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Home For Christmas

Christmas Miracles

By: 24

They say that Christmas is a magical time of year where anything is possible. Jarod didn't know what to think of that because it took him so long to be with his loved ones. He looked out the window as the tree lights were reflected on the windows emitting a glow. A light wind was blowing in the tree branches and the snow was lightly falling. He went back to the living room where everyone was around the fire, drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies and singing Christmas Carols. His mother had baked a few cookies and they were now on the table. Jarod went up and grabbed one and started to eat it.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and an apparition was suddenly there. A gasp could be heard from all as it took shape.



"Yes, big brother it's me."

"I don't understand."

"I am here as a wish for all of you. I heard what you said big brother and I knew that I had to come down here. Kyle looked around.

"Mom and Dad."

Both parents were in shock, but quickly recovered by walking up to their son and gave him a hug. "My baby boy." His mother hugged him as tears ran down her face.



"Hi, little sis."

He hugged her and then let her go. He stared at the young man next to his sister.

"Kyle, this is Jeremy."

"Hi. Jeremy. I've heard about you."

"Hi. Ethan."

"Hi, Kyle. Good to finally see you."

"You too little brother."

Ethan explained that one of the voices he heard was Kyle's and Kyle told him not to tell his family that he was talking to Ethan.

He stared at the woman next to his big brother. "Miss Parker" He said with a smile on his face. He knew that she was Jarod's wife already. He then turned to the little boy who stood near Melanie. "You must be Adam my brother and sister's son. Nice to meet you Adam."

"You're my daddy's brother?"

"Yes, I am. I'm Uncle Kyle."

"How did this happen?" Asked Jarod.

"Actually, I don't know. I kept track of all of you and then I heard what you said. I had to come back and here I am. I am now human again."

Jarod stood in amazement at his little brother. He was glad that he was here. Yes, he and his loved ones were finally home for Christmas.