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Home For Christmas

By: 24

Jarod stated at the happy family around him and smiled. It was finally his family he was looking so lovingly at. They had been in one place for little more than a year. The Centre was gone from their lives and they could breath easily now that it was gone. No more running from one town to the next trying to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. The Christmas tree was decorated with multicolored lights and ornaments that they had brought.

His wife noticed him smiling and smiled back at him. He looked like he was enjoying this Christmas. She looked around herself to see her family together, or at least most of her family. Her husband now consisted of her family and for that she was glad. Her father never was a father to her and her brother was just plain evil to the very core of him. It had been hard for them to forge a relationship with each other with his family. Her sister in law Emily had first been very upset that she was the twin of the man who had tried to kill her, but they too formed a sisterly bond. Gemini, or rather Jeremy liked Miss Parker from the start because she was nice to him. Major Charles and Margaret took some time in liking her, but now they loved their new daughter in law. Her little brother Adam was now her son and also Jarod's son as well. Jarod and Melanie Parker had adopted the boy as soon as they were able to. Ethan had found his way towards their home and was there as well. She took hold of her husband's hand and squeezed it. He looked at her and smiled.

"This is our first Christmas as a family."

"I know Jarod."

"I'm glad that we could put aside most of our differences, Melanie."

"Me too. I don't know who's the biggest kid at Christmas you, Jeremy, or Adam?"

"Adam because he's still a kid."

"You act like a kid sometimes."

"Hey is it my fault that I never had a normal childhood? I'm just making up for lost time." He smiled at her.

"Yes, I see that."

"I'm happy that we're all together for Christmas. I never was home for Christmas and it feels wonderful. I'm glad that Ethan is here with us too. I just wish that Kyle were here. I never got to know him and I wish we had more time with him."

"Your parents never speak of Kyle."

"It's too hard for them. They lost so much time with him. He was gone when he was four never to be seen again then he died when he was older never getting the chance to see his parents."

She hugged him as a tear rolled down his face. Jared wiped the tear from his face and looked at his wife.

"It's not time for crying it's time for celebrating."

"It's okay to cry for our loved ones Jared. No matter what the season is."

Jared nodded and looked back to his family. He was finally home for Christmas and with his loved ones. He was a lucky man and for that he was grateful.