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Hiya guys! OK, this is my first time writing Fushigi Yugi fanfiction, and it's also my first time writing a Yuri. It's based of the manga, (ain't seen the TV series TT). Set during vol five, Miaka realises just how much Yui really means to her. Sorry to all Tama-Home fans, I do think him and Miaka are a really cute couple, I just wanted to experiment. Anyway, enough babbling, here's the story!

You sit across from me, sip your wine and laugh as I devour the meal. You laugh...I've wanted to hear you laugh for so long! Does this mean you forgive me? Yui...can you possibly have forgiven me? Please, say you have. Say you'll stand beside me and fight with me again. I want us to fight together, Yui, please say you see that and that you feel the same way.

Your wine splashes in my face. Your eyes...they're so hard, and your beautiful voice is steely. Harsh words spill from your mouth. They sound so wrong in your soft voice.

Yui, can't you understand? I came back for you! I came back to save you, just like you saved me! If I'd known what those bastards had done to you, had driven you to do, I'd have had them killed! I'd have killed them, Yui, because they...hurt...you!

Yui, I don't care what's between us, I just want you by my side again. I want you to understand how much you've helped me. Please Yui, please just say you'll listen! Please, just give me a chance to explain! Yui, I'm begging you, just let me say I'm sorry!

Do you want Tama-Home to come between us? Because I don't! I care for him, I'll always care for him, just like I care for all the people I've become friends with! But, you and I have been friends for so much longer! Since nursery school! Yui, do you want that to disappear because of Tama-Home? I don't! You mean so much more to me then that!

Tama-Home breaks my arm, but I can see it in your eyes. You didn't want that to happen. Yet, you still allow your guards to drag me away. And though it's Tama-Home's name I'm screaming, my mind and heart are crying for you! You stand there and watch. You just...stand there and...let this happen. Yui, worlds could come between us, and I'd still care for you! I don't care which side you're on!

Because Yui, though you may be my enemy now, I'll always love you! Always!

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