A Noypish GSD Cast!

By: Nareiya


A trip in the tropic country Philippines got the gang loco.

Author's Note:

Geez, I am quite hyper tonight! My brother (little brother to be exact) just came asking for my scissors and I told him it is somewhere in my drawer and I know it's just there, just somewhere there. Then my older bro told him to go back to their room 'coz they'll sleep already. (Yeah, I'm a middle child…not to be in for four months or so and yes! I have my own room! )

Then I began singing the words 'fu-fu-fu-fu-fu' in a emotion (the song of Meer)-like tune and I became hyper! Thanks for the rappelling yesterday, I again remembered the joy and I became hyper due to that as well!

Please read the seventh chapter!

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Chapter Seven: Funny Day and Some Evil Plans

As Shinn ate the rice plant, they began their epic journey back to manila. Then all of a sudden, a sudden gust, nah, call it a product of science and technology, fine, a wind like thingy, blew them all the way to corner Padre Faura, Taft Avenue…tada! To Manila Science High School! My school!

"Huh?" they all said at the same time as they got off the van. They saw the big (as if it's really that big) blue (kinda sky blue…if my eyes are still clear) gate. They saw students walking in and out of the smaller people sorta gate.

"Where are we?" Shinn asked the obvious and he received a big whack on his head by Yzak.

"Epal! Can't you read? Nasa harap tayo ng Manila Science High School! (Stupid! Can't you read? We're in front of Manila Science High School!)" he gave Shinn one of his famous glares.

"Anyway," Athrun said in his ever-cool voice, " I think they're having a camp or something. Pasok tayo to check it out. (I think they're having a camp or something. Let's go in to check it out.)"

Everyone agreed and went in.

"Nakakatakot naman yung building na iyon! )That building is so scary!0" Cagalli pointed the old building where some students come in and out with ease.

Athrun, being ever-protective and caring for his Ca-chan, wrapped an arm securely on her shoulders, "Don't worry, Ca-chan, nandito ako para protektahan ka. (Don't worry Ca-chan, I'm here to protect you.)" he said in his ever-cool voice.

She nodded meekly and moved closer to her Asu-kun.

Athrun smiled to himself. Yes! More pogi points! Yahoo! Long live Athrun Zala!

Anyway, the gang saw this three girls, (Okay, even though my other two best friends are in different schools, I want them to join the fun!) one with very long hair tied on a ponytail while the other one has a dark complexion with shoulder length hair that is quite curly and the last, ang pinakamagaling, with the height of 5'8, had her shoulder length hair braided on the sides.

The gang approached them.

"Excuse me, "Cagalli began to start a conversation with the teens, "Pwede ba matanong kung ano ang mangyayari dito? (May I ask what will happen here?)" she inquired.

"Will have a science camp here." One of the girls replied to her inquiry, "By the way, I'm Kat. She's Mae and the other gal over there who is currently using her cell phone is Patty."

"yo! Nice meeting you!" Mae approached Yzak and extended a pen and a paper, "Hey Mr. Yzak, pa autograph naman!" Yzak took the pen and signed it, "Oh my gosh!" she yelled out loud, "I can't believe that the ever-famous Yzak Joule gave me his autograph!"

Kat rolled her eyes and slipped her way to her dear Asu-kun. She eyed Cagalli evilly and she fainted. She clanged on his arm, "Hi Asu-kun, kamusta ka? (Hi Asu-kun, how are you?)" she clanged to him even more!

Athrun laughed nervously, "Fine…yeah…okay naman lang ako…(Fine…yeah…I'm still okay…) His voice trailed off as his eyes widen because his buddies vanished!

"Hey! Nasaan sila? (Hey! Where did they go to?)" he asked Kat.

"Oh…Mae and Patty just toured them around. Don't worry, we have the whole time for ourselves…Asu-kun!" she told him and they, rather, she literally dragged Athrun to a place where only god and she knows. (I winder where would that be…hmm…I wonder…)

With Dearka, Kira and Patty…

"Hey, Patty! Saan mo ba kami dadalhin? (Hey Patty! Where are you leading us?)" Kira whined and she stuffed Kira's mouth with a carrot.

"Shut up or next time I'll put plaster of paris inside your mouth." She warned him and he nodded meekly.

When they reached their destination…

"OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!" Dearka said in zillion times and Kira just cried in admiration.

"Nagustuhan nyo ba? (Did you like it?)" she inquired and the two boys nodded and they continued to stare at the bathroom's window.

"Salamat po Panginoon! (Thank you Lord!)" Dearka thanked god for this very blessing.

Kira cried in joy, "Salamat at di ko na kailangan magtiyaga sa babaeng nagkukunawari na si Lacus! (Thanks and I don't need to stick with the gal who copies Lacus!)" he exclaimed as they continued to peek.

Slowly and carefully, Patty got their car keys, "He he he he…" she sneakily laughed and went somewhere.

With Mae and Yzak…

"Wow! What's with this place?" he inquired, as he was shocked with the people inside the canteen.

Mae stood on top of a table and cleared her throat, "Mga People !Welcome sa ating asosasyon of ill tempered people! Please welcome Yzak! (People! Welcome in our association of ill-tempered people! Please welcome Yzak!)"

Everyone applauded for the young teen who smiled and bowed meekly.

Seto Kaiba approached Yzak, "Welcome, kapatid! (Welcome brother!)" he shook hands with Yzak.

Yzak took it warmly.

This is my home! He yelled out loud with himself.

With Lacus, Stellar and Cagalli…

The three girls grumpily took big bites from their chicken steaks. They have just discovered that there is a KFC near the school.

"Asar! (So annoying!)" Cagalli yelled and Lacus tried to calm her down.

Stellar rolled her eyes, "We'll just need to chop the boys alive later on." She told them their plan and smirks played on their faces.

"Stellar, di ko alam na may very evil side ka rin. (Stellar, I didn't know that you have a very evil side too.)" Lacus commented.

Cagalli shook her head, "Girls, I have a plan." They gathered around Cagalli and listened to her plan.

With Athrun and Kat…

"Athrun, I'm so scared!" she yelled even though she was already outside of the window for the rappelling.

Athrun sighed and asked the guy if he could join Kat and the guy agreed since Athrun is a professional. Athrun went with her and they were able to go down.

Athrun looked at her, "takot ka ba talaga? (Are you really scared?)" he asked and she just cling on him.

"Let's go for the slide for you life!" she suggested and he was dragged. Athrun sighed, Why do I have the feeling that people are planning my death?

He shook that thought away.

End of Chapter

Author's Note:

Is it cool or what? Hope you guys love it.

Thanks for reading!

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