Written by Lewis (Winkle)

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This is the introduction page. It will provide you with some basic background information necessary for reading this piece of fiction. It is highly recommended that you read through this page before you proceed. The next chapter is the first chapter of the fiction. A more detailed summary can be found below. I would like to thank everyone who reads this, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.

i) This fiction takes place AFTER the movie, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala. As such, there will be some spoilers in this fiction about the events of the movie but those will be kept to a minimium. Although it would still be more enjoyable if you've at least seen the movie, or have read a summary of the movie because you do need to know what happens to really understand what is going on in this fiction.

ii) The events of his fiction takes place 4 years after the events of Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala.

iii) As mentioned, this fiction is a follow up of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. While the movie was pretty good, I was terribly disappointed with the ending and the way Studio Bones treated a few of the characters, mainly my beloved Winry. They also broke a promise saying they would throw more Roy and Riza relationship material in the film (which never really happened). So really, I'm writing this to satisfy myself and hopefully any disappointed fans out there... and give myself some closure.

iv) I do believe that the above point pretty much hinted that this fiction will contain some Ed and Winry relationship material, plus Roy and Riza's relationship as well (although not as much).

v) Oh yea... I'll sprinkle in some references from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga here and there. It's not important that you know them or have read the manga but it could be more enjoyable but not necessary at all to understand the plot.

vi) Kestrel Faeran has taken the effort to translate this fic into French. So many thanks to her for her hard work! If any French readers here would like to check out the fruits of her labour, you can find it in her profile, or also by setting the language filter for French. Please keep in mind though that it takes a lot of time and effort, so she hasn't caught up yet on translating all the chapters from here, but it's still awesome nonetheless.

vii) I welcome feedback! Please, if you read this, write a review. If you see an error or something to pick at, knock yourself out. I want to make this a great piece of fiction, and I can only do it with everyone's help.


- Feb 6/06 -

Okay, so I lied. I said there was one more chapter left right? Well I wrote Chapter 15, then realized that I wasn't happy with the ending. So I decided to add more... but then it was too long so I made an extra chapter. But I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, so I wrote both at the sametime and decided to post both at the sametime. It's all there!

Well, I guess this is it. It's over, the end, finito! It has been a lot of fun, a lot of work, a lot of torture and so forth. I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who read this fic, especially to those who have posted reviews, critisms, and pointed out errors and mistakes. You folks have been wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better audience. I hope you all get the satisfaction and closure the movie so sorely lacked, and enjoyed this fic as much as I did writing it. Thank you!

Right now I have no future plans, other then to take a break. Mid-term season is just starting for me so I will be bogged down with school work from now till May... yikes. I have no other ideas for future fic projects and so forth though.

Once again, thank you. And I guess this is farewell for now. As Ed is so fond of saying... later!

- Jan 30/06 -

Yikes! So Chapter 14 turned out to be pretty gigantic, compared to the other chapters. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't trim or cut it down to a size that I'm more comfortable with but oh well. Hopefully you all won't mind the length, and if you do, my apologies. And well, there's only one more chapter left! That's right, there's just the finale. I'll try not to take too long to write it. I can't believe we're almost at the end though, it's been one hell of a ride but I'm not quite done yet so hang onto your hats!

- Jan 23/06 -

Well, my fic is one month old! Woo! Thank you to all you readers out there. To celebrate I have posted Chapter 12. But you know what this also means? There's only THREE chapters left until the end! Time really flew by eh? Enjoy it, because we're coming down the home stretch!

- Jan 14/06 -

Thanks to Shir0-ChaN for asking a very good question. No, I did not make up that part about red water is turned into red stones. I got it from: Wikipedia (do a search on "Philosopher's Stone (Full Metal Alchemist). However I don't remember them stating that in the anime, and my memory of the manga is a bit more sketchy but that is where it most likely came from. Either way, I don't claim credit for it.

- Jan 12/06 -

Props to La p'tite Lili for making a great nitpick on Chapter 9, I didn't see that one at all, it completely slipped my mind! I will fix that very soon, many thanks for pointing that out!

