"Sirius, I swear to Merlin you'll pay for that!"

Sirius merely laughed, ducking as James threw a snowball at his head. It was the day before Christmas Eve, and the four Gryffindor boys were having a friendly snowball fight.

"Pete! You traitor!" Remus roared good-heartedly as Peter's snowball hit Remus in the back of his head.

"We never shook on it!" Peter squealed, ducking under Remus' retort. "All is fair –"

"In love and war!" Sirius shouted, running across the war field and knocking James face down in the snow. "Surrender now, Potter!"


"Fool!" Sirius shouted at the top of his lungs, all but sitting on James' head, a grin blooming spectacularly across his face. "Then you must face my wrath!"

"Naaooh!" James screamed, flailing as Sirius began to shove snow into any loose piece of clothing on James' person.

"Surrender! Surrender!"


"I'll save you!" Remus yelled, throwing himself on top of Sirius, the three of them sinking farther into the deep blanket of snow.

"There will be no rescuing of the sad, poor, dreadful soul of James Potter!" Sirius shouted into the brisk winter air as his legs began to lose feeling.

"Yes there will!" Remus retorted, shoving snow into Sirius' face and down the neck of his coat.

"No! Argh! Moony, no!"

Remus fell off the two boys as laughing consumed him and he found it hard to breathe. Sirius rolled off James and attempted to shake loose the snow from his hair. James jumped up and did an odd dance to shake out snow from all parts of him.

"That was not cool!" he shouted at Sirius, his face red from the bite of snow.

"Oh, but it was male bonding, soul brother!"

"I'll show you male bonding," James growled, a grin on his face, slowly advancing on Sirius.

"No! Don't! You can't –"

"Watch out for Peter!" Remus shouted.

James froze and as one, he and Sirius looked over in the direction of Peter, who had a pile of snowballs ready to throw.

"No! Pete, don't do it!"

"All is fair!" Peter shouted, glowing with amusement and cold.

"Run for it!" Remus shouted, and the three boys stumbled over themselves and each other as snowballs hit them randomly.

Laughing hysterically, all four boys made it into the shelter of the castle as the clock chimed for tea.

"Fantastic! Food!" James laughed, leading Peter into the Great Hall.

Remus looked at Sirius. "Are you coming?"

"In a minute, yeah," Sirius said, offhandedly, not making eye contact with Remus.

Remus watched as Sirius walked down the corridor, still shaking clumps of snow from his hair. Slowly, Remus began to follow him at a distance. He followed him all the way up into a secret hiding place only the Map and all the Marauders knew of. As Sirius disappeared into the nook, Remus picked up his pace and ambushed him.

"Remus! What, what are you –?"

"Happy Christmas."

A confused expression overtook Sirius' usually joyous face. Remus pointed upwards.


Sirius looked at Remus, his expression blank. "Are you –? Are we –? Is that –?"

"Yes, I hope, and yes," Remus breathed, and Sirius grinned, his hand reaching up to cup Remus' cheek.

"And a Happy New Year," Sirius breathed, his eyes fluttering closed as his lips captured Remus'.