Sweet Sixteen

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Yes this is a Legomance...how many are there now?

This would be rated M but in not good at typing those sceney scenes...if ya know what I mean ;)

So be nice to me plzzzz and I'll try and make this funny too as well as romatic and lovey dovey.

The Character Profile:

Name: Ellie Summers (no not Alexis-Mia-Jenessa Moonshine)

Age: 16
Hair Colour: Black- half way down her back

Eye Colour: Green (not emerald or forest green...just GREEN!)

Tragic Scars: Nope, nada, zip, zilch...the big goose egg

Any Magical Jewellery: same as above

Looks (Scale of 1-10): 8

Disclaimer: No i dont own anything that belongs to Mr. Tolkien himself...and all that jazz...no I dont own that saying either...what the hell do I own?

Chapter 1: Happy Birthday


Ellie rolled over to hit the object which was producing the annoying buzzing sound. When that failed she threw the offending clock at the wall where it smashed into one million little pieces. After that she smiled smugly and rolled over, only to hear her bedroom door burst open by her grandparents.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Ellie jumped from her bed and onto the floor in her state of shock. As she got up, she sighed, "Hello, is there a reason for all this comotion?"

"Of course silly, its your birthday!", her grandmother said all giddy and squeezed the life out of Ellie.

"Im sixteen already?...Wow time sure does go fast", Ellie ponderd on this thought. She was interupted when her grandad started to have his little episode again.

Well, in every story such as this, the girl has to have a heartbreaking story which has scared her for life and has left her to have difficult relationships with anyone because of the 'traumer' (all say 'awwww' jus like in a panto...or 'hes behind you!' which ever one works...anywhoo back to the story)

When Ellie was 10 (and for all the math whizes out there...that was 6 years ago) Ellie's parents where involved in a car crash (origional i know) on Ellie's birthday. They were on their way to McDonalds (dont laugh) where a car full of crazy teenagers who were joyriding and trying to outdrive the police smashed head on into Ellie's car. So long story short, Ellie wound up having to live with her grandparents. Her grandparents also known as Nana Wendy and Grandaddy Jerry. Her nana was serious about her knitting, for Christmas, she would always knit Ellie an over sized jumper which looked really good at the bottom of her walldrobe or in the dog basket. And her Grandaddy...well...where to start... he was fighting in World War Two and it left him sort of...err...crazy (must have been the traumer or something) and so whenever a plane flies over the house, he is thinks its a bomber plane from Germany...when really its just an EasyJet plane. Well...that didnt stop him from building a bomb shelter in the back garden now did it? So whenever a plane flew over the house he would make sure everyone was in the bomb shelter...even the German Shepherd Milo. That kind of sucks when you have friends over.

Anyway...back to the present day.

"Well, heres your birthday present of your parents dearly", her grandmother smiled as Ellie gave her a funny look which included a raised eyebrow.
"Okayyy...incase you havnt noticed...my parents arent here", Ellie said with some sort of confusion.
"No, no deary, they wanted to give you this for your 16th birthday", her grandmother smiled and gave her a little box. Ellie lifted the lid and inside was a silver necklace of a unicorn. She looked up at her grandmother and smiled. She put it on and went to get some breakfast.

When Ellie was finished getting dressed and having breakfast, she headed of to school. May I remind you, this story is set in England, so she will be wearing a crappy uniform cos in England...you have to wear uniform to school cos they want us to suffer! But the uniform is black...so thats ok. As she entered the school building she was all of a sudded confronted by two very familiar faces. Her two bestest best friends in the whole wide world, Penny and Justin. "Happy Birthday!", they said in unison. "Hey guys", Ellie said and gave them a big big big hug.

Now heres the complex part of their friendships. Penny likes Justin but Justin likes Ellie and Ellie likes David who likes Penny and who is Justin's arch ememy. Wow...confused because I am!

"Wow that necklace is so cute", Penny said as she pointed to it. "Who gave you it?"

"My parents were to give me it. They were going to give me it today", she smiled, but then looked down and sighed. Justin and Penny gave eachother the same look and they all walked to Math class.

Ellie was looking over at David all dreamly. What with his blonde hair blue eyes, athletic skills, charm, great sense of humour ect ect...Seriously what was there not to like about him! She was intereupted from her trance like state when she head ,"ELLIE ANSWER THE QUESTION!"
"I said what is 244x35 divded by 23 and what is the square root of that number!"

"Errrrr...", Ellie looked at the wrinkled 10000 year old math teacher as if she had grown a second head. Her teacher rolled her eyes and blabbed on about useless information that no one will ever need to use in their life.

Well, long story short of Ellies terrible day at school:
. She fell UP the stairs (infront of David)

. She got hit in the head with a ball (infront of David)

. She broke a nail (shock horror)

. She got yelled at by countless teachers

. She fell DOWN stairs (infront of David)

. She dropped her lunch tray (infront of David)

. It started to rain

. A bus spashed water all over her when walking home

So it was just a really bad day for poor Ellie (aww). She went straight into her room and ignored her Nana's conserned question of "Are you OK?". She slammed her door shut and threw herself onto her bed. She replayed all of the events that happend. "Why am I such a retard?", she shouted into the pillow so it sounded more like "mffff mhffff mf mffff?" She popped her head up when her door opened. She smiled to see it was Milo. She got up and went over to him for a cuddle. She looked at herslef in the mirror and giggled at herself. She did look a sight. Her hair was all messed up so it looked like a woodland creatures nest, her eyes were all mascara dribbled so she looked like she had pander eyes and her clothes were all wet. She smiled and walked over to her bench near the window. The stars were out and twinkling away. The moon was as round as a...pregnant woman (im no good at poetic stuff). Milo was sprawled on her lap and she was ruffleing his fur. She looked out the window to see a shooting star. She watched it as it traveled through the sky. Ellie sighed, "I wish I was somewhere far away from here. Where things are totaly different". She looked down at Milo and smiled as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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