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Chapter 3:



Ginny removed her hand from Draco's awkwardly. She smiled nervously at him. "We'll have to come up with some sort of story."

"Story?" he echoed.

"About how we met. And we have to know each other's interests and stuff before we go to the wedding if we're going to make people believe we're err… dating."

Draco cocked his head. "You're right. The wedding is in a month so we still have plenty of time."

"The wedding's in a month but the actual proceedings start the week before. So we have to first make an appearance then."

Draco groaned at hearing that he had to be around the detested couple for more than one day, earning a startled look from Ginny. "I just didn't really want to go to the wedding at all in the first place but I was forced." He admitted, surprising himself.

"I didn't either, but there's not that much we can do about it now! On the plus side, imagine their faces when they see that we're together." She laughed, trying to keep the mood light, and he joined her.

Ginny liked how open his face looked when he laughed. He radiated warmth for once.

However, Ginny soon stopped laughing when she noticed the time. "Merlin – it's 8:00am! I'm going to be late for work."

"You work on Saturdays?" he asked, curious as to what it was she actually did for a living.

"Every so often. I'm a Medi-witch at Diagon Hospital."

Draco nodded his head in recognition at the name. "For the record I'm an auror."

"Really?" she said interestedly, but then shook her head. "Sorry, we have to talk about this some other time, I've got to go." She then paused for a moment. "Do you think you could show me the way out?"

Draco led her down a series of corridors till they were suddenly outside the stone white majestic mansion. "You can apparate from out here." He told her.

"Okay. And um, thanks for looking out for me yesterday."

"It was nothing. We should meet soon to further our discussion. This Friday night perhaps?" he suggested.

Ginny bit her lip. It was almost like he was really asking her out on a date. But then she reminded herself the reality of the matter. "Sure. My place or yours?"

"Mine, I guess. At least we both know where it is."

"Fine." She turned away, preparing to apparate but before doing so, she said one last thing. "By the way, I live in an apartment on Firebolt Lane." And then she was gone.

Draco stared at the place where she had once been, oddly looking forward to their next meeting.

On Monday, Draco revealed all about Ginny and his proposition to Blaise.

"Are you for real?" he asked, but when he looked at the expression on Draco's face he knew that he was. "All right then." He laughed. "This should be interesting. I'm actually really excited about the wedding now."

Draco threw him a dirty look. "You have to make sure you tell no one about it Blaise, not even Hermione." He scrunched up his name in distaste at the mention of the once-Bookworm, who during their final year of schooling, had fallen head over heels in love with Blaise, and it was the same for him. Nobody had been more surprised however, than the remaining members of the Golden Trio when they found out about the liaison. Everyone had expected Ron and Hermione to get together, but somehow Blaise and Hermione had noticed each other and that was it. Four years later they had finally gotten married. And it was about time, being around those two lovebirds was sometimes absolutely sickening. Draco winced.

Blaise mock-pouted. "Okay, I won't. I'll act like you two are dating for real. That Ginny's quite a looker." He gazed at Malfoy pointedly, who in return made a half-hearted swipe at his head.

Little did they know that a similar situation had already been carried out involving said auror's wife.


Ginny too at work as soon as she saw fellow Medi-witch Hermione Granger (well now really Zabini) during lunch break, told her everything about what had happened with Malfoy.

Hermione laughed in a manner similar to her husband's. "It'll be hilarious just to see Harry's reaction."

"You can't tell anyone that it's all pretend Hermione. Or even that we're dating yet. It's to be a surprise."

"I know, I know. Trust me, I think Harry does deserve a little payback after what he did to you." She looked at her with understanding and Ginny knew why she was her closest friend. Hermione knew exactly what Ginny was feeling all the time and had always stood by her even throughout the redhead's messy break-up. "You know, I've never been that close to Harry ever since he took up with Parkinson." She looked over the work form she was filling out in distaste, her once bushy brown hair (and now lightly curly) falling into her eyes not unattractively. "He's not the nice little Gryffindor he once was. It's a shame really."

Ginny shrugged. "It's going to be pretty painful though."

