This is the sequel to Things I'll Never Say, because I got a really good idea for it last night, and I had to write it!

I, I never thought I'd be
Lost inside your eyes
Living out this fantasy

Keely hugged Phil for the hundreth time that day. Since they were married. It had only been half-an-hour but she felt like she loved Phil more than ever.

"Here we are Mrs. Diffy," Phil smiled, and took her hand to help her out of the car.

Keely smiled at the thought of her new name. "Thank you Mr. Diffy."

She walked into the lobby of the hotel they had picked out. Keely had wanted to go away, but they hardly had any money, so they settled for New York. She put her arm around her new husband's shoulders, and grinned. The grin that would probably never be wiped from her face.

"Ah, newlyweds!" A man at the front counter smiled. "We have prepared everything for you in the Honeymoon Suite."

Keely smiled. "I thought we couldn't afford the Honeymoon Suite."

"What kind of guy would I be if I made us stay in the smallest room in the hotel?" Phil grinned.

Keely hugged Phil once more. Hug number one hundred and one.

"Here is your key, enjoy your time as husband and wife," the man at reception said.

Keely thanked him. "You rock Phil!"

"I know I do," Phil smiled.

Keely looked into his eyes, and smiled. She never thought he would be here. Looking into Phil's eyes. Married to him. In a fantasy world. But she could get used to it!

Sorry it's such a short chapter, but I have a splitting headache, and I really need to go and lie down, so I'll update later!