Luna's Christmas tree

This story is dedicated to Luna Obsessed. Merry Christmas from one Luna lover to another.

Luna and her father are done decorating their Christmas tree. Let's admire it! The characters belong to Rowling.

In the top of Luna's Christmas tree is a star, just as in so many others. This star, however, differs in some small details from those most often seen. For one thing it is emitting red, slowly pulsing light. Also, it has planets. Three small, green and blue lumps are idly orbiting the shiny star. Whether or not they are inhabited is hard to tell, but from the way light bends in their proximity the planets at least seem to be in possession of atmosphere.

The twigs closest to the top are decorated with small sprigs of mistletoe, carefully examined not to harbor any nargles. Their white berries twinkle in the light from the star. Directly below the mistletoes hang owls - brown, white and black - skillfully made from paper balls, feathers, sticks and pieces of cloth, none larger than a small apple. Also a few toy brooms and even a quite amateurishly crafted muggle airplane hang in these branches, because this is where the Lovegood's place those decorations that fly.

There are ribbons. Blue, green, red and silver. Sometimes they are entwined, at other places by themselves. The longest reach all the way down to the floor. Before they reach there, however, they are subject to heavy competition from angels and snowflakes, crystal orbs and candles. Fairies flutter to and fro between the branches, spreading a twinkling light as they do, singing their own kind of carols with shrill voices.

Close to the base of the tree are the hay animals. There is the reindeer, the ram, the jabberwocky and the snorkack, each tied together with red string. They are circling the tree, anticlockwise around the stem, in a strict procession. None is the first and none is the last, such as is the nature of circles.

Under the tree, on the floor, lay three gifts, wrapped in brown paper, sealed with red wax and written on with green ink. There is the small gift from Luna to her father, there is the large gift from Luna's father to her. There is also the gift they have made and wrapped together for Luna's mother. On Christmas day's evening they will open it for her and they will put it in the window where she can see it. They think she will like it.

In the front of the tree, on the rug, sit Luna and her father themselves, cozy under a blanket, drinking Christmas tea and eating Christmas cake. They talk to each other with soft voices about everything and nothing. Luna tells her father about her autumn at school, about what she has learned and about her friends. Her father tells her about travels he has done, articles he has written. They discuss the latest snorkack sightings and plan expeditions to search for it. They say that they love each other. Luna and her father also talk about Luna's mother and remind each other of Christmases they have shared. They do both miss her dearly, but they know that they will see her again. They wish each other merry Christmas and everything is just as it shall be. The star in the Christmas tree glows red.