Hermione put an arm around her friend's shoulder. "You deserve better and you know it. And from what I've heard, Malfoy has changed a lot from the slimy git he once was. Now he's just a git." She joked.

"He has certainly changed. He's so – so – so." She struggled for words and Hermione grinned with amusement.

"Unbearably hot?" she supplied.

"Hey, you're a married woman. What would Zabini say?" Ginny teased.

And the two continued joking in a similar manner, all serious talk forgotten, for the rest of their break.

Friday evening soon rolled around and Ginny found herself cautiously knocking on Malfoy's front oak doors. She had debated for over an hour beforehand on what to wear, before mentally scolding herself that she shouldn't care what she looked like because her and Malfoy were never going to be anything more than friends – if you could even call them that at this point. In the end she had selected on wearing a knee length beige skirt and white shirt. Conservative but classy.

She waited patiently as the door was opened by a small house-elf. "Master Draco is this way." He informed her, not even bothering to ask for her name. He brought her to a large dining room where she saw Draco was waiting for her, who was looking incredibly handsome as always.

"I thought we might as well talk over dinner." He said, gesturing to the table currently filled with all sorts of food.

"Of course. Thanks for preparing everything." She spoke politely. In fact, both of them did. Apart from that last Saturday, they hadn't really had much to do with each other after Hogwarts. While at school, him being a Malfoy and her being a Weasley seemed to pretty much explain their code of behaviour towards one another. Yet now, now that they had made a deal together, now that they were in fact allies as opposed to enemies, things had indeed changed.

"Would you like to take a seat?" Malfoy indicated for Ginny to sit down.

"Thank you." She said, then cringed at having thanked him again.

"We may as well eat first." He gestured towards the food and both slowly began to eat. There was a wide variety of food: seafood, meat, pasta, and so on.

A lot of trouble must have gone into preparing all this. She noted.

As if reading her thoughts, Malfoy confessed, "I wasn't too sure what you liked to eat so I got a bit of everything."

"It's great. I like pretty much most foods." She revealed.

"Same here, though there is one thing I can't stand – asparagus."

"No way! Me too." And from there on the ice was broken and they continued talking for the rest of the evening. They told each other a lot about themselves.

Both confessed that they hadn't seriously dated someone since Harry/Pansy.

"My friends would try and set me up with their male friends but it just wouldn't work." Ginny told him.

"I had a similar situation. Any single available girl Blaise could find he tried to get me to date. It was a disaster."

Ginny was amazed throughout the evening to see how much they had in common with each other. There was just some connection there that made her feel as if she had known Malfoy for a lot longer than she actually had.

The only thing they avoided talking about was Harry and Pansy.

Ginny was interested to hear about Draco and his father and how they had been working undercover for the Order for years. "We may be one of the Wizarding World's oldest and snobbiest families but we're no racists." He said in referral to her questioning about his common taunts towards muggle-borns. "I think you'd like my father if you met him."

Ginny tilted her head, trying to believe what for so many years she thought to be untrue. "Where are your parents at the moment?"

"They're currently on holiday in Spain but they're going to return for the wedding."

It was soon approaching midnight and Ginny was preparing to leave. Both agreed to meet again next week to work more on their plan. They made their way outside and came to a stop, facing each other.

"Well, tonight was great." She beamed, her attractive face highlighted in the moonlight.

"Yeah, it-" Draco began to reply, but whatever he was going to say was cut off due to the arrival of a certain someone.

"Draco darling! How good it is to see you!" A woman ran up to Draco and threw her arms around him dramatically, her accent indicating that she was French.

Of course Draco was already involved with someone else. Ginny balled her hands into tight fists. Who on earth pays nightly visits to members of the opposite sex apart from lovers?

Draco had lied to her about not having a real girlfriend since Pansy, for whatever reason. He was most likely still the same rat from school – he probably deliberately wanted to string Ginny along, all the while laughing at how foolishly stupid she was behind her back. She felt a sudden surge of anger.

But then Ginny caught a glimpse of the woman's face and stood back shocked when she saw who it was.