Ok, just to make this clear, I did not intend for this to be a Leon/Saddler story, it just sorta happened! Honestly, I was listening to "every time" by Britney (I just like the song, not her) and I felt the urge to write a story with a sad ending. Anyway, I wrote this in a really short space of time, really quickly, so it is probably crappy in some places. Dunno if I'll make this a one-shot or not…

EDIT: Yeah, altered some spelling mistakes (like fucking minute…) and some sentence stuffs.

The sun was rising for the day they would die.

Leon had made it, bloody and exhausted to the island where Saddler resided. He had battled his way past the soldier Ganado, trying to block out the screams they made as they died.

This is wrong…

He had murdered them. He couldn't escape from that fact. He tried telling himself that they were evil, it was either them or him, but it didn't work. These people had been forced into doing this by Saddler.

Leon flew into a rage at this thought, and redoubled his efforts to catch the evil priest.

Finally, he reached the platform where Saddler and a dozen soldiers were standing.

Waiting for him…?

The priest seemed to be admiring the sunrise, and even Leon had to admit that it was something. The clouds were turning a bloody red colour, with a faint purple hue at the edges.

Looking far into the distance, Leon could swear he saw a helicopter, zooming away from them. He frowned, confused as to why the aircraft had not picked him up. Maybe Saddler scared them off…

"She's armed the bomb."

Leon jerked in surprise, spinning around to look at the priest, his gun raised.

"I…I couldn't stop her. She was-"Saddler broke off suddenly, a splutter of laughter on his lips.

"Too fast."

The priest shifted his weight, and Leon caught a glimpse of a bloody and smashed shoulder. Saddler didn't seem to have the energy to heal it. He turned, and at last looked Leon in the eye.

"Your so-called friend left you here to die on this god-forsaken rock with us, Leon!"

Leon stared into the distance, his eyes wide, and shook his head.

"She wouldn't do that. She's not like that! She's coming back!"

The priest gave another humorless laugh, and withdrew something from his pocket. He turned his gaze on it for a second before throwing it to Leon. He then turned his attention to the sun, which was rapidly rising, and illuminating his yellow eyes.

Leon caught the object, and looked. It seemed to be some sort of clock, counting down digitally.


"Five minutes are all we have left Leon. Why don't you come over here? I see little point in killing you now."

Leon hardly noticed what Saddler was saying, his mind flying through all the escape routes and options.

"Haven't you tried to escape? You're just going to give up and let your people die?" Leon's voice rose with anger as he thought of all the times that had happened to him.

Heartless bastard.

Saddler cast a tired eye over the annoyed agent.

"She's blocked the exits. There is no chance we'd be able to clear them in time."

He sighed, and began walking towards Leon, who had collapsed to his knees, head in hands. In a strange gesture, he ran a hand through Leon's hair. The agent looked up, tears streaking his cheeks.

Saddler pulled Leon to his feet, and gripped his shoulder, wincing with pain. Leon closed his eyes, expecting to feel a claw rip through his chest. Instead, he was pulled closer, a cheek against his.

"Three minutes" Saddler's voice whispered in his ear, lips brushing softly against the skin.

Leon was only aware of his tears mixing with the priest's. Of his body pressed against Saddler's.

"Leon," breathed Saddler. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry it has to end like this."

"Yeah, me too." Leon admitted.

The forgotten clock lay on the ground, the time reading 1:30…1:29…1:28…

Leon threw his arms round the priest, and sobbed into his shoulder, clutching the soft material.

"Well, how would you like to spend your last minute, Leon?"

Leon extracted himself from Saddler's shoulder, and gazed into his eyes…

….which were suddenly the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

Saddler bent his face down, as Leon brought his up. Their lips met and Leon knew, for some strange reason, that he loved this man.

Probably the fact that I'm about to die…

The ground rumbled beneath their feet. Lips still pressed together, and tears still running freely, they looked into each other's eyes. Saddler's seemed to smile at Leon, peacefully. Leon's were filled with fear and panic, but he didn't stop kissing Saddler.

The very world seemed to erupt around them, and even though there were the sounds of Ganado screaming, and a huge booming, both of them heard nothing but silence, feeling nothing but each other.

The pain came, and caused them to scream in each other's mouths, but still clinging to each other. Saddler finally broke the kiss, throwing his head back, and screaming in pain as rocks fell, and buried them both.

The last thing that Leon felt as he was being crushed under the falling rocks was Saddler's hand, still in his. Leon smiled, his eyes half-lidded. He stroked the palm with his finger. His eyes closed, and with the smile still on his lips, succumbed to the darkness.


Away in the distance, Ada Wong watched from the helicopter as the island collapsed. She took out her hand-held radio, Wesker's image staring back at her.

"It's done. Leon and Saddler have been eliminated."

"Good. Report back to base with the samples."

Ada sighed as Wesker broke contact. She stared back out of the window, looking back at the decimated piece of land.

"Leon…I'm sorry."