Remus Lupin hated being alone, he hated it with a passion but found it was something he'd have to grow accustomed to, after all, How could anybody love a werewolf?

It was as a werewolf he suffered from loneliness the most. It was the time where the wolf decided it would go out of it's way to cause some harm to itself and Remus John Lupin. He refused to let other's in the room with him, not that there was ever anyone who'd really want to be in the same room as him when he transformed anyways.

Transformations were painful and tiring and he found that he'd sleep well towards the afternoon once he was back to human form. It probably didn't help that he was forced to sleep on the floor after he became himself again, it only worsened the ache in his sore muscles and aching bones. He always woke up that way, cold and bare on the dusty, often blood splattered floor of the shrieking shack.

So, during his fifth year it was a very welcomed surprise to find himself curled up in a mass of blankets and pillows, on a mattress, in his dorm. He was confused at first, he should be at the shack, Madame Pomfrey should be meeting him any moment and he should be sore and tired and aching and just wanting to go back to sleep or curl up and die.

But strangely, he wasn't.

That was when he noticed the warm, muscular arm slung around his waist, holding him gently to a soft body. To soft skin. He was confused greater then ever now and found that he was wearing nothing more then a pair of boxers but he was infact in his dorm. In his own bed infact.

"M'rnin, R'mus" Remus jumped slightly at the sleep husked voice sounding besides his ear and twisted slightly so he was able to break partly away from what he presumed was a chest pressed to his back and shifted so his side was to it instead.

"Er.. Padfoot. What are you doing in my bed?" He regarded the other with a slightly wary look before adding "And please tell me you're not naked in my bed". As mush as he'd fantasized for months about one Sirius Black being naked in his bed, this really was an unexpected thing to wake up to when he knew he should he hurting.

"Sleepin', R'mus. W'arin' box'rs though" Sirius' voice was still drowsy and his words were slurred.

"Ah, Glad that's settled then, Padfoot" Remus gave a nod, not wanting to go further into this strange event.

"Jus' sleep, R'mus" Sirius yawned and pressed a kiss to the corner of his were-friend's mouth before laying his head on the boy's shoulder and falling asleep promptly.

"Um... Night Sirius" Remus blinked, his brain finally melting due to the strange event and settled down for sleep himself. As he was drifting off he was vaguely aware of the arm pulling him closer to the sleeping form besides him and made no attempt to fight it.

Meanwhile James and Peter were thinking of ways to get back at the greasy Snape who had been making comments about the other two marauder's finally coming to their senses and disbanding from the fools that were James and Peter.

"Ever heard of soap, Snivelus? It'll do wonders for your social life. Maybe you'll even attract a friend"

James blinked as Peter went back to eating, a hand blindly raising which James clapped in a high five. Peter was dimwitted at times but he had his moments

Author's notes: So.. California smells asked fer it so here it is. The end is terrible, actually, the full thing is but, yeah here it is