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Why did you do that, Al?

You didn't need to sacrifice yourself like that.

It was my choice to do this… my decision and determination to restore you! It was not your fault that things had to be the way they were.

Remember that day when we first started practising to get used to the auto-mail? Do you remember what we discussed?

"You don't need to worry, Al. I'll do whatever it takes to return you to your original body It's my fault you're like this."

"Nii-san, it's my fault that you got injured. If you hadn't attached my soul, you would still have had your arm and leg!"

You were right in a way, Al. It is my fault that things have come to this. I did lose my arm and leg, but that is nothing compared to the horror I felt when I realized the Gate would have taken you. I would and have gladly exchanged any of my limbs to keep you with me. Nothing matters more to me than your existence beside me.


I felt the responsibility to return you to your original body at whatever cost, as it was my fault you had had to risk yourself as the Philosopher's Stone to save me. Sometimes I wondered if you had hated me for putting you into such a confined existence. You told me once that you could never hate me, but I still felt responsible for what I did.

I'm sorry.

I know you felt you were responsible as the Philosopher's Stone, to be vanquished from this world. I know that you felt you were risking thousands of lives… maybe that's part of what influenced your decision. I don't know.

In fact, I don't know if I will ever hear your voice or see you again. I'm still trapped in this World, beyond the Gate, and I don't know how to get back.

I can only pray that my sacrifice was enough of an equivalent trade to bring you back. It might not be enough, but it was the only thing I could do in return.

You gave up your only means of existence because you didn't want me to die.

In the end, I hope I was able to return you to your original body; that was what we had set out to do. I don't know what I will do if I ever find a way to return home… and you're not there.

"There is probably nothing in the world that is equal to Mom's life."

If you don't exist, Alphonse Elric… then everything we worked for is meaningless.

But I have a feeling you haven't left this world. Instinct tells me that you haven't truly gone yet.

After all, you're my brother.

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