Be careful with what you wish for

Chapter 01:

I wish…

It was a beautiful night in Surrey. The sky was painted in a beautiful colour of dark-blue and there was no sign of the tiniest cloud that had intention to disturb it. A soft, cool breeze went through the streets of Privet Drive and the moon shone fully high in the sky, as if she was proud. It was a beautiful night. It was almost impossible to worry about anything now. No one could right, in such of night. But yet, they were wrong.

Harry Potter watched the moon ever since it appeared in the sky, still weak by the powerful shine of the sun. He was probably sitting on the same chair for hours, just thinking.

His first thought, as he saw the full moon, was the one of Remus. He would probably not enjoy the moon as much as Harry does. But maybe enjoying was a far to happy word.

Harry felt miserable, as always of course. But this time it was different. This time, his Godfather was dead. Harry felt more tears filling his eyes. It happened a lot these hours but they never fell. He couldn't allow himself to be weak.

Sirius Black, an innocent mass-murderer, framed by his friend, was now murdered by his own dear niece; Bellatrix Lestrange. And if that wasn't worse enough; Sirius was the only person who was as close as a father to Harry Potter.

He closed his eyes, desperately trying to block his Godfather out of his head, but he would never forget the moment Sirius felt through that veil…

For the first time this day, tears felt down his cheeks. Harry silently cried. He had no parents and now he even didn't had a Godfather any more. Life was so unfair!

He pictured how life would have been if Voldemort hadn't been that desperate to go after him. How it had been if Harry wasn't 'the Chosen One'.

He smiled sadly. It would never be. He was determinant to be miserable the rest of his life and then he was left to die at the hands of Voldemort. Whoopee, what a bright future laid ahead for him.

Harry sighed. "I just wish Voldemort hadn't picked me," he muttered at himself as he whipped his tears harsh away. He had to go to bed. It was already late; even the Dursley's slept. Well, tomorrow is another horrible day…

As he closed his window, he crawled into bed. His last thought was the one of his parents and how he could have be with them, before he fell in sleep.

What he didn't noticed was that the moon turned pale blue for a moment. It was barely unnoticeable and invisible for Muggles. Wizards and witches saw it, only centaurs and Seers could understand it. It was then that a bright light appeared and the world we once had known, changed……


"Master Potter must wake up, sir!"

Harry grunted. He didn't want to wake up, not now. He was still tired from being up that late. But in his mind he knew he had to. Wouldn't he stand up soon, the bacon will burn or something and he would get punished. He almost could hear his uncle Vernon's voice grunting; "No meals for a week!"

"Reka has given the order that master Potter must wake up in time for breakfast, sir! Sir must hurry up, would he want to eat breakfast with the company of mistress Potter, sir!"

Wait… this isn't Aunt Petunia. This voice is high and squeaky and… what did it say again? Mistress Potter?!

Harry's eyes opened as he looked into a pair of yellow eyes. He immediately jumped up.

"Who are you?!" he yelled. The creature looked quite confused.

"Did mister Potter forgot who Reka is, sir? Reka is a house-elf… your house-elf… family's house-elf…sir…"

"Family's…? I don't have a house-elf!" Harry found it hard to call this creature in front of him a house-elf; he had met Dobby of course. This Reka was far, far more normal… She had clothes on; a nice clean cream-coloured shirt with a little P on the left side on it and she had a skirt on, red, as in Gryffindor. She also had a small hat. This Reka was far more human then Dobby will ever be! Even the house-elves in Hogwarts don't dress as clean and neat as this Reka does.

However, Reka's ears hung low as Harry just remembered that he had said something.

"You- you do not remember, sir?" she squeaked sadly.

"Well… no… I never met you in my entire life, sorry." Harry felt himself embarrassed.

At that, Reka vanished in a soft ::pop::

It was that moment, that Harry noticed that he wasn't lying in Dudley's second bedroom. It was so much bigger than that… The walls were painted in red which were almost covered with posters of famous Quidditch players… The room was very clean with the exception of an book which lied on the ground, looking like it had just been read. The title named, Quidditch: A Seekers Job.

He checked his room and yes, there it was; his Firebolt. At least he could fly himself out if that was necessary.

He stepped as he watched the room closer. What was going on in here? Was he kidnapped by Death Eaters in his sleep or something?

A second ::pop:: appeared. When Harry looked, he took automatically a step back, which was a fault because he tripped over his very own bed. He landed not that soft on the ground. Not that he cared, he had other pain.

Reka did not reappear, it was a woman. A very familiar one.