Secret Is In the Dream


Author's note: Hi! If you like Romance and Drama this is the story to read! Happy Reading!


Summary: She has always been ignored and shunned away but a single dream has her living. In till she meets the boy in her dream… This is bad but then good…

Sakura walked slowly as she headed toward school.

Sakura sighed. Why is life so hard? Why am I the only one in school that is going to Parents and kids day alone? Why do I have to be the only one to be alone?

I'm Sakura Kinomoto. I am a 13 year old girl who has to do everything. I was only 3 years old when my mom died. She was the one that keeps us alive. We'll that all went down the drain. My dad is ok but ended up dumping everything on me as my brother went to school and got good grades. I didn't believe it when my dad said he was going to get a job that would bring food on the table when he had a good paying job that got us plenty of food on the table. Sometimes I won't to just keep on running and never look back. But a dream that I keep having is something I must keep in my heart. If I don't everything will be gone. Everything. Nothing will be the same. Nothing will go right…

"Move it!" Yelled someone that pushed Sakura out of the way.

"Are you stupid? I said move it. And I expect you to listen. You don't know if it could have been a huge truck coming to kill you!" Sakura looked up at the person… who was a boy with auburn hair and eyes and clear skin. He looked sort of familiar.

"I- I'm sorry…" Sakura mumbled.

"Whatever." The boy said as he helped Sakura up.

"What's your name?" Asked the boy a little bit softer.

"S-Sakura Kin- Kinomoto." Sakura said looking at the floor.

"Oh." The boy said quietly.


"Master Li there you are! I have been worried sick about you!" A guy with white hair and soft looking eyes looked at them both and frowned.

"Master Li, what did you do to this poor child?" Asked the man.

The boy snorted. "Nothing. I was just asking her name." The boy said defensively.

The man nodded. "I am proud of you."

"Now miss um…" The man said.

"I'm Sakura Kinomoto." Sakura said sort of nervously. She hasn't gotten this much attention in years!

"Well Miss Kinomoto, I am Wei. Master Li's servant and grandfather like helper." Wei said smiling at Sakura.

Sakura looked down at the floor shyly.

Wei smiled and thought 'She will be perfect for Master Li. She is something Li has always talked about.'

"Master Li did you finish your Homework?" Asked Wei.

"Not all of it…" The boy said looking down.

"Well then of to it." Wei said smiling while pushing the boy away.

"It was nice meeting you Miss Kinomoto. I hope we meet again!" Wei said loudly.

The boy looked back at her and quickly looked away.

Then as soon as the came they left.

Sakura starred blankly at where they were before.

"This is weird." Sakura said out loud.

Ding Dong

Sakura noticed the school bell.

"Hoe! I'm late!" Yelled Sakura running to the school.

Sakura went to her locker and quickly got her books out.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" Sakura said blushing slightly and bowing down.

When Sakura raised her head she noticed the whole school and their parents looking at her.

Sakura's face turned really red.

"Gomen!" Whispered Sakura lightly.

"Yes Miss. Kinomoto. Go sit in my office I will be there soon." Sakura nodded and walked to the principle's room.

"I can't believe I really did that! How can I be so careless?" Sakura asked with small tears in her eyes.

The principle walked in and sat down quietly.

"Miss. Kinomoto is something wrong at your house? Because whenever you come to school you looked tired and you never talk to anyone."

Sakura looked down. "Gomen… It's just I'm too tired because I always fall asleep late because of homework and chores."

"Understood. Why don't you go have fun? We are doing this with the high school remember? So spend this time with your brother. Ok?" Asked the principle.

Sakura nodded.

"Good. Now go." The principle said and quickly took a call.

Sakura got up and walked out of the office out into the school yard.

Sakura walked around watching people laugh and hug their parents or children.

Sakura sighed and walked over to a group of high schoolgirls.

"Excuse me, but can you please tell me where Touya is?" Asked Sakura. But when she looked up at the girls she noticed none of them even noticed her or even cared. They were all ignoring her.

Sakura walked away and sat on the grass as far away from the big crowd.

I'm hopeless. I will never be noticed nor will I ever be the one my mom used to say I will become.

Sakura took a good look at the crowd and saw Touya looking right at her and quickly Turing away and walking into the huge crowd.

Even my own brother doesn't love me…

Sakura felt a tear go down her face.

"Don't cry! I am strong and can hold it all in." Sakura said boldly.

"You know you can cry once in a while. It helps you feel better." Sakura turned around and saw the boy she meet earlier standing there looking at her through intense auburn eyes.

Sakura didn't know what to say or do. In till she noticed lots of tears were coming down her face.

"Here." The boy said giving Sakura a handkerchief.

"Thank you…" Sakura said as she took it and started to wipe her face.

The boy sat beside her and looked at the crowd.

"There are a lot of people out there." The boy said.

Sakura nodded.

"You're really the quiet one, aren't you?" Asked the boy.

Sakura nodded.

"Also I'm Syaoran. Li Syaoran. But you can call me…" When Sakura turned around she noticed no body was there anymore.

"Li?" Sakura asked slightly frightened. Her only answer is the wind.

Sakura looked at the handkerchief. It said: Syaoran Li in cursive letters.

She put the handkerchief in her pocket.

"In till we meet again." Sakura whispered.

And with that Sakura decited to walk into the crowd and find her brother so he can walk her home just like he did when their mother was alive.

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