Secret Is In the Dream


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Summary: She has always been ignored and shunned away but a single dream has her living. In till she meets the boy in her dream… This is bad but then good…

"Sakura, why don't you and your brother go outside and play. It's nice and cool out." A sweet melodic voice swept through Sakura's mind.

But Sakura had no way to answer. Her mouth was closed shut.

Sakura tried to open her eyes but nothing happened.

Sakura fidgeted until she finally could open her mouth.

"Momma!" Sakura screamed. She felt ice cold droppings of ice go down her now burning back.

"Help me!" Sakura screamed out again.

She heard footsteps come and go.

Then she felt claws scraping at her back. Trying to get deep into her skin.

"AHHHH!" Sakura yelled into the darkness.

Then soon everything turned red and a horrifying noise was heard in every direction.

A laughing sound drummed in Sakura's ears.

"Pesyusggggg." Sakura could understand what she, herself was saying.

"Ha. You think you can hide for the rest of your pitiful life? I do hope to see you again. When we meet I will kill you with my own hands." A voice more known to Sakura than it should be, said.


Sakura opened her eyes, almost afraid to see what lied before her.

A room Sakura has never seen before came into view.

"Sakura, your awake." Syaoran replied as he jumped up from a chair.

Sakura said nothing.

Syaoran walked over to her and smiled. "You had a fever. I was so worried." He said gently.

Sakura took out his handkerchief and handed it to him.

"Please… no, thank you for your kind hospitality, but I must be going. Touya must be worried sick about me. If there is anything I can do to repay…" Sakura let herself trail off as she saw Syaoran frown deeply.

"Why must you go? I want to spend time with you. Please. This one day." He said quietly.

"No. I must go. Thank you." Sakura got up from the bed and grabbed her shoes.

"Don't go." Syaoran said almost pleadingly.

But Sakura ignored his plea and ran out of the house- or really mansion- and ran to her house.

Sakura could feel tears threatening to fall.

Why didn't I have my wonderful dream? Why did I trust that boy? Why did I believe him? Let sorrow take me away! Take me away!

Sakura let all the tears come out. She opened the door to her house and noticed her father and her brother sitting down at the table. Her brother was staring at the table as her father glared at her.

"Why weren't you here yesterday night? Did you stay at a friend's house?" Her father said calmly but you could tell he was mad.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I fell asleep near Emerald Lake. I… meant to tell you… I don't want to be known as the quiet girl anymore. I don't have any friends! I don't even have a family anymore! After mom died the family has left me to do things on my own! I'm tired of holding the entire burden! I want to be like all the other kids in my grade! I want to be the girl who isn't ignored by her older brother at school or by other students! You know what? The principle at my school actually told me, she was worried about me! She thought I might be getting sick or something! I'm tired dad! I'm tired! Please forgive me for being a burden! I hate you! I hate all of you!" Sakura yelled and ran out of the house.

Sakura ran all the way to a bridge.

I hate my life! I should just die now!

"Sakura! Please don't jump!"

Sakura turned and saw Syaoran breathing deeply and sweating all over.

"Please Sakura! Forgive me for hurting you! I don't want you to die!" Syaoran yelled.

Sakura turned to look at the water glimmering underneath her.

"Syaoran, you are very kind. But I have chosen to make a statement. Not to kill myself. I may want to but I have enough self control to be strong. You are unbelievable." Sakura said turning and walking away.

"Sakura! Don't be stupid! I only want you to be safe!" Syaoran yelled back.

Sakura laughed out loud.

"Oh Syaoran! You don't understand! I hate people who care! I especially hate you!" Sakura shrieked back.

Syaoran's eyes grew wide.

"Leave me alone!" Sakura yelled as rain came pouring down and smacking Sakura in the face.

Tears mixed in with the cool rain.

Syaoran walked over to Sakura.

"You don't understand! I don't care! All I am doing is protecting you for the people who do care!" Syaoran snapped.

"Why? Give me one good reason why I should trust you!" Sakura yelled over the pouring rain.

He let out a small sigh. "I shouldn't have to prove myself to you! I don't have to do anything you say!" Syaoran said with a hoarse voice.

"You're an unbelievable… meanie!" Sakura yelled, not sure what she should call him.

"Fine you'll get what you want Sakura. Good bye!" Syaoran yelled then stomped off the other way.

"Fine…" Sakura let her word fall.

"Wait. Come back. Forgive me!" Sakura whispered to herself.

"Sakura! There you are!" Sakura turned around and saw Touya and her father running toward her.

"Touya… Daddy…" Sakura mumbled as more tears fell down her face.

Touya ran up to her and held her tightly in his arms. "I'm so sorry! Forgive me! I love you, Sakura! I shouldn't have pushed you away so far!" Touya whispered in Sakura's hair.

"I'm sorry to. Come on. Time to go home." Sakura's father said as he picked up Sakura and cared her home.


For two weeks Sakura has had a horrible cold and for once her father stayed home with her, taking care of her.

"What will you like? I'll make whatever you like." He said smiling brightly.

"Um pancakes please!" Sakura exclaimed happily.

"Alright!" He disappeared to the kitchen.

Sakura looked out the window and let her thoughts wonder.


"Sakura, don't forget your work!" Sakura's dad yelled to Sakura as she stepped outside.

"Yup." Sakura yelled back and took off.

For two whole months I have been getting used of the fact that I don't have to be a mother anymore. It's lovely! But the thing that bothers me most is… Syaoran. He goes to my school. Yes he transferred there. But he doesn't look at me talk to me or really anything. He acts like I'm not even there. This bugs me! He sits right behind me and nothing! But what do you expect when you were rude to the person. What my teacher always says 'What comes around goes around.'

Sakura skated to the front of the school building and zoomed in.

People waved hello to Sakura or said loudly, "Hi, Sakura!"

Sakura of course just smile in return.

"Move it!" A voice yelled from behind Sakura.

"Hu?" Sakura turned around and saw Syaoran charging at her.

He has finally lost his mind!

Sakura ran –or really skated- out of the way.

"HAHAHA! Go Syaoran!" Boys cheered.

Sakura frowned. "Hey! What it!" Sakura barked at him.

Syaoran turned to look at Sakura. His eyes were like glued there.

They locked eyes and it seemed like time stopped.

The girls that were walking to Sakura, gasped.

The boys looked bewildered.

Sakura quickly looked away and hid her blush.

"Sakura! Come on!" The girls yelled.

Sakura nodded and skated quickly toward them.

Why did I just do that? I'm insane! Ok calm down! We just looked at each other nothing else happened.

Or maybe it is on the verge of it…


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