Be careful with what you wish for

Chapter 21:

Live or die?

This was it… This was it then. He didn't had a wand, the door was locked. Harry didn't stand a chance. He waited for the blow to come, but it didn't. At least… not yet.

"I guess you were right back then," Lord Voldemort admitted. Harry looked at him in confusion. "You can't really trust a traitor after all."

But Peter Pettigrew wasn't a traitor. Well… he was, but he never betrayed Voldemort. This was all a huge misunderstanding. Though, if Wormtail didn't lie… and there are Hogwarts students in here… they had been saved just now.

"I guess you can't," Harry replied.

Voldemort looked at him. "I want to know a few things before I end your life. Or rather… let your life end. I don't waste my good wand to someone like you."

Harry wanted to laugh at this. Back at his world, Voldemort would have done anything to finish him off himself.

"It's unfortunate that the old man's plan failed," the Dark Lord continued. "For you, at least. I just didn't expect that he would use a teenager to do his filthy job. But then again… maybe he would…" He paused for a moment and reached out his hand.

When Harry felt fingers touch his cheek, he backed away immediately. "Don't touch me!" he glared.

Voldemort didn't seem to pay much attention to it. "It is awkward that I only found fake memories in your conscience…Even if the old man had pushed them in the back of your mind, I would have found them… So… he must have erased your mind…"

Harry stared at the man in front of him. "What?"

"He sure placed a lot of sad memories back… Even if he would erase your mind again, and place your true memories back, he would never be able to restore you exactly as you was… you knew that, didn't you?" he asked. "Or did he said it would be fixed again… or rather, didn't you agree with it at all? Pretty easy to erase your mind. And once you have no memories at all, it's easy to manipulate someone. Of course, why would I ask you this while you won't be able to remember a thing…"

"Dumbledore would never set me up," Harry said.

"Of course not!" Voldemort chuckled. "Of course he wouldn't. He just particularly delivered you at my doorstep. He knows very well that you could die out here. Apparently, he doesn't really care."

"He never wanted me to be here!" Harry glared. "You can say anything you want, but all it is, is a lie! I'll never loose my faith to Dumbledore."

A familiar sound was heard. When Harry looked at the window, he saw an orange bird coming closer. It didn't took him long to realize who it was. Fawkes! He came to help him, just like in the Chamber of Secrets! Harry sighed. There was hope after all.

The phoenix was almost there, when he was struck by a barrier. It turned into flames and fell in ashes to the ground.

Harry stared at it.

Voldemort laughed at the sight of it.

"That's just wonderful…" Harry muttered. Phoenixes reborn from the ashes, but he didn't know how on Earth a baby phoenix could help him now.

"Well, that sure helped out a lot," the Dark Lord said. "If you want to 'remain loyal' to him, I won't stop you, but you can thank him once you're lying twenty feet under the ground…" He continued, whispering: "No one can save you now, Potter. No one will come for you. You'll die right here and even the old man can't prevent it."

Harry glared at him. He was wrong and he knew it. Because Harry was sure that someone would come for him. His friends.


Ron and Draco, both separated from each other, watched in disbelief as Hermione crawled up the stage. If it wasn't dreadful enough that she had to hex an Auror… she lost her mask. If someone, anyone would recognize her.

From the looks of a few Death Eaters, they probably already did, but no one made a move yet. Draco hoped that it would remain this way: that they won't say anything, because they aren't sure about it. After all, no Death Eater would want this 'fantastic' party go to waste because of some misunderstanding.

Hermione held her wand tight. So tight that it was shaking. If only she hadn't used that spell… Everything would have been alright…

The man with the long black hair must have noticed that she was nervous, because he lowered his wand and whispered to her: "Is this your first time?"

Hermione turned her head and looked at him. She just nodded. She wasn't sure if her voice would work.

The man smiled. "It's ok. It's nothing to it." He then grabbed his wand again and called into the crowd: "We all know the rules. You can use any spell you want, expect of course, the Killing Curse!" Apparently, everyone already knew the rules. Hermione wondered how many times they have already done this kind of things…? She shuddered at the thought alone.

"Any spell you want," the man repeated to her. "Go on now."

Hermione nodded and turned around, facing the Auror. The Death Eaters holding him stepped away, but the man just sat on the ground in an awkward position. He never made intention to run for it. Then Hermione understood why. They had given him a strong muscle-relaxing potion. That way he couldn't move…

She was surprised when the man suddenly looked straight at her. She almost took a step back. Those blue eyes… they looked so sad, pleading, and scared.

'He knows exactly what's coming to him…' she thought miserably. She almost dropped her wand. She wasn't sure if she could do this…!!

Something changed in the man's eyes all of the sudden. Hope. It sparkled with hope. Desperately trying to move, he managed to whisper: "Hellb…"

Hermione would have broken into tears right there. No. She couldn't do this… she couldn't leave this man to die… She just couldn't.

In the meanwhile, Draco managed to spot Ron and made his way toward him. It wasn't very hard to find a redhead anyway in this crowd.

Ron didn't recognize him, until Draco was standing right in front of him though.

"Ron!" he hissed.

"M-Malfoy?" Ron asked.

"Don't say my name out loud in here, you idiot!!"


Draco sighed. "Look, Ron, apparently that Auror draws a lot of attention to the Death Eaters. If we manage to get to the side, we can find Harry without anyone spotting us. If we do that right now and get Hermione when she's done, we can—"

"Sorry, mate," Ron said. "But I don't think 'Mione will hex anyone…"

Draco stared at him. "What?"

"Have you seen the way she looks at that Auror…? I know her. She going to try and free him…" he said with a sigh.

The young Slytherin looked from him, to Hermione, to the crowd of at least thirty Death Eaters. "Merlin… we're doomed."


Harry wondered how on Earth he would get out of this one. He had no wand, Fawkes didn't get through the barrier, his friends were somewhere wandering around the mansion. Even if they did find him and managed to get through all those Death Eaters, they would never stand a chance against Voldemort.

The chance that they would find him before he would be killed was slim anyway. Maybe they will be able to get him out of this mansion, yes, but… escaping… that was something he needed to do himself.

But how…?

"This is the end for you then, Harry Potter," Lord Voldemort said. "You were… quite an interesting person to talk to. But you've lost your usefulness."

Harry's heart bounced in his chest. Now? He was going to die now? He still needed some more time…!

"Send Neville Longbottom my regards," he then said with a sly grin. He was just about to call the Death Eaters back when…

"The memories aren't fake!" Harry called.

The Dark Lord looked at him. "Of course, that's what you believe, since they are your only memories."

"No," Harry said. "They're true." He took a deep breath. He needed to do this. Without a wand he could never escape from those Death Eaters that would try to kill him. Until he could figure some way out, he needed to buy more time.

"I'm from another world," he then said.


Author's Note:

Oh come on, guys! Of course I could write more, but this chapter is already longer then most ones and well, this is just such an awesome cliffy!

I had this chapter done for a while but nobody responds to my cry for a Beta Darnit.