Author: frostiemint

Pairing (major): SasuNaru

Warnings: A/U, this is a YAOI fic!

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I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

"Where did you disappear to?" Kiba frowned in the darkness. "I've been waiting in the car for ages".

Naruto turned to look at him, Kiba was currently driving him home from the youngest Uchiha's party. 'What? Where was I- no, more importantly, he waited for me for ages?!' the blue-eyed beauty thought teasingly, 'Wasn't he too drunk?'

"I felt like some fresh air", he invented, "Well, after drinking all that 'punch' or whatever I felt slightly hot, not to mention drowsy. Anyway, before I left I saw you sleeping on the table so I figured it'd be okay to go. I didn't know you grin in your sleep".

Kiba pulled a face, "I do not! Anyway, who was I to know that what we drank had alcohol". After the dark-haired man woke up from his slightly dreamy disposition, he asked a maid at the Uchiha's mansion about the location of the toilet. Thanking the maid, he rushed to the toilet and splashed cold water onto his face, instantly waking his sleepy brain cells in the process. Since he couldn't find his blond companion, he thought that Naruto had already headed back to the car.

"So, what have we learned from tonight?" Naruto teased, and proceeded to answer his own question, "Never go to an Uchiha party- fuck that, never even work, or meet, or cross paths with an Uchiha ever again".

Kiba glanced at his friend worriedly and just kept on driving.

Upon arriving home, Naruto decided that he was too tired to even brush his teeth. So he just stripped to his boxers and plopped himself onto his warm and soft bed. His mind was racing about the series of unfortunate events that had happened tonight.

Uchiha Sasuke hadn't just been angry, he had been furious, making no secret of the fact, when Uzumaki Naruto suddenly pushed him away and bolted out the door. Fortunately for the blond, Inuzuka Kiba had already been awake so he didn't have to wake him up. After the youngest Uchiha had kissed him so contemptuously, Naruto had made it clear to him that if he ever attempted to do it again the blond would see to it personally that some injury befell him. Well, that was before he ran and bolted out of the mansion.

Naruto may have decided that Sasuke's despicable behaviour deserved retaliation this time, but he wasn't going to make any of this easy for him. He had been an easy conquest for the cold bastard once before, he wasn't about to be so again, intended the bastard to feel the humiliation of being bought when the time came. Naruto was very sure of that and, of course, the little Kitsune was also sure of his confidence. He knew exactly what he was doing and why.

The sound of his frog-shaped alarm clock woke Naruto from his sleep. It was a beautiful summer day and, miraculously, he didn't feel so bad after downing eight or so glasses of alcohol yesterday. There was just a dull throbbing at the back of his head, but other than that he was fine. Yawning widely and stretching himself, he blinked away the remaining traces of sleep and jumped off his bed to get bathed. It was Sunday and he didn't have to meet the damn Uchiha today.

That thought alone made him smile contentedly to himself and decided to bath a little longer. The blond left his answering machine on after he got dressed, not going to be available for Uchiha Sasuke if he should happen to call. Even if he didn't call, Naruto wouldn't be so surprised since he knew that the taller man's will was as strong, if not stronger, than his own. He also knew how determined the Uchiha could be, that he didn't like to lose at anything he tried to do. Sasuke would definitely approach him again, he was sure of it.

Silently, he cursed Kiba for giving the raven-haired man his apartment number, wasn't his cell number enough! Anyway, the blue-eyed musician decided that he would not think of the his client anymore, that he will enjoy this one day without having to always be on guard. This was a battle of wills, and after six years of waiting for revenge that had lain dormant in him until the moment Uchiha Sasuke tried to take him for a fool a second time, he felt that he would be the victor in this particular battle. 'At least', Naruto thought as he finished eating his breakfast, 'I have patience on my side'.

Nara Shikamaru had changed little since the last time they went to college together, still had his hair up in a spiky bunch, although being in a relationship had made him less lazy. After becoming a known person, Iruka decided that Naruto should change from a public college to a more secure one, the motherly sensei was afraid that bad things (kidnapping was one of them) may happen to his lovable son.

"Excuse the mess", as he said this, he stepped over pieces of shogi that littered most of the lounge. Naruto realised, to his horror, that some of the pieces were actually the shogi board. "I've managed to get that scary woman to leave if she lost at shogi", the lazy man grimaced as he knelt to put the pieces into a box, "I never knew a 26 year old woman could have so much energy".

