Title: Overbearing Part 2/2

Author: Dragonland

Email: PG-13, for a half-naked Carter

Summary: They've come up with a solution to cure Carter and now they're about to try it!

Classifications: Second half of the challenge!

Spoilers: Season 3

Archive: SJD, heliopolis, SJFIC

Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me and either does the show, which is okay because I couldn't afford it anyway. But I get to play with them for free.

Part 2

He went back into her room in a weird funk. He knew what the guys were talking about. There wasn't anything he could do about it. He was a Colonel in the USAF. Commanding officer of the star team SG-1. And he was in love with his second command. Not exactly the position he wanted to be in. He grumbled some sarcastic comments to himself until he looked up to see Major Carter smiling at him. Not one of those fake ones, or the ones that normally sat on her face. This was one of her special smiles. He stopped his mumbling and smiled back.

"Once Frasier pokes you with some needles and gives you a look-over, we can leave," he said,

"Where to, Sir?"


She smiled brightly. "An enforced fishing trip?"

He scuffed his feet on the floor and looked down in embarrassment. "Aw, shucks Carter. If that's the way you feel, we can just stay here."

"No! It's fine. It'll be great," she said trying to reassure him.

"Are you sure? I guess I should've asked you what you wanted to do. Just like me to plan without asking. Sorry," he said blushing.

"We'll be secluded," she replied.

"Town is only ten miles away."

"Fresh air."

"Land of sky blue waters."

"Colonel, Major?" Doctor Frasier said as she walked in.

"I'll be outside. Thanks, Doc," he said.

He shut the door behind him and waited out in the hall. Reflecting to the past few hours, he had to chuckle. It was just a normal day at the office. Getting infected by alien influences and going crazy, spending the week with your CO to rid yourself of a telepathic influence only your CO can counter. Nope, nothing out of the ordinary. In spite of himself, he started humming a tune.

"Colonel, I'm done. She seems to be just fine. Just make sure you stay away from large groups of people. It may activate her symptoms again."

"Will do. Thanks for the clean bill of health."

She smiled and he watched her leave the corridor. He went inside the isolation room to give her the good news.

"Carter, doc gave us the thumbs up. We can get outta here as soon as we check in with Hammond. Ready to get out of those restraints?"

"Can I stop by my lab before we leave?"

"What do you need? I can send Teal'c to get whatever you want."

"It's nothing. I'd just like to go there before we leave."

"Okay. We'll take a short detour before we talk to Hammond."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Don't mention it. Relax your arms so I can take these things off."

He took the first wrist restraint off, and she sighed with relief. She rubbed her wrist with her free hand. When they all came off, she moved to the edge of the bed.

"We'll stop by your house and you can pack whatever you need. Then we'll go to my house before we hit the road," he said.

She nodded and stood up. Her balance was a little off, but she gained her poise back almost immediately. Smiling briefly, she walked out of the room with her head held high behind the Colonel. In a few minutes, they would be out of there enjoying freedom that was rare to them.

Hammond gave them both a quick look-over and pushed them out the door. 'Whatever it takes,' he thought to himself.

"Uh, Sir? What exactly should I pack?" she asked as they walked toward his truck.

"Whatever's comfortable. Sweaters and Jeans work just fine in those parts," he replied.

He walked to her side of the door and opened it.

"You don't have to do that, Sir," she said blushing.

"Nonsense. I was taught to respect women at a young age. Chivalry isn't dead. Besides, when was the last time someone opened a door for you?"

"When my dad took the four of us out to eat a few months back."

He glanced over at her face. Her demeanor changed slightly at the mention of her father. She would be eternally grateful for him accepting the Tok'ra Selmak. She just wished that it wasn't so long between each time he saw her.

"Hey. He's fine. Probably fighting off some evil bad guy with those cool weapons the Tok'ra have."

"You're probably right, Sir."

"Trust me on this one, Carter."

She glanced over at him and nodded silently. They drove to her home in comfortable silence. He left her to her thoughts, realizing that it must be wonderful to just have hers. He had thoughts of his own. 'How would she like the cabin? Was this the right thing to do?' He had to admit that it was planned spur of the moment. But he was better at things like that and they generally worked out for the best.

