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"Master Ezlo! Help!" A young Minish's cry echoed throughout the field.

Vaati ran through the forest of grass. He was running faster than he'd ever run in his entire life. Even when he tripped on blades of grass that blocked his path, he got up and kept on running.


Vaati gasped for air and pressed on. The tremors were getting closer… he panicked and stumbled on a pebble. Ahead loomed his only hope of salvation. Vaati quickly ducked into a thornbush and fought his way out.

Many times he stopped, barely saving himself from being run through by a thorn. The cruel spikes tore his clothes and scratched his pale skin. Fallen barbs pierced his paws. He found the end of the bush and ran wearily into the sunlight once more.

Vaati paused, listening carefully for his pursuer. Hearing nothing, he allowed himself some air and licked a gash on his hand. Blood dripped onto the ground.


Vaati let out a terrified shriek and threw himself into a mad dash. His decorative feather snagged on a thorn and was left behind. Vaati ignored it and ran blindly. If he could make it to the village, he could escape…

Grass slapped his face, but he paid it no mind. His hair whipped out behind him as he ran. Suddenly he tripped on his robe and fell flat into the dirt. He lay, winded, and could not move.

Even so, he struggled to stand, but when he didblack dots obscured his vision. When they cleared he found himself lying on the floor again, stunned. His tiny, abused and battered body shook with exhaustion. He closed his eyes. Tears leaked out of them.

The cause of the quake, his hunter, moved closer, and the tremors became stronger. Vaati felt his entire world shake. He curled up into a ball as though that would protect him. He shivered in fear.

"This is it! I'm barely twelve years old and I'm going to die…" Vaati thought bitterly. A small sob escaped him.

Miraculously, the ground stopped shaking. Still afraid, yet curious, Vaati peeked out from behind his hands. The sun was blocked out. He saw his stalker out of the corner of his eyes and immediately cringed.

A gargantuan hand reached towards him. Vaati's eyes widened and his pupils contracted into slits. Something caused him to clench his fist and bare his teeth.

"I'm not going down without a fight!" he thought, adrenaline coursing through his system, "If I have to, I'll take them all down with me!"

He lunged and sank his teeth into flesh. Then he bit down as hard as he could until he tasted the metallic flavor of blood. Vaati was surprised to hear a shriek.

"OWW! MOMMY! It bit me!" The giant howled.

Vaati felt a horrible lurch. The hand was shaking itself, trying to rid itself of its discomfort. Vaati held on tighter, but he knew eventually his neck would snap. He didn't want to die or fall, but the ground was so terribly far away… He felt a sharp pain in his spine and knew what he had to do. Vaati let go.

He was launched instantly into the air. He felt higher than the birds; even higher than the stars. But his exhilaration could not last forever. All too soon, his arc curved downwards and he was hurtled towards the earth.

Vaati opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. All he could see was the ground coming closer and closer. Vaati frantically searched for a means of deliverance, but could find none. He mentally cursed himself for losing his feather. Perhaps that could've saved him. No leaves were falling, either, so he couldn't glide down safely. All he could do was close his eyes and wait for the fatal impact.

It never came. Vaati found himself lying on the palm of another gigantic hand, this one larger than the one he'd wounded. His landing had been rough, but he was ok otherwise. He shivered, remembering his close encounter.

Then he actually noticed he was on a hand.

Vaati screeched. He attempted another bite, but the fingers of the hand lifted him gently by the scruff. He twisted and jerked, trying to escape, but he couldn't fight the power of the hand.

He only just noticed how desperate his situation was. What were the Hylians going to do to him? Vaati had heard awful stories of Minish being captured and squashed, or worse. He decided to play possum. Perhaps they would let him go if they thought he was dead…?

He made himself go limp. He could hear the Hylians conversing; they had concern… for him? He heard them speaking.

"Dear, what is this?"

"I don't know."

"Mommy! Let me see! I caught it!"

"Now, now, Meggie, you've scared the poor thing enough…'

The Hylian mother calmed her child down. Vaati cracked open an eye just enough to see what was going on. He still hung by the scruff of his neck. He stayed motionless; he figured that the monsters would soon grow tired of him and let him go. He held onto the small sliver of hope.

