By: Thought

Disclaimer: nope!

Summary: There was a reason she hated government types. NCIS/Witchblade, double-drabble.


There was a reason Sara hated government types. She removed the tip of the blade from where it had lodged itself in the throat of the would-be-killer, and looked up at the young lab technician standing over her.

"Right. You didn't see that," Sara stated. The girl laughed.

"I think your bracelet likes me, Detective."

Sara blinked. "How'd you--"

"I'm friends with Gabriel." Sara sighed. Of course. Everyone was friends with Gabriel.

"You and your pretty bracelet wanna buy me a drink?"

Sara stood up. "Gabriel too much of a challenge for you?"

"He can't jump tall buildings in a single bound."

"Superman fetish?" Sara retracted the blade and began walking toward the car.

"Batman, actually." She wasn't disappearing into thin air.

"Nottingham, then. He needs to get laid, anyway."

Abby choked on oxygen. "I think I'll try my luck with Gabriel. I like my head attached to my neck."

Sara smirked. "Your loss."

"There is no way I'm asking," the girl muttered. The trunk of the car was open. Sara arched an eyebrow.

"Hi, Ian." Nottingham appeared from God knows where.

"Do you want me to kill her?" he asked. Sara pondered.

"Later. Blood stains stuff, you know."