My mum told me to stay inside,

Then she told me to go and hide.

Why is she telling me to do this?

What's going on? What will I miss?

Tip toed silently to the door.

Opened it and saw on the floor,

One young man, about my father's age.

One of them was holding a page.

This page was a note to a girl,

He says she's a lovely pearl.

He point at my house and said

'Give this letter to Meg the head.'

Who this guy was I do not know

Was he a friend or was he a foe?

I did not see him again that night

He had vanished into the light

I walked back in and saw my mum,

She took the page and read with thumb.

Their where tears running down her face,

It was like a waterfall race.

She asked me had I read it yet?

She said 'go sit down my little pet!'

I sat down on the chair I had,

And my mum said 'that man... that manwasyour dad'