This is special for Christmas.. hope you like it.


Kim entered the cemetary and went for one tombstone

Ronald Stoppable



She kneeled beside it and put a red rose on it... and started to cry...

Flash back:

3 month ago...

"Ron please don't do it.." yelled Kim as she started to cry...

they were on a mission that went horibly wrong.. Ron had put Kim in the only escape pot that was available.

"I love you" Ron said and pushed the button the escape pot was launched out of the underwater base.. the last thing Kim saw was water flooding in..

"NOO!" she yelled...

They got his body back and did a funeral... not many attended.. only Kim and her family, Ron's parents Felix, Monique, Wade ,Rufusand Tara... no body appreciated Ron.. no body knew the hero he was..

End Flash back:

Beep beep beep...

The Kimmunicator beeped.."Kim you have to go now"Wade reminded her..

Kim wiped her tear... "Iam going" she turned off the kimmunicator and stood up...she smiled... kissed her hand and put it on the tombstone..."I will never forget you... and I love you too"

She left in a hurry not realizing that the tears that dropped on the ground on Ron's grave were glowing blue...


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