"Is it still alive, dear? It's not moving."

Vaati chuckled silently to himself. His plan was working! Soon he'd be back in his mushroom, safe and sound. Ezlo would either spoil him rotten for coming home in one piece or give him another lecture. He'd have to prepare for an earful; Ezlo had only spoiled him twice, and that was when he'd aced a major part of his studies.

"No, don't worry about it, hon. I've seen lizards do this all the time! They think that if they play dead, they'll soon be freed. Of course, lizards often drop their tails, too…"

"This isn't a lizard! It's like…a fairy or something. Just without wings."

"Can we keep it? PLEEAASE?" The little girl begged.

Vaati suddenly stiffened. No! They were taking himto bea pet or something! He wouldn't stand for that. He squirmed, and then realized that he'd ruined his possum play. He hissed, both in anger at himself and fear of the Hylians.

"You see? Poor little guy's scared to death. Let's bring him home and see if we can find him in your grandfather's books, ok?"

"Yeah! Yeah!" Meggie began jumping up and down. "It's a lizard!"

"It's not a lizard, Meggie. We don't know what it is."

"Lizardy lizard!" She whined.

Vaati panicked. He'd never been in this kind of situation before! In his struggle, he pulled his collar too tight around his throat. Vaati choked.

"Dear! What's it doing?"

"I think it's- oh! Sorry little guy!" The Hylian father let go of the young Minish and placed face down him in the palm of his hand. "He was choking, dear."

"Aw, poor thing… I'm sorry." The mother reached a finger towards him.

"Watch it; he bites."

"I think it's too scared to bite now. There, there…" She cooed, tenderly stroking his hair. Vaati stiffened. He didn't know what to do; too much was happening at once for one lonely Minish.

"You see? He likes it." Vaati became conscious of himself leaning towards the finger. The stroking did feel pretty good…

"How do you know it's a he? What if it's a she?"

"I don't know. When we find out what it is, it should tell us how to distinguish genders."

"It's a she, mommy! It has looong hair and a dress!" The little girl cried.

Vaati's eyes snapped open. Him? Female? He coughed fiercely, still trying to recover from the strangulation.

"And I do not wear a dress! Please; it's a robe!" He thought. "How dare they! Not only are they idiots, but they're mental!"

He sat in the palm of the Hylian father's hand, fuming.

"I wonder if it can speak? It looks human enough. Look! It even seems… woah… very very angry."

"Hey, little guy? Can you speak? Can you understand us?"

Vaati acted like he didn't. Ezlo had made him study Hylian, so he could speak, read and write it like a native now. But he did not want to converse with the Hylians. He snubbed them.

"I don't know, dear. It looks like it's giving you the cold shoulder."

"I bet it can! Look at his little face… he's so cute!" The mother gently squeezed his cheeks. Vaati sat rigid, not so much from fear, but from embarrassment. His face burned.

"Well, let's take it home and see what we can do."

"OK! Daddy, daddy, let me carry it! Let me!"

"No, honey, I think it's best if we let your mommy carry it. Is that alright?"

The girl, Meggie, pondered this for a bit and said, "Yah! It's okey-dokey!"

The father smiled and ruffled his daughter's hair. Then he deposited Vaati into his wife's hand. She cradled him gently in her palm. Vaati lay there, frightened again and confused.

He felt warm and safe for some reason and his fright left him. The Hylian mother made sure to cause him as little discomfort as possible. He began to feel just how tired he was. He closed his eyes and let out a small, satisfied sigh. Things could be worse, right?

Vaati slowly drifted off into a sweet, dreamless sleep.

So whaddya think? I can up with it randomly one day and thought it was cute. Basically, it screamed, "WRITE ME!" so I did. This is based off a couple pictures I drew of Minish Vaati. Weird huh? That's me for ya. (Laughs creepily)

For you confused people, this is Minish Vaati. He is 12 in this fic and he's still Ezlo's apprentice. Just clearing that up. And I based the character'Meggie' off my sister. She's so supportive of me! Thanks!

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