A/N: This was written for the Rent100 livejournal community, where I had to write a story with the inspiration coming from the word circle. This is just a little drabble, mini-story to stretch my writing abilities. Reviewing is appreciated.

Death Support

It was days like these that this odd little comfort circle was needed, their way of keeping connected and grounded and revolving. It ensured that they were together, and that like life, their little circle would keep moving, no matter what happens to them. It was a subconscious, symbolic thing, their literal circle of friendship, the one they made when they needed it.

Days like these.

For once, Mark's camera was laying idly on the floor beside his chair, it's silence being a stark reminder of how things have changed. He's been silent for what seems like hours, just listening as his friends reminisced around him, a smile wavering at memories being exchanged that were happy and eyes fluttering shut when something was brought up that twinged at his heart.

They all noticed his silence, of course, but they couldn't blame him. He was mourning the only way he knew how, by keeping calm. His eyes passed from one person to another, from Maureen to Mimi to Joanne to Benny to Collins and back again, taking in faces he knew so well that he could close his eyes and see them perfectly.

They were a family, in this circle, a family of lost souls who were clinging to one another, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Mark's eyes fell on the two empty chairs on each side of this circle, one next to him, the other in between Mimi and Collins' seats - both symbols of the spirits lost.

One, who was lost just hours before.

Maureen, who's heart had been breaking at the sight of her tiny, innocent looking friend, spoke up.

"Mark, do you wanna say something?"

Mark's eyes connected with everyone in the circle's again, meeting teary gaze to teary gaze to teary gaze. Finally landing on Maureen, he shook his head as the sobs exploded from his chest.

Suddenly, the circle closed in on him as they clung to one another tightly, crying, mourning, missing…