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I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

Cold onyx eyes. Cruel, cold onyx eyes and black silk sheets. How Naruto hated these things. He hated them with a passion and, if he could, he would burn all the black silk sheets in the entire world and made the people with onyx eyes, which is very rare, go blind…by mistake of course. Yes, by mistake. But right now, sitting in his dressing room, back stage, he hated them more so!

"Naruto? Naruto! Are you even listening to me!", Kiba repeated anxiously. He had been waiting an entire 5 minutes only to have the blond stare at the wall like it had grown pink or something…well, the wall was pink, always been and always will be, unless, by some important reason, Gai comes in and…you don't wanna know do you? Right…anyway, Kiba still didn't get the attention he wanted.

"Huh? Yeah, sure, whatever…", Naruto distractedly answered. Huffing heavily, which reminded one of the big bad wolf in, 'The Three Little Pigs', -well Kiba is a bit doggy-, Kiba slapped Naruto's head.

"OW!", the blond shouted, nursing his new found bump, "Why did you do that for?". The dog boy gave him a what-crack-are-you-on look. Pouting, Naruto crossed his arms and put a remarkably cute frown on his face. "Kiba, I just finished my Tokyo Tour and I'm not sure if I want to be involved in another performance just yet. I'm still 16 after all you know? I was thinking of having a holiday, vacation, or time for myself".

"Naruto…", Kiba sighed. At the young age of 16, Inuzuka Kiba looked exactly like the understanding, manager he was. I know, a manger at the age of 16! OMFGWTF! But yeah, Naruto didn't trust anyone else, well, maybe Iruka-sensei, but that's another story ne? So, Kiba was stuck to being the loud-mouthed blond's manager. Not that he didn't like it, Kiba loved his job, but right now he was getting a dull throbbing in his temple and it was all because of Naruto. "You did hear who asked for your service, didn't you?", he said, as if the shorter teen could not possibly have done and still refuse to do it.

"I heard", the blond was quick to shatter that illusion, knowing exactly who he was commissioned to perform to, and not liking it one bit. Not even a speck. Or a mackerel. (Sorry, just wanted to put it there since I love the fish so much. Did you know that…oh well…)

"Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto!", he repeated anyway.

"Yes", the blond wasn't impressed.

"Doesn't that mean anything?", Kiba encouraged lightly.

Naruto froze slightly, although he still looked like he didn't have a care in the world. This was unusual for the blond since Naruto was the kind who let out all his emotions. But, after a certain incident that involved a certain Uchiha, Naruto had learned to control his emotions and made him seem like he didn't care, although deep down he cared like hell. Now…now he was afraid. The images of the emotionless eyes…the twisting of black, silk sheets…tears…The clicking of two tanned fingers in front of him made him jump, more like fell on the floor, with a loud and healthy 'THUD'. Blue eyes frowned at his best friend. Kiba had known him since forever and yet…and yet, the handsome brown haired teen did not see beneath his happy-go-lucky façade, knew only his bad-boy beauty, the soft messy blonde hair that defied all sense of gravity, the sparkling and piercing blue eyes that hid tons of secrets and hurt that he didn't even come close to guessing. His medium height made the blond seemed slender more feminine than he wanted.

'Make you seem weaker and vulnerable…', Naruto shook his head slightly, "Yes, I'm aware of that Kiba I'm not stupid!".

"Uchiha Sasuke",Kiba told him for the umpteenth time, unnecessarily, that is, "He called me personally. I could hardly believe it when he identified himself as the caller". Uchiha Sasuke, the man of many girls (and guys) dreams and fantasies, with his short black hair spiked up in a most alluring way and his pale skin, creamy like vanilla. In short, the Uchiha was close to perfect considering that he is famous, well-known and the heir to a multi-billion company. Naruto understood the feeling that his best friend a.k.a manager was awestruck by just getting a phone call from the pale teen, he understood really well, had once known that awed feeling himself.

"And he wants me to sing on his 16th birthday?", he raised a blond eyebrow.

"Yes…his 16th Birthday Bash"

"So? There's loads of other artists that could sing on his 16th birthday…bash…trash, whatever", the blond mocked.


"What? Look, Kiba, I'm just not sure I want to take this one up", Naruto concluded, standing up and walked over to the towel rack and dried the cold sweat that was starting to build on his forehead.

"Why not?", a disappointed Kiba followed him across the room to stand at his side as he start to stare at the orange towel in his hands. "Kami…there's no denying that the performance will rock and lots of the upper white-collared people would know you better. It's good for your publicity Naruto".

No, there was no denying that. Not at all. Uchiha Sasuke wants only the best, and it flattered him that the black-haired teen had picked him, but

"I've worked hard this last couple of weeks, Kiba. Can't a cute guy like me at least get a time out?"

"Can't it wait for another month?"


"Then let it wait", Kiba cut in. Naruto eyed his friend, annoyed by his actions. "Hehe…actually, I kinda told Uchiha-san that you're free tomorrow afternoon for the rehearsal and the song pickings. Erm…I hope that's convenient?"

"It's a little too late to ask me that don't you think?", sighing, Naruto continued, "You know, you could at least asked me first"

"He isn't the sort of guy you keep waiting too long", Kiba grimaced, "For anything", he added, feeling a slight guilt crawl up his spine.

Naruto knew all about the forceful arrogance of the Uchiha Sasuke, he also knew the easy-going Kiba would be no match for the stoic guy. "…I can see that", the scarred teen sighed, "Alright, I'll see him tomorrow. But under one condition…".

"Yes, anything"

"You'll have to be there too"



"I'll see if I can make it after the lunch with the recording company about your latest single. I'll be there after. I promise to make it quick. But he's commissioning the performance. Could you believe that? With his own money, not his familys'! And his willing to pay a nice amount too", Kiba named an amount that made Naruto's eyes bulge out.

"You know my fees aren't high as THAT!", the shorter boy protested.

"It was the amount he suggested", explain the taller teen.

"It's too much", Naruto shook his head.

"You've never worked with someone like the Uchiha. I heard that they're the type that wants things to be perfect", Kiba told Naruto ruefully, "It isn't always a pleasant experience. The extra money would be useful you know"

Of course he knew…he knew far more than anyone from the gossip column that's been talking about the Uchiha's nature.

Naruto nodded. "But I don't want extra money. I'm good as is", he told Kiba, not revealing his inner thoughts.

"But, Naruto…"


"…but you'll meet him right? Although I'm not there?", well, he had to push this point.

The thought of meeting Sasuke again after 4 years wasn't something he had ever wanted or welcomed, but he wasn't one to back down. He, Uzumaki Naruto, was not a wimp. And his gonna prove that by meeting Uchiha Sasuke tomorrow.

"I'll see him, yeah", Naruto nodded, "Now if you would be a good manager and be on your way to attend whatever managers do, I would like to go home and have a nice long relaxing bathe. Well, that's next to my holiday list", he added sarcastically.

"Shut up!". For the next few minutes, they went through the day's event and Naruto convinced himself that everything, 'will be alright', like he loves to put it. Only when Kiba left and he was resting in his room after a 10 minute drive home, did he realise it wasn't. It wasn't an ordinary day and things won't be alright. The memories came to haunt him. The memories that he tried so hard to forget after 4 long years.

He remembered a lot more about Uchiha Sasuke than his cold, onyx eyes and those black, silk sheets on his king-sized bed, remembered too much for his own peace of mind sometimes. And those memories crowded in on her right…now.

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