Her house was in perfect order. She invited him to sit down while she packed as quickly as she could. Jack picked up a "Popular Science" magazine to fill the time. Grabbing the closest duffel bag to her, she tossed on her bed and rummaged through her closet. 'What am I supposed to pack?' she thought. She pulled out a red pair of panties and giggled to herself. 'These are more for me than anyone else. It's been ages since someone has seen them,' she said to herself. She tossed them near the bag and continued to dig. It was pathetic how most of her wardrobe consisted of black t-shirts and jeans. She had a few cable sweaters and she tossed them into the pile also. The packing only took her twenty minutes. He wasn't surprised that it was so short, considering that military brats can pack quicker than anyone else.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Is there anything else you want me to bring?" she asked.

He thought for a minute and smiled. "Nothin'."

They threw her two bags into the cab of the truck and drove to his house. Like Sam, he wasted no time packing his bags. He knew how cold it was this time of year, so he threw in a couple of his flannel sweaters and fleece pullovers for Carter. She sat in his living room drinking a diet coke flipping through an old edition of "National Geographic" magazine.

"I'm just about done here. Here's the keys, go ahead and get into the truck," he said throwing her the keys.

She took the keys and went outside. Jack did walk through his house to make sure everything would be okay for a week-long trip. He slung the two bags over his shoulders and locked the door. Sam had left the back door open for him to throw the bags in the back.

"Sir, are we driving to Minnesota?" she asked.

He smiled ruefully. "Nope. Hammond arranged a flight for us. Must be nice to have the power to do those sorts of things."

"Yes Sir," she replied.

When they landed, she noticed the change in weather immediately. It was much colder and windy. She was wearing a thin cardigan sweater that was for looks rather than warmth. She shivered involuntary. Jack saw her shivering and immediately shed his leather coat. He wrapped it around her shoulders without a word.

"Sir, that's not nessi-," she began to say.

"Ah! Don't worry about it. I should've warned you. We've been lucky to have such good weather back home. It's cold here."

"Really, Sir. I'll be okay," she said beginning to take it off.

"Come on, Carter. I know you're tough. But it's cold outside. When we get settled at home, you can give it back."

She smiled faintly and put it back on. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Let's get our luggage and get out of here."

They gathered up their luggage and piled it up in the rental car waiting for them. She was surprised to find a black 1999 Honda Civic EX as their proverbial 'get away' car. Surprised, but not disappointed. She'd read about the power their engines had and fuel efficiency compared other similar cars. Besides the practical side of it, it was sleek, fast and hot. She smiled and looked him reprovingly. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled back.

"It makes me feel like I'm 18 again. It's fast. What can I say?" he said in his weak defense.

"Not exactly a car to drive in the mountains."

"No. But there's gravel roads leading up to the house. I'm not going four by fouring anyway. It's not like I'd do that in my truck anyway."

"I've read about this car. Maybe you'll let me drive it later to test it out."

"Hey! No science during our vacation."

"Who said it was for science?" she said saucily.

He grinned briefly and sped off. As they were driving there, her head moved around observing the beauty around her. She was overwhelmed with the nature that surrounded the area. Colorado Springs was arid and relatively treeless. Minnesota was many shades of greens and blues. It left her breathless. He shut off the car and stretched slowly.

"We're here. I didn't pack food. I thought that I'd leave you to your own devices here while I stopped by town to get us some," he said.

"Would you mind if I went with you? I'd really like to see the town."

"There isn't much to see. The local store, tavern, post office and barber shop."

"Sounds cute."

"Cute, Carter? I never thought I'd hear you say that."

"Well, I couldn't think of another adjective. Sorry."

"I don't mind at all if you come with. Be warned though, my old family friends may think you're my sweetheart. We'll spend half the day explaining to them otherwise."

"Or we could just humor them," she said smiling.

He looked at her like she was crazy. "Carter?"

"What? It's not like I'll ever talk to these people again. We don't need to waste precious time we have here."

"You don't know what you've gotten yourself into."

"I'm tough, remember?"