Naruto smiled at his friend who was currently muttering something like "Tsk, how troublesome" and "Females are scarily powerful" under his breath, and helped pick up the pieces. "Ino certainly got some of the laziness out of you, Shika", he teased.

"You sound like Chouji", Shikamaru smirked. "He says he doesn't stand a chance of peace and quiet with Ino about".

The blond knew that Chouji is Shikamaru's friend since ages ago and that the slightly fat man is actually happy that Shikafound a girlfriend, one who could make the laziness inside of him go away permanently, eventually. It didn't take the two friends long to tidy up the lounge. The two of them soon sat down and enjoyed a relaxing cup of tea.

"So how are you?" the taller man asked lightly.

Kitsune gave his friend an understanding smile. "It's alright I guess, I'm not going to break apart at the seams. You've seen the newspapers the last few days?"

Shikamaru nodded.

"So, you know that I'm working with that Uchiha bastard"

"I don't really care, but why Kit?" the other man couldn't pretend not to be puzzled by his friend's behaviour since he was the only person to know the whole truth about that night six years ago.

Sparkling blue eyes looked up at dark brown ones with a blaze of emotions. "Why do you think?" he choked.

"Kit, you'll get hurt-"

"But so will he be when I'm finished with him", his hands clenched into fists, "Six years ago I meant nothing to him, was just another body, but it's different this time. Now I have all the power",


"I didn't intend on doing this, Shika", Naruto cut his friend's reasoning voice, "But he intended me to meekly succumb to him. I couldn't do that and not make him pay for what happened in the past".

"Demo na, Kitsune. He doesn't know all that happened in the past", Shikamaru defended, both the Uchiha and his beloved Uzumaki.

"He knows…well, I'll tell him"

"But nothing you do now can change the past-"

"No", the blond acknowledged. "But I'll at least have the satisfaction of giving him the same humiliation he gave me. I have to do it Shika, so, please don't try to talk me out of it".

The dark-haired man sighed his acceptance of the situation. "Tsk, you are so troublesome, you know that?"

"Haha! I know. I just want to give him back his money and let him see how it feels"

For once, Shikamaru looked alarmed. "Kit, you aren't going to-"

"I'm going to give him back his money for the same reason he gave it to me", Naruto said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"It could backfire on you-"

"It won't", the Kitsune said flatly, not to mention confidently, "I'm immune to the charms of Uchiha Sasuke". Once again he thrust to the back of his mind the way he had almost reacted to the stoic man's kiss last night.

And somehow he succeeded. Naruto now felt like a kitten tormenting a potentially lethal snake. After spending another half an hour at his friend's house talking about other matters rather than the Uchiha, Naruto left to give Shikamaru some peace of mind. He decided to go for a walk, constructing his plans of revenge while at it.

Six telephone calls from a certain Uchiha Sasuke were left on the answering machine when Uzumaki Naruto got home. All of them asked the blond to return his call, but he ignored every one of them. For once the cold bastard was going to have to do more than click his long, elegant fingers to get someone to fall into bed with him. This particular someone anyway!

It was shortly before seven when someone pressed down impatiently on the blond's doorbell and kept their finger there. Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto hadn't expected him to come personally, since he didn't recall giving the Uchiha his-…wait, Kiba. Sighing dejectedly, Naruto went to answer the door.

"Why the hell haven't you answered any of my calls?" the pale male demanded without preamble, a slight frown etched on his handsome features as he strode uninvited into the blond's apartment after opening his shoes in a hurry.

"Calls?" the blond followed him, feigning innocence, but taking the long dark jacket that the Uchiha was wearing.

"Yes", he rasped, turning to glower at the blond, "I telephoned you half a dozen times today".

"I always leave my answering machine on when I want to take a break", he shrugged. "I haven't got round to listening to my messages yet today".

"That isn't very efficient if someone needs to reach you urgently", the Uchiha drawled.

Naruto looked unconcerned by the raven-haired man's vehemence, secretly elated that he was so upset that the other would give such a comment about he's working ways. "Most people call back", he shrugged again.

"I did", Sasuke ground out, his tone taking a menacing turn, "Five times!"

"Well, I told you, I haven't-"

"I heard you", Sasuke cut in coolly and turned his eyes towards his object of affection.

