I believe that it is because I am cursed.

I was born in January of 1979 with the name of Christopher Raven, in New York City, just inside the Order of Magdalene. A hair under 50 years after my last death. It seemed wrong to me, even at the moment of birth.

Why was I given my life back, but without her at my side?

Is this to pay for the sins I committed hundreds of years ago?

They say I was a 'fussy' child. That I was 'evil'. That I was a 'demon'.

Like it was my fault that I was born with the horns I could feel rising above my pointed ears, and that it was my fault I had slitted pupils and naturally red eyes and purple hair. Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is because of the contract I had with her which sealed our fates.

They do say suicide is the only unforgivable sin.

Is that what we did?

No, she didn't kill herself. I killed her. My living killed her.

My face saddens as I look at the church from inside my car. It hadn't changed much in 96 years. They had opened a secular school inside the compound, for orphans, which eventually grew a great deal, and was now the single largest Catholic School in the state.

People from all over the country sent their children here to learn from the famed Order of Magdalene.

With a sigh, I double checked my seal in the rear view to make sure my 'special features', as some called them, weren't showing, then I opened the door to my beat-up little celica and stepped out. I could hear some whispers as people passed me, and I caught several of the young girls which were headed to Sunday Mass looking at me with distinct interest.

"I see you made it, and you're still turning the young girl's heads..."

The warm voice made me jump, startled, and I turned, finding myself looking into familiar, smiling blue eyes. A smile slowly slid over my lips. "Ewan..." I said, embracing him.

Some said it was strange for a demon to embrace any angel, even one who'd had his wings broken. Lately, since most didn't know Ewan and I's history, say it's just strange for two men to embrace. But Ewan was the closest thing I had to a brother, and the only person from back then who was still here.

"It's good to see you again." I said honestly, releasing him.

Ewan Remington smiled, nodding. "Yes...I see your trip to Japan did you some good?"

I sighed, leaning against the brick wall. "I didn't find her, but...At least I found a way to hide my appearance." With a smile, I looked over towards where she and I used to stay inside the compound. I knew my smile looked empty. "If I don't find her soon, I might just decide to 'sleep' for 50 more years and maybe by then, she'll have returned..."

Ewan frowned. I couldn't see it but i could feel it. "That's why I called you back. There has been evidence since 2000 that Aion has returned..." He said softly. "I saw him in 1981 as well, at the assassination attempt on the pope-you remember?"

I nodded solemnly. I had been expecting this. I had been waiting since I'd been reborn for this news. I wasn't sure I was up for it without her at my side, however. "I can't fight without her, you know that." I shook my head, glancing away. "I'd barely be a bump in Aion's path without someone to protect..." I glanced towards him and saw understanding on his face. "How's Joshua?"

"He died. 15 years ago." There was a strange look on Ewan's face. He was looking at someone or something behind me. Then, he grabbed my wrist and jerked me to the side, out of the way of a frighteningly silent motorcycle.

It stopped just as silently, and the person on it turned, smiling, bright blue eyes sparkling. "Remington-sensei!" The boy jumped off the bike and ran towards them. "I beat nee-chan! It's the first time today!"

I stared at the boy in shock, sound fading into the background. Those eyes...that face...It was Joshua. My jaw quivered, and the sound of a softly purring motorcycle sounded behind me. Ewan had to pull me out of the way again, but I couldn't tear my eyes from the boy's face. I looked at Ewan for explanation as the second bike flew past and screeched to a halt.

"That was a dirty trick, Joshua Christopher!" A familiar voice cried, as two hands pulled the helmet off her head.

I choked.

Blond hair flipped about slightly as the girl shook it free. Turquoise eyes were glaring at the boy who bore Joshua's face, and apparently his name as well. Soft pink lips were pulled into a slightly pouty frown. I felt my shock choking me and I forcefully turned away, before the girl noticed my gaze on her.

Ewan shooed the pair off to class, and I merely forced my breaths steady, trying to meditate, praying to god at the same time that my eyes weren't deceiving me. After almost 10 minutes I turned back towards the ex-priest/broken-winged angel. "Th-that...was that really-?"

The man frowned slightly, still watching the pair run off, laughing. "Isn't it strange...that Joshua, who was the sickest as a child, lived the longest?" He said softly. "The year before his death, his great-grandson had a daughter...The first female Christopher since..." Ewan glanced towards my shocked face. "And a year after, they were blessed with a son, who they named after him?"

