Central – August, 1927

The grand capital city of Amestris stood brilliantly under the bright summer sun. Construction cranes and machinery dotted throughout portions of the metropolis, removing the few remaining traces of destruction and rebuilding it anew. It was a glorious sight, and one could hardly tell that a full-scale war had taken place here only months before.

The sun shone unobstructed in the clear blue sky. People and cars bustled about as normalcy returned to the thriving city. Many of them though were gathered in front of the towering Central Cathedral, a structure that had stood both the test of time and conflicts. Droves of people crowded the front of the building, waiting quietly and patiently. But they would not have to wait for long as the heavy wooden doors swung open.

"There they are!" Someone yelled as Riza Hawkeye, dressed in a stunningly beautiful white wedding grown emerged into the sunlight. Roy Mustang, in a sharp, white tuxedo stood next to her, arm-in-arm. The crowd roared, completely shattering the silence that had preceded it. The couple jogged down the red-carpeted steps as they were showered with rice, confetti and streamers.

Behind them, another group of people walked out of the church, including all of Roy's military subordinates, an emotional Armstrong crying his eyes out, as well as the Elrics, Winry, Scieszka, Gracia and Elicia Hughes and a handful of others. They all went down the steps to join the newly weds.

"Well I guess congratulations are in order Mr. and Mrs. Mustang." A fully-recovered Havoc mused when he reached Roy and Riza. "So what should I call you from now on?" Havoc poked Roy playfully. "Retired Brigadier General?"

"Don't get smart on me already Lieutenant Havoc." Roy chuckled. "I may not be in the military anymore, but I can still pull some strings."

"The only one here pulling strings will be me." Riza said calmly next to her husband. Armstrong then approached them, handkerchief in hand and tears streaming down his face.

"That was a beautiful ceremony!" He sobbed. "I will never forget this glorious day!" Both Roy and Riza smiled uneasily at him.

"Thank you Brigadier General." Riza replied.

"I wish to give you both the blessings of the Armstrong family. Please take care of yourselves!" Armstrong then gave Roy a powerful bear hug, the smaller man's face quickly turned blue.

"Brigadier General Armstrong." Riza frowned. "You're crushing my husband." The muscular juggernaut released Roy from his vice-like grip and saluted them both.

"Do not worry! I will take good care of the military in your absence." Then he gestured at his subordinates behind him. "I will also personally see to it that they are well looked after." The statement caused Havoc, Breda, Falman and Fuery to frown uneasily.

"I have no doubts." Roy finally said after catching his breath. "Take good care of yourself Brigadier General." And the two shook hands before Armstrong moved off.

"Well, Full Metal…" Roy spoke as Ed, Al and Winry walked up to them next, but then stopped himself. "I suppose I can't call you that anymore." Then he smirked. "But you still have some growing to do."

"And I guess I can't mock you for being useless in the rain anymore either." Ed shot back with a grin. He and Al were donned in full suits and ties.

"We're both no longer dogs of the military, and there's no more alchemy." Roy reflected. "How things have changed."

"Missing your power trips already?" Ed continued his taunts.

"You know, the best man isn't supposed to aggravate the groom so much." Roy pointed out.

"You know how he is." Al laughed.

"Hey, this is my last chance." Ed shrugged. "Who else am I going to annoy?" Winry and Al both raised their hands behind him, much to his chagrin.

"Thank you again for being a bridesmaid Winry." Riza spoke to her.

"Anytime Mrs Mustang." Winry, in a pretty pink gown, smiled back broadly.

"Please take good care of Edward and Alphonse." Riza requested.

"I always have." Winry replied energetically. "Don't forget to drop by once in a while, you're always welcomed at our home."

"Edward." Roy said, and then offered his hand, causing Ed to grin.

"Yea." Ed grabbed it, and they both shook hands at long last. "See you later Roy."

"Hey!" Scieszka ran up to the group, also dressed in the same outfit as Winry. "When are you going to toss that bouquet?"

"Oh!" Riza snapped her fingers, much like Roy, as she suddenly remembered. She jogged back up the steps a bit to get the high ground as all the men cleared out of the way and the women filled in the gap. "Here goes!" Riza said, then turned her back to them and tossed the bouquet of flowers behind her.

"I got it!" Scieszka screamed as she reached her arms up.

"Oh no you don't!" Winry grunted as she shoved everyone out of her way, albeit roughly, and extended one arm past Scieszka to snatch the flowers from the air. "It's mine it's mine!" Winry cheered and jumped up and down excitedly as Scieszka mourned in defeat.

"Brother, you don't seem too happy." Al observed as Winry ran towards them, and Havoc and Breda rubbed Ed's head teasingly.

"That's going to give her ideas." Ed grinned uncomfortably. "I'm not ready for that kind of thing yet!" Winry didn't hear him, and she gave a rather nervous-looking Ed a big hug as everyone clapped, laughed and watched.

"Hey! Let's get everyone in for a picture before they leave!" Fuery suggested, and everyone gathered, lining up on the steps of the church for one massive group photo before Roy and Riza boarded the waiting car. The two stuck their hands out the open window and waved at the people as the vehicle departed. They turned to watch out the back window at the crowd waving farewell to them before they disappeared into the distance.

"Off to the honeymoon then?" The driver in front asked.