The blond met his gaze unflinchingly, although he was much shorter than the youngest Uchiha. "Do you have new instructions for the performance?" Naruto pretended innocence at the pale male's reason for wanting to talk to him, although in reality the first of the messages had clearly invited him out to dinner this evening.

"Damn the party", the Uchiha predictably swore, his patience running thin, "You know why I want to see you".


"Don't play games with me, Naruto", his hands were clenched at his sides, "Especially these sorts of games. I don't participate very well".

"Now I know there won't be any games at your party", the blond said, "I thought we had settled this earlier, Uchiha-san. Unless you wish to talk to me about the party or something related to it, I don't want to see you. Or hear from you", he added pointedly.

Sasuke placed both of his hands on the wall behind Naruto, successfully closing all major routes to freedom for the blond. "Stop pushing me, Naruto", the pale male whispered, using his most sexy voice, near the said man's ear. Naruto held back a shiver.

"Pushing you?" Naruto repeated incredulously, although he could feel his face grow hot by their sudden closeness, "What you're doing to me amounts to harassment".

"I want to see you", Sasuke murmured, letting his breath hit the blond's neck. He smirked when he saw the pulse near Naruto's neck move abnormally fast. "To be with you".

"To get in bed with me", the blond man scorned.

"That too if things worked out between us", the Uchiha chuckled lightly, sending invisible shivers down the blond's spine.

"Don't treat me like an idiot, Uchiha", Naruto snapped, pushing the taller man away, "Bed is your prime objective".

"And what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing. If I were willing, but fortunately I'm not", the shorter boy bit out with contempt.

"Do you have something against sex-"

"Don't throw that one at me!" Naruto derided with a slight blush.

"You're driving me insane", Sasuke ground out, "I can't stop thinking about you Naruto".

The said man didn't reveal the surge of elation he felt at the further admission. "Talk to a brothel about it, not me".

The Uchiha's eyes narrowed. "You aren't giving me a chance", he said slowly.

Naruto almost choked at the injustice of that statement. He had his chance with him six years ago. The bastard would never get another one. "No", Naruto agreed tightly, shaking his head and messing up his adorably cute blond locks, "Because I know it wouldn't work between us. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out in a few minutes".

"With Inuzuka?"

"No, not with Kiba", he met the other's gaze and for a while; a fight between sky blue and charcoal.

"Another man?"

Right then and there Naruto decided that, in order to break away from the possessive clutches of Uchiha Sasuke, he had to make up his mind on where he was to go. He decided on going to Iruka's house. "Yes", the blond nodded.

"Alright, if that's the way you want it", Sasuke bit out forcefully.

"It is", the blond was quick to confirm.

"I'm not going to ask you again", he warned harshly.


"I don't go around chasing guys like this"

"That's a welcome relief"

"I wish I knew what it is about you that…" Naruto held his breath as obsidian eyes search his own azure ones for an answer, "somehow, haunts me".

The azure eyes widened. "H-haunts you?" he repeated in a soft voice. Surely, surely Sasuke didn't recognise him as the man that he had once assumed was a prostitute and spent a few hours with?

The pale male nodded. "You're remarkably cute, and yet not breathtakingly so. But still I can't get the image of your sweet blond hair and sparkling blue eyes out of my mind. You're destroying me, Naruto".

Naruto knew his stubbornness in refusing to go out with the Uchiha had angered him, but he was nowhere near being destroyed yet, because nothing penetrated the wall that the stoic man had erected about his cold, dark heart. And it was there that the blond wanted to reach him, wanted the other man to know the full pain of his own humiliation, as Naruto had once done at his mercy.

"You don't give a damn do you?" Sasuke realised softly.

Naruto yet again shrugged. "I'm sure you'll get over it. Probably when the next cute guy comes along".

Uchiha Sasuke gave a defeated sigh at Naruto's stubbornness, something Naruto felt didn't happen to him very often, "I'd better go then".

Once the Uchiha left his apartment, Naruto smiled thoughtfully at himself. 'Now', he thought, 'I have him curled around my finger'. Slowly, the still smiling teen went to the ruby music box, taking out the bundle of money and held it protectively against his chest.

"The time is coming closer…" he murmured to himself as he hummed to the melody of Fur Elise.

frostiemint: Hey people, I hope that my writing's still okay since I haven't been writing for quite some time. Haha! This chapter shows the soft side of Sasuke and the harsh side of Naruto, right? Muahaha! REVIEW PLEASE!