I took a strained breath. "Why now? You had my contact information...why did you wait almost 17 years to tell me?"

Ewan sighed softly, glancing after the two children. "What would you have done if I had?"

I froze, thinking. In reality, I'd just been aimlessly wandering, hoping to god that I found her, with no plan of approaching her when I did. Knowing my boneheaded self, I would have gone right up and hugged her, demon appearance or no, and scared the crap out of her. I sighed, shaking my head. "I don't know..."

"I thought as much." Ewan glanced at his watch. "If you'd like, we can still get you enrolled into classes before school starts..."

I looked at him in shock.

He laughed outright. "Why do you think I called you back, you little idiot? I've found your little Rosette. But YOU need some way to spend TIME with her before all hell breaks loose. So, how long has it been since you finished school anyways?"

I exhaled. "30 years...give or take a few..."

"Well, don't worry. It hasn't changed much." He clapped his hand on my shoulder. "And as a favor, I'll make sure you're in at least one of her classes."

I relaxed a bit, smiling and nodding. "Don't I look a bit old to be a student, though?"

"Can't you change that?"

I rolled my eyes and tweaked the dimensions on my seal, making me a bit shorter and more youthful. "For Pete's sake..."

He looked at me in curiosity. "Who's Pete?"

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Getting me enrolled was easy. All it really took was Ewan pointing out that I'd been schooled there once before and a brief explanation and everything was set.


The principal, who by the way looked an AWFUL lot like Sister Kate did when I last saw her, flew off the handle about the 'demon' being allowed back into school here. I merely stood back and let Ewan handle it. He was better at this kind of thing than I was.

When the fireworks had ended, I was enrolled in most of HER classes. The ones I didn't share with her I shared with her brother. Slowly, Ewan led me towards my first class and I stepped through the door and my throat dried instantly. The jewel witch stood at the front of the class, wearing a stern expression. "Remington-sensei, please, if you insist on putting new students in my class, could you AT LEAST do it before the bell rings."

He smiled at her and I tried to make myself as invisible as possible. "Sorry, Ms. H." His voice was somewhat teasing. "This is Christopher Raven...transfered recently from Japan."

The woman nodded sternly. "Introduce yourself, young man...and please, if you would, your hair dye needs to be washed out."

I bit my lip to keep a chuckle inside. She was a lot sterner than I remembered. "My name's Christopher Raven." I bowed a bit formally, my eyes easily picking 'HER' face from the crowd.

"And what should we call you?"

I blinked, looking at the woman with Satella's face through wide eyes. "Huh?"

"Nickname? Chris? Christopher?"

I blushed, looking at the ground. "C-chrno..." I said softly.

A hush went over the class.

My face darkened. "It's a long story, but I've been called it since birth."

The woman arched a fine eyebrow. "Verywell, Mr. Raven, please take your seat beside...Um, Rosette? Is that an open seat?"

The girl, who'd been examining him curiously flushed, nodding. "H-hai..." She said.

Rosette? Her name was Rosette? I moved towards the seat and sat in it silently. Class restarted a moment later, and I pulled out my day planner, beginning to jot notes down. The reverend was right. Things really hadn't changed a whole lot in the past 30-odd years since I'd been in school, but Math would give me trouble. After the first fifteen minutes of class, and getting countless questions of my phone number and address, I noticed her turquoise eyes on me once again and a blush heated my cheeks.

Dammit, what was it about her that made me feel like a green human schoolboy?

She leaned towards me, a mischievous smile on her face. "So, Chrno, right?" Her voice was light and teasing and exactly how I remembered from all those years ago. "I'm Rosette."

I smiled a bit, nodding. There were quiet whispers behind us. I ignored them.

"Kinda strange we ended up in the same class. Like Chrno and Rosette from the stories inside the order..." She flashed him a smile and laughed softly, her eyes crinkling up a bit.

"Rosette Christopher, is there something amusing about World War I?"

She jumped. "No, Ms. Harvenheit!" She looked at the top of her desk with a blush.

"Then stop your giggling, and STOP flirting with the new student."

I blushed darkly as well, finding the top of my desk absolutely fascinating. Good god, it was going to be a long year.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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