everyone's surprise, Ryou answered this question. "We'll hide in the fitting rooms and tell them we're having a sweaty, orgasmic foursome! They'll sure as hell leave us alone after that, and we'll look for your bondage outfit in peace!"

Jounouchi swerved suddenly on the road, nearly hitting a girl scout (those damned little girls seemed to be everywhere), Malik started laughing uncontrollably, and if Yuugi had a drink, he would have spitted it out in shock. Once the Honda hit a red light, Jounouchi turned sideways and the remaining two lights looked up at Ryou. All three sent the albino wide-eyed stares, inwardly blaming Bakura and rap music for the sudden behavior. (Killah: Rap music: a blessing and a curse, my friends.)

Doe brown eyes blinked innocently as the light dinged green. "What?"


Yuugi stuffed the bags (filled with chains, leather, and silk, mind you) into Malik's hands. "Here. You hold onto them for now."


"If Yami stumbled on this…"

"Treasure cove of sexual fantasy gear?" Malik suggested.

"Erm…yes. That. If he stumbled on this, he'd be expecting it all to be put on. If I put it on, he'd be expecting nooky. I don't wanna give him nooky yet!"

"Fine." Malik placed them on the seat beside him as Yuugi slipped out of the car. "But remember: the orgasms'll be-"

Yuugi rolled his eyes. "I know, I know. Endless, orgasmic, incredibly mind-blowing…you've told me three times already."

"Just reminding you."

Yuugi xDDD-ed and waved to the two teens in the front seat. "See you guys as school on Monday! Thanks for all the help, by the way. …I think…"

"No problem," Malik chimed in. "Now hit the road, Jou, and let the orgasms ROLL!"

As the car sped away, Yuugi could still hear Ryou's faint voice. "Ugh, that was sick, Malik. We're friends and you've got your own boyfriend. Go let them roll with him."

Yuugi shook his head with mirth, turning to enter the game shop. As he walked past the displays, he thought about his day. When did he want to give it up? …Why didn't he when he knew he loved Yami with all his heart and soul, and vice versa? Was it a matter of celibate virtues…or a buried distrust? As a sigh laced with confusion left his lips, he took out his key, bounded around the register, and unlocked the door that lead to the adjacent house of the building.

Click. The lights clicked to life before him, lighting the living room.

However, white light coming from the kitchen caught Yuugi's attention. He turned his head in interest, choosing to investigate. Shutting the lights, the teen treaded into the room of knives, the oven, and other weapons of destruction, only to find Yami sitting at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table.

"What'cha up to, love?" Yuugi asked, taking a seat next to Yami.

Yami looked up from a giant tub of a whitish substance. "Ice cream," was his reply. "Want some?"

Yuugi smiled as his darkness spooned a liberal amount into a bowl. "Sure." He was surprised Yami hadn't used any sexual innuendo yet.

A second bowl appeared before him as Yami rummaged through the fridge. "Whipped cream…fudge… There!"

Yuugi was really surprised Yami wasn't getting any…ideas.

Soon, both their bowls were filled with scoops of vanilla ice cream. "Fudge, Aibou?"

But Yuugi had already grabbed the can of whipped cream. He held the nozzle to his open mouth, spraying a large rose onto his tongue. "Uoh-uoh, I'hm guud," he managed to say with his foam-filled mouth. "Wan' 'fum?"

Yami arched a delicate eyebrow before breaking out into a playful smile. "Sure, love."

Yuugi leaned over, placing his hand on the table for leverage. But instead of spraying the white substance onto Yami's pile of ice cream…it exploded all over the dark's face.

"Whoops," Yuugi said absently, licking his fingers whilst staring up at the ceiling. He hid the can of whipped cream behind his back, letting his eyes flick down to Yami's cream-covered face. "Well…at least you look your age," the light commented, pointing out the snow-white muzzle around his lips and chin and the thick (and disproportional) eyebrows that loped over his eyes.

Yami blinked. To Yuugi's amusement, a dollop of whipped cream dripped off his brow and onto his pants. So the darkness blinked again. "…"

Yuugi laughed openly at his bewildered expression.

His face slowly cracked a plotting smirk. His fingers twitched slightly in the direction of the bottle of chocolate fudge, and in a flash, he grabbed it. "Blast or be blast, Mutou!" he cried, uncapping the bottle and pointing it at Yuugi.

