Can't Forget

Chapter 9: Same Old Twisted Story

Rating: PG-13

By: Vampire Toy

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And just incase there's confusion;

Bold for the most part is Sephiroth

Kadaj stiffened and grit his teeth; "What do you mean?"

"Kadaj, I cannot stop you if I see you doing something wrong; the sound of my voice will not make you cease your plans and visualizing myself will not make you hesitate, but I know who does have that effect on you. I know what you have known all along, Kadaj."

Kadaj didn't fully understand; he knew that voice probably knew about his plans; his plans to escape again and continue the search for mother. In a way she was right, old habits die hard. It was a bit compulsive.

As for anything else, he couldn't say.

"Aeris?" a dry question.

"Yes Kadaj, it is me."

After confirming his suspicions about the voice, he sat back a little more relaxed; talking to total strangers so personally was not going to happen if he had anything to do with it.

Yet he almost wished he was talking to a stranger.

What was this thing that Aeris knew about Kadaj that he didn't?

Yes he remembered Marlene when he was brought back, yes he knew befriending her would keep him out of harms way as he continued his search, yes at first he had still been a little prickly over Marlene running away form him the first time, yes he planned on doing the same to her, and yes it was all rather twisted and unkind of him to use the small girl who'd been nothing but a beautiful help.

But Aeris made it clear she knew all these things.

Thinking over his intentions, Kadaj became somewhat uncomfortable.

There had been a change in plans after all….in the back of his mind he had known it the entire time. He was going to continue his plans, no doubt, but he would take Marlene with him.

As far as he'd seen, she was nothing but pure and loving; something he'd never encountered before, something he felt he could accomplish with her by his side.

So she had left him, and he was still upset, but….this time she would go with him, right? This time she would choose him over his rouge brother.

That's what he was so furious about; the fact that she would have left him for the same person who had brought an end to him and his brothers.

That couldn't be the love he'd heard so much about, because it made him angry, and love shouldn't make you angry, or so he assumed.

Anger was for enemies, and when Marlene made him angry, she was his enemy.

She redeemed herself, though, and she had made him very happy.

The love had been restored.

Kadaj was glad, because even when he had been angry, he had missed her.

His face flushed suddenly at this and his heart pounded as he crossed his arms uncomfortably, attempting to stifle the loud pounding of his chest; "W-what? So if I tell you this….this other thing, can I leave this place?"

"Oh Kadaj, listen to your heart, what's it telling you? I don't need to hear anything from you, but I know someone who does."

Kadaj blinked and pondered, tapping his finger on his chin thoughtfully; "Umm, do….do you mean….Marlene?"

Aeris laughed, a very beautiful laugh, a laugh that told Kadaj he was right.

"Kadaj, you are slowly figuring this out."

"What do you mean 'slowly'?! You said I knew this all along!"

Another chuckle was heard and the voice slowly began to fade.

"H-hey! Wait! I'm not done! What do I do to get out? What do I tell Marlene?!"

"I'm sorry Kadaj…but Sephiroth has found me and he's pulling me out, I can't-"

"Can't what?! Tell me! Come back! Come back!"

It was too late, the entire flower field shattered like the mirrors they first appeared to him as, the shards of glass falling further and further into the darkness until Kadaj was alone once again.

"NO!!!! WHY?!" he screeched, stomping around angrily, wishing there was something for him to rip apart.


"Brother don't be a fool, you are but a child and only proving it to me as you whine." Sephiroth's mocking voice cooed.

Kadaj snarled but looked down in embarrassment.

"Now watch, little one, at what you've won me."

Kadaj blinked and looked up, a broken mirror much different from the oval ones, appeared in front of Kadaj like some demented television to the outside world. He was walking, or rather…Sephiroth was walking….walking to a door….a door where Marlene was! He could feel it! She was there! Kadaj almost bounced up, he was so excited to see her again!

The door came crashing in with a flick of the man's wrist and behind it was nothing. Kadaj watched confused, and his altered body continued forward, walking to a window at the far end of what looked like a pseudo-living room.

The window was open.

The wind was blowing the curtains.

Kadaj knew then, that the chase was on.

"Where are we goooing?!" Marlene screeched angrily as Elena and Reno both sped out of the apartment complex in the blonde's car.

"We're going on a little trip honey." Elena said, trying her best to hold the squirming child still.

Just minutes ago Rufus informed the two Turks that Sephiroth was back…again. he was apparently heading their way, probably because they had the little girl.

"WHERE?!" a shrill voice demanded.

"To the Golden Saucer ok?! Just shut up until we get there!" Reno snapped back.

"I DON'T WANNA GOOOO!" she bellowed in retaliation, squirming even more fiercely.

"There will be rides there honey, and toys and candy and lots of fun things!" Elena desperately spewed.


"Listen, you wanna know where we're really going?" the red head yelled over Marlene's incessant cries.

Marlene became deathly quiet, eager to know the plan that she knew next to nothing about.

"We're going to our headquarters ok? And there we're gonna hide you and PROTECT you from a crazy insane maniac who probably wants you DEAD."

Marlene's curious face immediately snapped into an angry glare.

"Kadaj and Yazoo and Loz are gonna kick your butt!" she crossed her arms.

Reno's right eye grew wide while the left one twitched in rage and he turned to the child as if raising a challenge; "Didn't you HEAR me? We're PROTECTING you!"

"LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!" She shrieked once again.


"RENO! WATCH THE ROAD DAMMIT!" Elena slapped his face to the front and Reno let out an oddly effeminate scream as he narrowly swerved to miss a truck.

There was silence for a moment in the speeding car but only for a moment, because no sooner had the shock of a near-death experience worn off than had Marlene began her rant again.

"Kadaj is in trouble! I know he's hurt somewhere please let me go find him!" she cried mournfully.

"No." Reno muttered.

"He means, as soon as the man is arrested then we can go look."

"But Kadaj needs me NOW."

"What can you do even if that was true huh? You're just a kid." Reno muttered.

And with that Marlene began to cry.

Tifa was furious; Cloud didn't tell her about Marlene and now it might be too late. She drove her truck with a stiff jaw and an angry scowl. Neither of the silver haired brothers said anything as she sped through the streets while continually calling Cloud's cellphone. The more she heard his answering machine's beep, the more enraged she became.

"Other way!" Yazoo yelled suddenly as she turned down a street, only to almost flip her car to turn around.

Their directions were spastic but they were all Tifa had; whatever connection they had with their brother might help her find Marlene.

"Can you tell me before I turn?" Tifa snapped as she turned down the right way.

"I have to ask him as we go." Yazoo said in an oddly monotone voice.

She guessed he was still contacting Kadaj.

"Tifa." Loz said softly as to not envoke her wrath.


"Someone's on the phone."

Tifa's thumb was right above the 'end call' button before she listened to a timid 'Tifa?' on the other end.

"CLOUD WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" she shrieked.

"I'm….with Rufus."

"What?" Tifa's anger was veiled by curiosity.

"You should get over here too, he thinks…maybe Sephiroth is back."

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