It was just a gentle brush of his lips against her skin, but it burned. Not literally, hardly literally, just in a way she had never before experienced.

There shouldn't be anything there, anyway. It wasn't like she had never risen on her toes to brush a gentle kiss on his cheek before; it was just a slightly more personal goodbye that she had fallen into the habit of using. It could be no different, right? Besides, Hatsumi could hardly remember when she'd started the little ritual; maybe when she was five, or six?

"Hatsumi! What was that for?"

She giggled-he looked so funny when he was all red like that.

"Well, if I marry Shinogu, then I have to treat him like mom treats dad, right?"

But he had never returned her gestures before, and she couldn't understand her own feelings. Her heart beating wildly, the first year raised a hand to her tingling cheek, a giddy smile crossing her face. As quickly as her expression lightened, though, it fell.

She could not do this.

Shinogu was her brother, she can't love him.