"Not yet." Roy looked at his wife, who nodded. "There's just one more stop we want to make first."

Central Military Cemetery, Central – August, 1927

Roy and Riza stood in front of Maes Hughe's gravestone, none of them said anything as they looked at it quietly. The cemetery was the exact opposite of the party-like atmosphere of the church; it was quiet and tranquil. Not too far from them, were a pair of relatively new tombstones marked Danny Brosh and Maria Ross, the former having succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. On each of them laid a fresh wreath that Winry had placed there the day before, as a token of her thanks and gratitude to them for saving her life.

"Well old friend." Roy finally spoke after several minutes of silence had passed by. "It looks like I finally took your advice." He glanced at Riza next to him. "And married someone who will always support me." Riza smiled and he grinned once more. "You don't need to worry about me anymore, so I hope you can rest easy now." Then he raised his head up towards the sky. "Riza…"

"Hrm…?" She turned slightly towards him. Roy looked relieved, as if a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

"The weather is beautiful today."

Resembool Cemetery, Resembool – August, 1927

Al, wearing the trademark red coat, rose up from his knees and inspected his handiwork. The flowers had been carefully placed on the grass, in front of the slab of rock that indicated his mother's final resting place. Then he turned, and checked the other ones. The graves for Winry's parents were also decorated with a similar floral arrangement, and he moved further down where several newer gravestones stood. Al had laid fresh flowers in front of all of them. The first read 'Pinako Rockbell', followed by the second marked 'Hohenheim', and finally a third that said 'Gabriel Mackenzie'. Al backed away until he could see all of them, and bowed politely.

"Thank you… everyone." Then he turned and started down the path towards his home.

"Oh? Hello Al!" He turned to the voice, and recognized the girl immediately.

"Hi Nelly." He greeted her.

"You remember me!" She sounded happy. Al nodded.

"Yep, I've recovered my memory."

"Were you at the cemetery?" She asked, looking past him.

"Yea, just visiting some family, and friends." Then an idea popped into his head. "Have you had lunch yet?" He asked her.

"No." She shook her head.

"Why don't you come over and join us then?"

"Will that be okay?"

"Of course!" Al smiled again. "I'm sure Winry's cooking up a storm as usual."

"Well in that case, who am I to say no?" She replied cheerfully, and the two walked off together.

Rockbell Residence, Resembool – August, 1927

Ed, with a white t-shirt and black slacks, stood on looking at the picturesque grassy field before him. The sun was out, with only a few fluffy white clouds dotting the sky. A gentle breeze rustled the very green grass beneath both his feet, tickling them. His blonde hair waved in front of his eyes as a result of the moving air, but the scene was so delightful that it didn't bother him. There really wasn't much more for him to do but smile.

A noise from the distance snapped him back to attention. A few dozen yards away, he could see Den running full speed at him carrying a small tree branch in his mouth. He grinned some more at the realization that either Den was very fast despite the dog's old age or he couldn't throw things as far without his automail arm.

The hound ran up to the alchemist as he retrieved the stick from Den's mouth. The dog nudged at him playfully while Ed patted him, the mutt was obviously telling him to throw the stick again.

"Easy Den, you're going to wear my arm out if you keep this up." But old Den didn't seem to care. Ed grinned and took a step back to wind up his arm for another toss. Before he could send the wooden stick soaring through the air again he was struck by a sudden sense of déjà vu. He didn't have a chance to think any further, as a familiar voice interrupted him.

"Brother!" Ed could see Al walking on the path in the distance. He's with a girl? Ed grinned at the thought, and walked over to meet them with Den.

"Al!" He greeted them.

"Brother, you remember Nelly?" Al gestured at her. "I invited her over for lunch."

"Al, you finally picked up a girl!" Ed said teasingly.

"Brother!" Al was shocked, and embarrassed. Both he and Nelly blushed, as Ed laughed.

"I'm kidding. Winry's probably cooked more then enough for all of us anyway." Then he scratched his head, moaning. "Most likely her patented spaghetti too." As if in a case of perfect timing, Winry, in a yellow summer dress, appeared on the porch of the house and waved at them.

"Ed! Stop fooling around! Lunch is ready… we're having spaghetti!" She shouted, and they all walked towards her. Again, Ed couldn't help but feel as if he's experienced this before. "Nelly!" She greeted her friend when they got close enough.

"Hey Winry!" Nelly answered.

"I asked her over for lunch." Al explained nervously.

"Of course! I'm always prepared for guests." Winry beamed, and herded them inside. Ed walked up to her, looking somewhat spaced out. "Ed?"

"Huh?" He snapped out of it.

"Something wrong?" She asked with concern, and he shook his head and grinned.

"Nothing." But she didn't buy that, and a wrench appeared in her hand.

"Ed." She said with her threatening voice. "Don't lie to me." Ed smiled innocently, looking very frightened.

"Ah…" He caved in. "It's just… I feel like I've gone through this before." He muttered, looking around him. "Everything's so wonderful… it's like a dream." Winry smiled at him, and then leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. She stayed there for a moment, before pulling back.

"Well, what do you think now?" She asked. Ed grinned.

"No, it's real." His smile grew broader. "It's definitely real." She smiled too, and took his hand. He turned, and looked once more at the world in all its grandeur. "I'm home." Then he followed her inside and closed the door behind him.

The End