Partridge in a Pear Tree:

Chapter 1- What a Curious Plant

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The room was silent save for the steady tick of a bedside clock. Lying on a circular bed in the center of the room was a slender form, situated in what might be perceived as an awkward position. Her chest rose and fell with the deeply comforted breaths of sleep, and her eyelids fluttered briefly as the first shafts of sunlight slithered through her drawn blinds and kissed her face.

Moments later, her eyes flew open fully to reveal bright emerald eyes. "Good Morning Jump City!" she chirped happily as she drew herself into sitting position. She grinned cutely. Gazing around her, she spied her wall calendar hanging across the room. Sliding from her bed, already dressed fully in her uniform, Starfire fluttered over to the calendar. "December twenty-three of the terran year two-thousand and five… Good morning!" she giggled at her own silliness and swooped over to her vanity mirror to straighten out her tumbling auburn locks.

She ran a brush methodically through the silky tresses, fully dedicated to the task. She hummed a soft alien tune as she brushed, grinning happily. Another lovely day on earth… and so much new to learn!

It was in high spirits that the alien girl threw open her blinds and stared pleasantly out over the bay. She blinked her wide jade eyes and ballerina-twirled in the air once before floating leisurely out of her door. Star heard her door hiss shut as she flew down the hallway and headed towards the main room of Titan's Tower.

As she exited the elevator and stepped out onto the main level of the tower, she found herself surprised to perceive pleasant music drifting to her ears. Tilting her head curiously to the side, she meandered further into the room to see three of the other Titans already up and about. This was, to say the least, highly unusual to find. Considering the time, she hadn't expected the others to wake for another few hours.

Furthermore, it appeared that whatever activity that was transpiring at the moment was somewhat tedious… considering that Beast Boy was perched atop Cyborg's shoulders in the form of a monkey and was nimbly fiddling with some random decoration. Raven was over-seeing from a safe distance and had several festive wreaths hanging on her arms.

"Friends, what rouses you from slumber so early in the morning this day?" she chirped brightly, inquisitive and jubilant as usual.

"DWAH!" Beast Boy squealed as he tumbled roughly from Cyborg's shoulders, resuming human form with a start. Starfire gasped, horrified with herself for shocking him in such a manner, and rushed to catch the flailing, green, changeling.

"Beast Boy! I apologize most sincerely for my transgressions!" she amended hastily, helping to right him on his feet. Raven had brought a porcelain-skinned hand daintily up to cover her mouth and seemed to be repressing a chuckle. It was strange, but the recent days seemed to have found her in higher spirits than usual. Beast Boy raked a hand through his short, vibrantly green hair.

"Er… no problem, Star. Just kinda jumpy right now… with our covert operation en route and all..." he replied, simpering slightly. Cyborg looked highly amused, and the short shape-shifter scowled.

"Why are you… the jumpy…?" she asked carefully, narrowing her eyes in suspicion. Perhaps she was still naïve, but she certainly knew that Beast Boy had an aptitude for pulling practical jokes and this 'operation' could quite possibly involve large, sticky messes and other unattractive substances.

"'Cuz we can't let Robin see what's goin' down yet," Cyborg supplied. Starfire looked over at Raven, hoping to have the statement elaborated upon for her. Raven took her cue.

"It's nearly Christmas, and as usual… Mr. Boy Wonder is pulling his grinch act and didn't want us to put up decorations. Even I appose neglecting such a holiday as Christmas. That is the only reason I'm following along with this absurd little… operation that yours truly came up with," she droned, motioning to Beast Boy. Starfire nodded slowly.

"This Christmas… is a terran holiday of much festivity… yes?" she said, scrunching up her face in a manner that was, admittedly, quite adorable. Raven nodded absently. "I see. I believe I have obtained informative facts on this day of winter celebration from one of my documentaries. I would love to participate in such merriment!" she proclaimed finally, clasping her hands together in earnest. Raven rolled her stormy indigo optics.

"Figures," she hummed. However, the sarcasm lacked its usual bite and Starfire decided that this holiday must be something profoundly special if it had managed to placate the empath's demeanor even a slight degree.

"But… do tell me… why does Robin feel so adversely to such a glorious time of celebration as this?" she mused. Cyborg shrugged.

"Maybe, nobody took the bird-a-rang out of his butt…" the half-robot suggested, grinning impishly. Both titan femmes gave him a dirty look in response, the humor unappreciated. Cyborg sweat-dropped and went back to recovering the item which Beast Boy had previously dropped in his tumble.

"Heh, that might be true… but Rob's just… not your Christmas-cheery kind of guy. I don't think he does the whole holiday spirit thing. I think he sees Christmas as a distraction from work, and, well… you know how he gets when things… interrupt him and his… stuff…" Beast Boy slurred. Starfire sighed, shaking her head slightly. It was quite a shame. She had hoped Robin would be enthusiastic about such a wonderful time of year and, possibly, be disposed to answering her many questions about the new terran tradition.

