The blade breakers attempt detective work.

By sakura sama 101.

This is basically a collection of stories that I wrote. Some of them I handed in but my language arts teacher is one hard nut to crack.

Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade.

"Who are you, ouh ouh ouh I really wanna know-" the radio goes.

"Turn that crap off!" Kai hollers.

"Fine!" Jordan yelled back as she turned off the radio. The phone rings. Ray puts it on speaker.

"Hello, Detective office Ray speaking!" Ray answered. The commotion between Kai and Jordan stopped.

"HELP! SOME GIANT MONSTER IS EATING MY…what was it called again? Oh yeah SOMETHING IS EATING MY STORE! AHHH IT'S EATING ME ALIVE! NO NOT THERE AAAAHHHH!" there was a growl then the phone hung up

"Where's Tyson?" Max asks. Everyone shrugged except for Jordan.

"Inspector gadget ouh ouh!" she sung. Kenny pulled off her head phones.

"Give it a rest!" Kai says obviously frustrated with his crazy colleague.

"Fine. Are we going to the place of the crime scene?" Jordan asked.

"Yes lets go!" Ray said. They hop into the blade mobile. A theme song suddenly came on, it sounded like the Batman song. Adam West came up.

"hey that's my song!" he yelled and then disappeared. The theme stopped. They got to the store. A harassed cashier ran up to them.

"What happened here mam?" Kenny asks.

"Something ate everything in the store." The cashier explains.

"What did it look like?" Ray asks.

"It was big and hairy. It looked human, you know how the hulk transforms? Like that. Some of its cloths are over there." The cashier shows them.

"Sounds like someone I know…" Kai thinks out loud.

"Don't start." Jordan growled and looked at the cloths. One is a red and white jacket and the other is a mustard yellow t-shirt. "Oh God it can't be."

"What did I tell you! It's-" Kai began.

"We won't know for sure until we scan those clothes." Max cuts in. they quickly left and began scanning the clothes.

"I'm afraid to tell you this but the culprit was-" Dizzi began.

"Hey, what'd I miss?" Tyson asked as he came through the door.

"Tyson!" Kai finishes. "Trademark jacket and shirt, scary appearance, monster appetite-"

"Yes it was Tyson. I looked in his file and overlooked that he was a schizophrenic." Dizzi explains.

"Huh what are you talking about? I remember getting groceries for grandpa so that he wouldn't torture me by making me listen to his rap then my mind going blank." Tyson explains.

"You destroyed the grocery store. I think I have an idea which will prevent this from ever happening again." Ray said as he slipped an amulet with a hamburger over Tyson's head. "I have a theory that when Tyson's hunger kicks in he transforms into a monster. This should keep that part at bay."

"Will I go to jail?" Tyson asks.

"I don't think so since you have a mental illness…Kai don't say it. (Kai's mouth was open. He shut it.) but I think you should apologise to the store." Kenny says.

"Ok…" Tyson answered glad that he wasn't going behind bars but worried about going into an asylum. They go to the store. The same cashier walks up to them.

"Did you find out who it was?" she asked.

"Yeah in an amazing turn of events it was our colleague Tyson. It was unintentional but we are going to fine him a $900 dollar fine." Max explains. Tyson opened his mouth to protest but remembered there could be worse.

"Sorry about trashing your store. I have problems and my fine is going to fund your store." He said instead.

"Yeah we know you have problems." Kai murmurs under his breath.

"Apology accepted." The cashier said.

"We better go. More cases to solve." Ray says. Then our heroes walked off into the sunset.

"hey! Its 11 in the morning! How the hell do you do that!" Jordan hollers. Never mind. They go off back to the lab.