A completely and utterly AU fic that is an alternate version of episode 5 of 02. It's a Kaijyou (Kaizer x Jyou), and it's something I've wanted to do for quite a while, but I haven't been able to think of an actually decent and fairly realistic plot, until now…I hope. ^_^;;

Warnings -- Ken is quite a bastard in this…at least in the beginning. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to just have evil characters. I always get bogged down in motivations…and, well, I'm rambling.

This is just a prologue...there's more on the way, if there's any interest, that is.

Faith Lost


"Please…let him go…"

The older boy actually looked pained at seeing his younger companion struggle, the Kaizer's firmly coiled whip tightened slightly around his slender neck. Usually, Ken wouldn't feel the need to debase himself by taking a hostage, but the opportunity had presented itself, and the temptation was too great to resist. He was sick of being one-upped but these stupid brats…

Although…actually, this one looked older than his average enemies. A friend of theirs, no doubt. Perhaps it was time to teach them that vacationing in the Digital World wasn't exactly advisable…it could be detrimental to one's health.

"And why should I?" He asked, his voice smooth and almost sweetly tart. Come now, he half sneered, this is the part where you offer yourself in his place. He knew these types, and the boy on the stretch of grass below him certainly had that look in his eyes, a sort of glint that let you know that they would risk anything to protect those in their care.

The Kaizer toyed with the idea of refusing the offer when it came…the look on the other's face would be so sweet…but, no. The boy beneath him was already sobbing with fear; he wouldn't last long. An all-too-easily-broken toy. The other one looked to be made of sterner stuff.

It was a rather odd thought, when one considered it. To most, Jyou had an almost delicate look to him, or as someone might unkindly put it: "Blow on him and you'd knock him down." He certainly didn't look like the kind that could take care of oneself when it came to a fistfight…nor did it look like he could withstand most any kind of physical discomfort.

But that wasn't what the Kaizer was searching for.

The thing that had tipped Ken off that this boy might be an ideal subject was the calm way he regarded the Kaizer. There was a knowing expression to his face, a gaze that spoke of a willingness to do anything to get the younger boy out of the other's hands, even if it meant throwing himself at the Kaizer in a suicide run.

It was almost frightening.

It was intriguing.

Come on, Ken silently urged.

"If you let him go…"

Ken smirked knowingly.

"If you let him go…I'll go in his place."

Now the fun begins.

"Name me one good reason why I should want you instead." He purred, his tone a silky danger.

Here was the real test. It all hinged on this response.

After all, one had to test a toy before they knew how much fun it would be to play with.

It was a long time before the other boy spoke, almost as if he was gauging what the Kaizer had said in his head. Still that deadly calm hadn't left him, and for some odd reason it irked Ken. A victim shouldn't be this quiet, assured… Perhaps if the boy who called himself the Digimon Kaizer had known it was one of the older boy's quirks, he would have been mollified.

But all that would come later.

Right now…

The boy spoke.

"Because I'm offering."

And, surprisingly enough, Ken found himself nodding.


Ken unwound his whip from the younger boy's neck and motioned to the older. The two boys' digimon stood in readiness, waiting to pounce at moment's command. Jyou stopped them with a wave of his hand.

Iori massaged the raw place where the leather had rubbed against his skin, and gulped at the air flooding into his lungs. He was still in shock; his hands trembled. Dimly, he heard voices through the haze. Then someone was talking to him.

"Nigero, Iori-kun." Quiet, but with an edge to it. Run. "Take care of them, Gomamon!"

"That's not necessary." The Digimon Kaizer said. "A deal's a deal, right?" Tense silence was his only reply.

And to Iori's everlasting shame, he found himself following Jyou's terse command, running away with the other two digimon at his heels. What else could he have done?

Anything was better than nothing, he would later tell himself.


Ken restrained the other boy's hands before calling his mount. Wormmon gazed up at him with that pain-filled gaze, speaking volumes without making a sound; not even his usual "Ken-chan". He ignored his better half, as always.

The one right next to him, and the one screaming deep inside.

He shoved that tiny dissenting voice into a tiny corner, where it belonged. The rest of him was too caught up in his plans.

He wondered what it would be like to utterly break a person down...