"Oh. Well… that is most sorrowful. Perhaps we may find him in a better mood once you have placed the decorations up and he is immersed in the euphoria of festivities and joyfulness?" she offered. The other three shared slightly bemused glances. True enough, Robin would not force them to take down the decorations once they were up, but he never endorsed all of the 'gayness and cheer.'

For a few moments, there was silence between the titans and only the undisturbed flow of Christmas music marred the quiet. "…um… maybe…" Raven said at last. Starfire chuckled. She would help decorate none the less.

Raven and Starfire went outside to hang the wreaths while Beast Boy and Cyborg returned to their earlier task. By the time the two boys were done, the girls had gotten the Christmas tree up as well.

Starfire came in to examine the work that the guys had so carefully carried out. A small cutting of some terran plant hung from the open doorway into the kitchen. It was tied with pretty, red ribbon. She smiled, finding the little thing attractive. "What is this curious little plant?" she inquired. Cyborg and Beast Boy came to stand beside her and all three looked up at the boys' handiwork.

"Mistletoe," said Cyborg.

"It means that you have to kiss whoever ends up under it with you," said Beast Boy.

There was a long, somewhat awkward pause as the three realized that they themselves were positioned beneath the mistletoe together. Raven snorted from her place a few feet away. "Have fun, guys," she drawled. Beast Boy and Cyborg shared mildly distressed glances… should their leader find out about this, it would be them with bird-a-rangs up their butts. Robin tended to be… protective of the alien girl and… nobody cared to mess with that.

Starfire shrugged and smiled cutely at the boys, blushing. "Well, I suppose I must adhere to tradition," she peeped. Cyborg and Beast Boy sweat-dropped in unison. The Tamaranian princess leaned over and pecked Beast Boy on the forehead first. He went cross-eyed in an attempt to see, and she laughed. Then, she stood on her tip-toes and gave Cyborg a kiss on the cheek. And that was that. No real harm done. The two males exhaled quiet sighs of relief. Starfire was their friend but… well… Starfire was Robin's best friend.

And it would have been fine.

And no limbs would have been amputated… hadn't Raven cleared her throat. The three beneath the mistletoe looked over.

Robin… looked back.

And he wasn't happy. "Beast Boy… Cyborg… what… do you think you're doing?" he asked carefully, with a forced calmness that was probably worse than hearing him yell. His eye-mask was narrowed. Both boys gulped. Robin paced over and glared at them through his mask. They backed away into the kitchen. Robin folded his arms across his chest. "Well?" he prompted.

"It was her! She kissed us, not the other way around!" Beast Boy protested.

"You both took advantage of her!" he hissed back, scowling. The Grinch Wonder of Titan's Tower had arrived!

"Nuh-uh!" Cyborg retorted, putting his hands up defensively. Robin seethed. Raven shuffled her feet and looked at the floor. Wonderful Christmas spirit he was in now…

Starfire, on the other hand, was regarding Robin carefully. She tilted her head to the side and tapped a finger to her chin. She pursed her lips, considering the situation that was now at hand. She glanced upwards at the mistletoe above her, and back at the irritable Robin.

"Don't argue with me," Robin grunted. His frown deepened. Star tapped him lightly on the shoulder. "What is it, Starfire?" he muttered. She clasped her hands together at her waist and smiled sympathetically.

"I am sorry. I have put you into a foul mood… or a… a… bigger foul mood, and it truly was my fault…" she pouted slightly, as if depressed by the idea of making him upset. "But… I was simply complying with terran tradition, was I not?" she asked. Robin nodded warily. What was her point? It wasn't like she was supposed to just go around kissing anyone that walked under the mistletoe with her. At least, not by Robin's rules. Besides, that kind of contact between Titan team-members was uncalled for. "See? They are not in fault, and if I am correct… I must complete the tradition again…" she pointed above herself and him. Robin blinked and looked back at her. She laughed softly, and then leaned in and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Admittedly, it wasn't bad… but he felt heat rising to his face, and screwed his face into a displeased grimace. She pulled away and blushed prettily, before stepping out from beneath the mistletoe.

Raven examined the mistletoe from afar with a critical eye once again before reaching the conclusion that she supposed the rest ought to be informed of. "Just so you know… that's holly, not mistletoe. This… is the mistletoe." She droned as she produced the item in question in the palm of one of her hands.

There was silence and Robin frowned even more… which was really quite an accomplishment considering his already-grumpy facial expression.

The four titans exchanged glances. "…Oh." Starfire said at last. She bit her lip. And then she smiled wide and kissed Robin on the cheek again.

"Starfire, GAH! Stop it!" he hissed. She laughed and threw her arms around him in a hearty hug. He wheezed for breath as she spoke.

"Christmas is coming!" she declared in a sing-song voice, and Beast Boy and Cyborg gave one another a high-five. Raven stared on, stoic as always. When Starfire finally released the oxygen-deprived leader of the Titans, the half-demon smirked slightly to herself.

"How much would you like to bet that I know what Robin would like for Christmas?" she hummed to herself.

And so, though a little late, Christmas began to come into Titan's Tower… whether Robin approved or not.

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