Author's Note. This story is an older work, and not as good. In the least. So feel free to read it, but it has a lot of pitfalls that younger writers fall into. I later tried to patch some mistakes, but its not the best attempt. However, it IS complete so here you go

I touched the small protrusions on my forehead. They had started growing a little over a month ago and it was getting harder to hide them. The hat just couldn't cover it anymore.

I dragged out a bandana from my drawer and tied it low on my head. It might look a little stupid, but at least it hid them from view for a little longer. I could pretend to be normal for just a bit longer.

My mother smiled at me when I came down. She gave me a hug and handed me my lunch before she ushered me to the table to eat my breakfast. My stepfather was already there, hidden behind the newspaper as always.

I refused to look at the mutant bashing headlines that decorated the front pages and concentrated on eating the toast on my plate. Mom gave me another smile before she turned to regard David with that soft look in her eye. David, upon seeing it, gave her a grin in return.

:Time to go to school.: I heard Mom say though I did not see her lips move. :You can move the bandana up a bit, they'll still be hidden.: I nodded and pulled the cloth up a bit. 'That's better.'

"Have a good say at school sweetie." Mom said aloud, mainly for the benefit of David. I preferred hearing from her telepathically, where her voice was full of love. Not to say her normal voice wasn't, but I could feel it telepathically.

"Bye Mom."

"Hey, Kid, don't forget to ask your teach about them muties!" David called out just as I closed the door. I gritted my teeth and headed for school.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Only a few people cared to comment on the bandana and they were twits anyway.

The days slipped by, one by one, it the same routine. I went to school, went to class, ate all alone, helped out in the library, went to the last block of the day, then went home, where I did my homework. After that came my favourite part of the day. David would head out, to go bowling or play poker with his friends and Mom would slip off the bandana and tell me I need not hide from her. Then we would talk or watch a movie or something along those lines. She would just take the time to spend time with me, without me having to hide who I was. She was my family, and I would do anything to protect her, even if it meant dying.

Only… I wasn't able to protect her. I couldn't protect her the one time it she needed it most. I couldn't even protect myself.

PE. Of all things I hate, I hate PE the most. I had to be careful not to let the bandana slip off and at times it was difficult, if only because some people kept trying to pull it off at least once a class. On top of that, I just generally hated doing anything to do with sports. I didn't mind runs, or stuff like that, but I just didn't see the point to hockey.

I got the puck slapshot at me a few times and luckily only one actually hit me, so I considered myself lucky at the time. It wasn't until after I changed and was weaving through the halls that things got bad.

I had just reached my locker with I felt the familiar tug on my bandana, only this one time I wasn't fast enough to prevent it from being taken off.

"Thought you were better than us?' a familiar voice taunted me. I covered my forehead and turned.

"Give it back." I shouted. Her and her friend just smiled at me and tossed it between themselves.

"Aww… what's the matter Dyke? Got something to say?" she laughed, which triggered a series of giggles from the others.

"It must be pretty bad to need to be covered up so." Another of the girls said. She reached to pull at my arm, but I moved before she could touch me.

"Here, catch." She tossed a dictionary at my, which I caught with my free hand. It wasn't until I found myself the target of a much larger, much heavier textbook that I felt the flash of fear. I caught it inches from smashing into my nose. I tossed it back to her.

"Watch it, you could've broken my nose." I snapped. They just stared at me. There was shock in their expressions and I realized with horror that I had used both hands to catch the book.

"You're a… a… a…" One started.

"A mutant!" They started screaming at the same time. I had to cover my ears because they screamed so loud.

"Help! A mutant is attacking us! Help! Help!" they started to back away, clearly panicked past the point of rational thought. People started to pour out of the classrooms. Several held bats, one even held a taser.

"Holy shit, it's a fucking mutant!" one boy said. He got punched in the arm by another.

"She was attacking us! She started threatening to kill us! You heard her shouting!" the girls were huddling together, shaking with fear, never mind that it had been reversed.

"Stupid mutant freaks! You tried to hurt my girlfriend!" I mentally started swearing when I saw the biggest jock there start going red with rage. I backed against the locker.