- Jan 11/06 -

Forgot to mention earlier but with Chapter 8, we have officially passed the halfway mark for this fic. Wooo! Also, I'm pretty sure that my chapters are going to get progressively longer and larger as I'm finding I have more and more stuff I want to write. So sorry if you guys don't like the length, I really am trying hard to keep it down but there's just a lot of stuff happening now that I can't cut out. So yea... oh and Chapter 9 is up.

- Jan 2/06 -

A belated Happy New Year to all you folks out there. Just a couple of things to cover in this news update.

1. Chapter 6 is up, and it's quite a bit longer then usual (compared to the other chapters). I had drafted two versions, one that is much shorter and the longer one. The shorter one though, I didn't like because I felt I didn't write a very critical part of it very well so I rewrote that part and it turned out much longer then I had wanted. But I felt it's important enough that the extra length is worth it, and I hope you all think so too. So forgive me if you find it a bit long.

2. Ahhh! School's back! Nooo! Classes start for me tomorrow, sigh. So what does that mean? Well my updates will be more sporadic now since I won't have nearly as much free time as I did during the holiday break (I had kept a consistant 1 chapter every 2 days thing going). So again, please forgive me if one chapter pops up in 3 days but then nothing happens for a week. I'll try my best to keep updating on a regular basis.

3. Again I can't thank you all enough for your comments in the reviews, they're a great motivation and helps keep me going. The feedback has been wonderful, I aways worry that I got some little thing wrong or forget something in one of my chapters since I'm such a terrible nitpicker. So thanks! I will see this thing through to the end, this is my baby :D

Well I guess that covers about everything. Enjoy Chapter 6, and I'll see you next update.

- Dec 27/05 -

Hey all, thanks for all the feedback and comments, they're very encouraging and are much appreciated. Just two small notes I wanted to make. First, someone told me that Den is a female? I don't ever recall Den's gender being specified in either the manga nor anime. If someone can clarify that for me (give me a source too if you wouldn't mind) that would be cool. Someone also mentioned that in the movie, the gate was destroyed. However the subtitles that I got (and I know there are multiple translations out there) said the gate was closed when Ed, Al and Roy destroyed the alchemy circles on both sides. Frankly, that makes more sense... I don't see how Ed and Al suddenly gained the ability and knowledge to destroy the gate. So I will stick with what I have. The official DVD with official translated subs won't be out till Jan 25, but it'll probably be too late by then. Oh well. BTW, Chapter 3 has been uploaded, enjoy. Peace out.

- Dec 23/05 -

School's out for the rest of the year wooo! I will admit, I just recently fell in love with Fullmetal Alchemist and everything, so I am a relatively "newbie" fan. Anyway I've already explained why I'm writing this so yea. By the way, I'm going to try to keep this fiction a bit shorter then I would like it... since my last fiction (a Star Trek piece) turned out to be a massive epic that I STILL haven't completed to this day (I started like 2 years ago folks!)... I'll try not to let it happen here. But no promises. Hope you all enjoy it.


Four years have passed since the Elrics made the faithful decision to remain in The Other World. But their mission of retrieving the stolen atomic bomb only brought the wrath of the Thule Society down on them. In a desperate bid to escape, they took up an offer from a British professor to send the Elrics home and back to safety. But the journey only threw them into harm's way. Instead of returning home, they were thrown into the 1940's during the height of the Second World War. Now Edward and Alphonse Elric must keep one step ahead of the Nazis who are seeking revenge, Edward's automail technology and something more.

Winry Rockbell resides alone now in Resembool with her dog Den, having long accepted the Elric's decision and no longer worries about them. But her peaceful life, and the safety of her entire world that the Elrics had sacrificed so much to ensure would be shattered when a mysterious stranger shows up. The world of the alchemists will never be the same.


I don't own any of the characters, worlds, materials or anything from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. Except for any original characters created for this fiction.