Yuugi mock gasped before jumping out of his seat and drawing out his can of whipped cream.

And thus, the battle began. Whipped cream, fudge, and a little bit of love soon filled the air. White covered one whole half of the kitchen, courtesy of Yuugi, while brown stripes were scattered all over the other side.

But soon, it ended. The victor cried out…

"I win!" Yami proclaimed triumphantly, sitting atop Yuugi's lower abdomen. He didn't even seem conscious of the dark brown fudge that painted a unibrow and curled mustache on his face, and if he was, he was ignoring it. "And as my prize… I'll get you something!"

Yuugi blinked up at Yami. "Uh…okay?"

Yami nodded happily with his eyes closed really hard so that he looked like some of those crazy Japanese cartoons. "Yep!"

And as Yami exited through the sliding door that lead to the backyard in search of who knows what, Yuugi realized something. The darkness had made his day brighter, much like he had been doing since the day they had met. If Yami weren't there, he'd be a much different person. He loved his dark with all his heart, and he knew what the said organ was inwardly telling him.

Yuugi sighed slowly. "I guess I'll have to stop at Malik's later today…" he said quietly to himself, brushing a single bolt of gold from his face. (Killah: Three guesses why. n.n)


"Yami." Yuugi sucked in a deep breath of air, fiddling with the rope of his bathrobe. "I've been thinking. I think I'm finally ready. I'm ready to…to…."

"Do it?" Yami suggested helpfully.

Yuugi shot him a semi-warning glance, but nodded anyway. "Yes. To do it."

Yami pumped his fist into the air with an air of triumph.

"You've been patient with me and my standards, and even though you've tried to trick me-" He glared slightly whilst Yami sheepishly ducked his head, "-you've been sweet to me. I know you love me, and I love you equally. And for those reasons, I'm ready."

The ecstatic Yami looked as if he was going to stand up (to pounce the boy before him), but Yuugi held his palm out to stop him. "Uh-ah," he said, waggling his finger. His lowered his arm again, wrapping them around his robe-clad form. "This is a special moment for both of us. This is my first time, and this is the first time I'm letting you…do this…with me. I want to make it as special, and as wonderful, and as memorable, and as…" Yuugi's eyes were dark, his voice husky, and his cheeks aflame in embarrassment, "…erotic as it can be."

He tightened his hold around his waist, beginning to fiddle with the rope of his robe again. "I'll let you do anything you want with me."

With another long inhale, the little light opened up his bathrobe, dropping it carelessly on the floor, where it landing with an audible thump. Yami's eyes widened considerably. His innocent hikari's choice of clothing was far from innocent; it was revealing, provocative, and so damn sexy on him that the dark's only instinct at that moment was to jump the poor boy and rip those revealing clothes off him.

Glued to the teen's hips, hugging him with the tightness and desperation only Yami had, was a pair of black leather shorts. They were far from conservative- modest-wise, for they were ultra short, ending right under his cheeks, not even reaching mid-thigh and ultra tight, as if trying to squeeze that nice little ass of his into oblivion. Curled around his right thigh was a thick chain, its beginning hooked to the bottom of his shorts and its end attached to a cuff around his ankle.

He wore a single fishnet tight over his left leg, taut and stretched over his slim thigh and calf, and over it, a delicate boot. His upper body was clad in a tight, crimson, button-up vest, its hue matching Yami's eyes, and under it was a long-sleeved white shirt. (Killah: …Uh… Very much less descriptive, eh? n.n;;)

"And we'll start with that show."

Yami stood quickly and took his light's hands in his own- taking them from their position on the first button of his vest- pressing their bodies together. "No, my lightly love, I believe I should be the one to do that." He slowly grinded his hips against Yuugi's scantly clad ones, rubies staring sensually at the reaction produced.

Yuugi moaned out loud, still slightly flushed at what he was about to do a few minutes ago, arching his back out so that his lower body pressed closer to Yami's.

The said dark smirked, his cool pools of crimson flashing. "Is that the chain I feel, Yuugi, or are you just happy to see me?" he teased.

Yuugi looked up at Yami, a small smile slowly spreading on his lips. "I'm ecstatic."

And thus, the three-hour fucking began.


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