Parkers never cry

By Miss P
Summary: Just another poem about Miss Parker
Disclaimer: I do own the poem, but
I'm not getting paid for writing it...

My name is Miss Parker, yeah that's all you get
A few hours with me and you'll wish we'd never met
My nickname is ice queen; yes it's easy to see
What I've become today is what I always will be
Don't try to save me this hell is my life
I'm meant to be lonely; no I'll never be any ones wife
Because people I love disappears, yes everyone dies
My life is so meaningless; it's all built on lies
I once had a friend, but so many years has past
I was naïve, thinking the love we shared would forever last
Now I'm alone but the love still remains in my heart
I hate to admit it but my job drives us further and further apart
I suppose everyone can guess that Jarod is the one
But the rule will never change – I chase and he'll run
My heart is breaking but I have to stay strong
Parkers never cry, that's what I've been told all along