They unpacked the car rather unceremoniously into the house. She waited in the car for him to come out. She took off his jacket and put it on the back seat. The town was as simple as he described it. The buildings and houses were pleasantly quaint. The supermarket was filled with small varieties of overpriced food. It was like shopping in a small beach community. The door even had a bell on it to alert the cashier that someone had come in.

"Jack! How you been?" the casher asked cheerily.

"Mr. Marshall, it's good to see you," he replied.

"Please, call me Norman. I told you to that the last time you were here! Now, how long ago was that?"

"You know I'm busy being a soldier, Norman."

"Yeah, 'Deep-space Telemetry, right?"


"Who's this pretty lady, Jack? How'd you get her to come out here?"

She smiled, but stayed silent.

"You don't wanna know," he said.

"I must've lost my manners. Sorry about that. My name is Norman Marshall. I've been here since time began. I've know Jack since he's been knee-high to a grasshopper. I was friends with his grandparents."

"Samantha Carter, USAF."

"So where did you meet Jack?"

She looked to him for assistance in an answer, but his facial expression gave none.

"I met him at work."

"You're into that stuff too? From what Jack says, nothin' but paperwork."

"Far from it, Sir."

Jack glared at her. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Norman caught their non-verbal conversation and chuckled.

"Please, call me Norman. Ever since Jack joined the Air Force, it's taken me years to break him from the habit of calling me Sir."

"I know the feeling," she said with a smile.

"Well, let me know if you need help with anything. It was mighty nice meeting you, Samantha. Keep him in line, and if he gives you any gruff, you just let me know."

She smiled and let Jack lead her through the store.

"What do you want to eat? You like meat, right?" he asked.

"Yes, Si-, Jack. I do."

He threw normal household foods in the basket. Bread, butter, milk, cereal and stuff like that. She soon lost interest and wandered off to another section of the store. Towards the front of the store was a small display of trinkets that people collect during travel. Normally she wouldn't even give it a second glance. But she was on vacation. She browsed the collection of miscellaneous 'collectable' stuff, but decided to not buy anything.

"You abandoned me, Carter!" he said from behind her.

"I got bored," she replied.

"No big deal. Ready to go?"

"Yes, Si-. Damn it," she cursed silently.

"I prefer Sir to Damn it," he joked.

"I'm ready to go now," she said fighting off a blush.

It was just about to get dark when they got back to the cabin. They both carried bags of food into his small kitchen. His cabin was simple looking with modern amenities. It looked like something from a "Country Living" magazine down to the checkered tablecloth.

"So, uh, your room is right down that hall. I'll give you the grand tour when we finish putting the food away."

"You bought enough food for us to live up here for a few weeks."

"I like to be prepared. Sometimes snowstorms can come out of nowhere. Today was really sunny and nice. Tomorrow it could be a blizzard."

"Sounds promising."

"I'll get us back in a week, even if we have to walk."

They finished putting the food away. She picked up her bag and followed him to the extra room that she would be sleeping in.

"The sheets are in the linen closet. I'll get them for you after I put my bags in my room."

He tossed them into his room and found her already digging through the closet. She found a green sheet set and took it to her room. Wasting no time, she had the bed made and ready in ten minutes. The room had simple furniture. A bed, nightstand with a lamp and a dresser. The walls were yellow, not obscene enough to give her a headache, but cheery. He found her unpacking her things into the dresser.

"You can do that later. Ready for the tour?" he asked.

"Alright," she replied.

"This is my bedroom," he said, pointing directly across from hers. "The bathroom is right next to it. And we're walking. This is the kitchen. The dining room is just around the corner. And last but not least, this is the living/family room. That's it. Any questions?"

"I think it's pretty self explanatory. So tomorrow I get the tour of the outside?"

"Yep. I should've picked something up for dinner."

"I'm not to worried. We can have some sandwiches."


"Peanut butter and Jelly? Grilled cheese? You know, Sandwiches?"

"Yes, Carter."

He went into the kitchen and made them both sandwiches. Dinner was short but sweet. They exchanged small talk and enjoyed each others company. When he glanced at his watch, he sighed contently.

"It's about time to look at the stars. We'll take care of this later."