"No, I didn't! I was just trying to get my band-" my breath whooshed out when I felt the baseball bat connect with my stomach. I couldn't breath and I collapsed. As though collapsing to the ground was some sort of attack, the person with the taser stepped forward and jabbed it full power into my arm. I couldn't contain my scream.

Inside, I wept for my mother. Whenever I needed help, I could always turn to her for it. I did so now, as I began to get pounded over and over again boots. I felt a soothing touch to my mind before everything went black. In the darkness, I swore I could feel someone ease the pain.

When I woke up, everything was in ruins. The walls were blackened, the roof partially caved in. Lockers were flung open and whatever had been in them was either scattered across the floor or gone. The school looked like it went through hell and emerged what was before my eyes.

I struggled to sit up. My head was pounding and my chest felt like it was about to collapse, but something else drove me to my feet. I gripped the wall as I struggled to get my legs to hold my weight. When I did, I started to run as fast as I can for home.

The familiar presence of my mother, the one that was always there, no matter what, even when we weren't actively communicating, was gone. I ran as fast as I could home, knowing that somehow, something was terribly wrong.

I ran up the walk to my front door, which in my haste, I didn't notice to be already open. I dove straight into the house, dreading what I would find.

David had returned home. He held my mother against the wall, one hand holding her up by her throat, the other beating on her. Her face was already littered with bruises.

"No!" I screamed at him, ramming into his side. It caused him to drop my mother and to hurtle across the room. He shook himself as he got up, rubbing the shoulder he landed on. He turned his gaze to me.

"I married into a fucking family of muties?" He snarled. "I just find out that good for nothing whore was a fucking mutie and now I find out that the lot of you are fucking muties? That is just god damned wrong, you should all just die!" He launched himself at me, swinging his fist. It connected with my upper face and I couldn't help the gasp of pain and fell to my knees. "Just like your mother, not worth the air you breathe." I suddenly felt hot, with the rage causing my blood to boil. I swung the back of my hand at him and he stumbled back a few paces. Twin blade-like spikes sprouted from my forearm as I regained my feet. Crossing my arms, I swung them instinctively outward, and I smashed into David's rising form. I began to pound on his face, letting out the rage that coursed through me. I didn't notice the room had gone up into an unnaturally red flame.

"Get offa me you freak!" he struggled to block my fists.

"You stupid bastard don't you ever touch my mother again! You asshole!" I continued to smash my fists into his face, tearing my knuckles until they left bloody marks on his face. His movements weakened and eventually stopped, his arms falling to his side.

I realized eventually that he stopped and moved away. I coughed when I inhaled smoke from the air. I staggered over to where my mother lay, unmoved from where she had slid down the wall. I knelt by her side, grab her cool hands. The red flames seemed to have left the area around her untouched. My mother weakly opened her eyes when she felt my touch. She attempted to give me a reassuring smile, but it turned into a grimace of pain.

"Mom…" I whispered. She reached to tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"My baby…" her voice was hoarse and faint. She held her hand on my cheek and I gripped it, pressing it more firmly on my cheek. "My precious baby." She coughed and I saw small specks of red on her lips. "You have to be strong now." She tried to smile again. "You're special… very special. It's… going to be hard… just for you to… live. So you need to be strong Alex, you need to be strong to survive."

"Mom." I said with my voice breaking. Tears slipped from my eyes.

"Be… strong… Alex. I… love… you…" Her mother's eyes closed and her hand went became heavy. Her whole body just went limp all at once.

"Mom! No Mom!" I screamed, pulling her body to me. I cried, rocking back and forth. I let out a sob. The flames roared higher, turning to the natural orange of regular flames. The heat forced me to get painfully to my feet. I released my mother.

"Goodbye…" I whispered to her before I ran out the back door into the wilderness of the undeveloped land. I looked back only once at the house that had once been my home, but now was my mother's grave. I felt another tear slide down my face, but when I heard the first siren, I forced myself to turn away and limp off into the woods.

Only hours later, when I collapsed to my knees, did I make a sound. The forest went silent from a moment after my anguished cry. Everything was taken from me. My world had been destroyed in a few moments.