He stood up and went to the closet to get a jacket and pulled one out for her also. She stood up and took the coat offered to her. It wasn't the first time she'd been stargazing. In fact, it was something she liked to do. When they got outside, a cool breeze washed over them.

"Brr!" he said pulling his coat closed. "The chairs are in the shed. Do you want one?"

"No, I'm okay. Can't we lay on the dock?" she asked.

"I'm fine with that if you are."

He led the way and she followed behind him. They laid on the dock in peaceful silence. It had been a long time since she was able to see the stars so clearly. It was breathtaking. She laid as still as possible, listening to the sounds around her. The water splashed softly against the wood.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he mumbled softly.

"I love it."

"I knew you would."

"Is that why?" she asked tentatively.


"Nothing. I'm getting cold. As much as I enjoy this, I know there is a comfortable bed in there waiting for me."

"No, uh, that's fine. We have all week. I'm like a little kid. I want to do everything the first day."

She smiled and followed him into the house. She was glad to get back into the house, but not for the reasons Jack thought. She changed her clothes and took care of her nightly rituals.

"Good night, Carter. Sleep well. Tomorrow we'll begin our adventures."

"Good night, Jack," she replied back.

He was a little taken aback by the use of his name, but brushed it off. His bed was calling him too. The day had been nothing less than an average day in the life. He shook his head and climbed blindly into bed. There was a magazine on his nightstand and he flipped through it mindlessly.

Sam sat on the edge of her bed, too scared to act or think. She sat naked beside the red pair of panties she wore. Her body was filled with the indescribable urge to have hot cabin sex with Jack. The rational part of her brain kept her glued to the bed. She shook those thoughts out of her head and stood up. Opening the door, she stepped out and knocked softly at his door. She realized in hindsight that it was an absurd thing to do.

"Carter?" he asked.

She opened the door and put her hands to her sides. The expression on his face was indescribable. She didn't know if it was shock, or amusement. Hell, she'd been full of surprises recently.

"Carter?" his voice rasped.

She put her finger to her lips to hush him. Swaying her hips, she went up to his side of the bed and stared blankly into his eyes. He stayed motionless. She kneeled beside his bed and took one of his hands in hers and stroked it suggestively. His mind reeled with a million thoughts. 'What is she doing naked in my bedroom? I guess she's at least wearing those red panties…' he said letting his thoughts wander. This little scene would be stored in the Jack O'Neill memory vault to be used at another time. He mentally shook his head and returned back to Colonel O'Neill, rather than sex-deprived Jack.

"What are you doing?" he said in disappointment.

Her stomach dropped and she felt beaten. He didn't want her. How could she be so stupid? What was she doing, walking half naked into her commanding officer's room? She stood up and whispered an apology.

"I- I'm sorry. I-," she said turning to leave.

"Halt!" he commanded.

She stopped in her tracks, but didn't face him. She heard him get out of bed and her stomach clenched. A blanket was wrapped around her shoulders. He led her to his bed and tucked her in. She was on the brink of tears. A waterfall of emotions flowed through her. Anger, embarrassment, lust, and sadness just to name a few. He climbed back into bed and turned to face her.

"Carter? Look at me," he said soothingly.

"I can't," she whispered. "I'm sure I'll never be able to look you in the eye again."

"C'mere," he said.

He pulled her close to his chest and held her gently. She buried his head into his breastbone and cried silent tears.

"What brought that on?" he asked tenderly.

"I misread you. I'm really good at doing that," she said sarcastically.

"What makes you say that?" he asked.

She looked up immediately into his eyes for the sarcasm she was so accustomed to. There wasn't any.

"Just because I didn't jump on you doesn't mean that I don't feel anything towards you. Sam. I'm not ready. I'm not okay with myself right now. I'm not ready to give up the Stargate. We can't have both. We've just started gate travel a few years ago. Trust me when I tell you we should wait."

"How long?" she whispered.

"I don't know."

"Are you going to report me?"

"Alien virus. It makes us do crazy things."

"Can I stay with you the rest of the night?"




"I'm not sorry that I've fallen in love with you."

"Me either."


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