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Deceiving Appearances

Her fingers ran over the fine, polished, dark cherry-wood. A sigh breathed slowly from her as she gracefully and quietly sat down on the cold stool. Her fingers clasped the round handles on either side of the wood in front of her, and she pulled slowly upward and in, as the ivory and onyx gleamed brightly against the darkness of night.

Touching the keys slowly, her fingers twitched to play the melodies that flowed easily into her head. Closing her eyes, she gave into the sweet temptation, as she lost herself in the music resonating in her ears.

It was her escape.

It calmed her every time. It was an addiction…but mostly, it was to keep herself from being alone to her thoughts. The thoughts that would chase her, torment her, never leaving her alone. Therefore, she played. Played until she tired herself out, or at least until she fell asleep.

After Cedric…her eyes burned with remembrance. No one could understand. Her own friends tried to help, of course, but they just didn't know. They didn't know what it felt like to lose someone like that. She tried to get over it, she tried to go with Harry Potter, but that didn't work out so well. She still regretted her behavior that day. It was quite childish to run off like that, and it really wasn't Harry's fault.

Ever since that day, Harry had lost the spark in his emerald depths towards her. In a sad sort of way, she was happy about that. She knew she didn't feel for him the way he would've wanted, and he deserved someone else…someone better than her. He deserved someone that would love him unconditionally, someone who would treat him well.

But determined, Cho had changed, just like Harry. No longer did she cry like she did; she willed herself to be strong. She, however, wasn't about to try at love anymore. At least, not until she had a steady job, and maybe a steady heart. There was always a risk in the 'game of love', but after she had placed her bets, she had lost a person she who was important to her.

Then fate had played around with her again, and she tried again with someone else…but this time, they hurtfully grew apart. She forbid herself to remember the memories that would haunt her at night, the "what-if" questions that swarmed in her mind. Every now and then, she would wonder how he was doing, if things were going well and maybe if he ever thought or cared about her.

Now, at 20, she was about to go out on her own. Her parents consented, half-heartedly, but she convinced them to let her move out. She wasn't quite sure where she was going, (she obviously didn't tell her parents this) but she planned to take things as they came. She thought that maybe she would try to study to become a medi-witch after obtaining that temporary job.

She played until dawn, and woke leaning over the piano. She winced from the uncomfortable position and stretched, eyeing her alarm clock warily. In 30 minutes, she needed to be at an interview for her new job. Raven strands fell into her creamy complexion, and she breathed softly, closing her eyes in tired response.

Cho made her way to the bathroom, flicking the light in the neat, clean, pastel-blue bathroom. She reached for the faucet handles, turning them quickly, then splashed the cold water on her face. She dried her face off, then reached for the toothbrush and toothpaste, quickly brushing her teeth. In no time, she fixed her hair, left it down, and wore a brown, hooded V-neck, acrylic sweater with a soft and shin-length skirt. The skirt was layered and thin, which made it very comfortable, and was a gentle white to complement the dark brown hues.

Her jewelry consisted of darker green, emerald stones. She slipped on brown clogs to match, and applied a bit of foundation to her face, and some clear lip-gloss. Cho grabbed her résumé, and blinked one last time in the mirror, certain she looked between casual and professional, and she apparated.

She decided since she had been going from job to job, she might as well get a temporary job until she figured out what she really wanted to do for a living. Therefore, the only job open so far was one at a bar. They were in need of a bartender, and frankly, Cho was very quick to learn the difference of certain substances and mixes.

Besides, just in case any of the customers got a little too close for comfort, or she didn't have her wand, Cho had already learned muggle self-defense when she took a trip to the muggle world to China. She picked up various martial arts and their contrasting differences, and felt quite prepared.

Here she was. The building was pretty sizable, it wasn't too big, but it definitely wasn't small either. Walking in, Cho noticed the place wasn't too shabby, it was classier than most bars she'd seen. The high bar stools were polished, the marble tables and counters were clean. The cabinets behind the counter held many different colored bottles with names she'd never heard of. Her dark chocolate eyes scanned the room until they rested on an onyx grand piano that stood in the corner. Before her eyes could linger, a young secretary looking person cleared her throat, motioning her to come.

Cho did so, and followed the secretary into a rather large room with a wall that was a window itself. She met the back of a large chair, where she waited for the person behind it to spin around. Cho rolled her eyes at this, her mind starting to wander on different subjects. The desk was piled with paperwork, but the desk was kept in a somewhat orderly fashion. The room was vast, but there wasn't much in it. Cho was about to glance at a triangular bar that had an etched name, which, she assumed, would be the owner.

Before she could, the person in the chair spun around. She met silver eyes that had a light, faint, blue hue. She knew those eyes, from the first time she knew of his presence. Memories flooded Cho by the dozen, memories she didn't want to remember. What ever happened to the 'them' that used to be anyway? It seemed like the hazy memory just wouldn't come to her.

She mentally shook her head. Or maybe it was because she really didn't want it to. Whatever happened, they never really did talk to each other after that, and mainly avoided contact. He grew cold and distant…and she…she didn't feel like thinking about this now. She made sure her face didn't show any unwanted emotions. She could pretend, he could pretend. It would work out better this way anyway.

She noticed his hair was no longer slicked back, and some of his bangs fell in front of his face, so in fact, he still looked the same when she noticed him in his 6th year. His face was still pale and finely sculpted as she remembered it, and by the look on his face, he seemed bored and surprised. He still had remarkably soft, light-silvery hair. If it was possible, Cho could've sworn it to be shimmering.

That made Cho stifle a laugh. Shimmering? That reminded her of one of those ridiculous shampoo commercials. After glancing over his face again, she had to admit there was no doubt he was still handsome. As of now, she kept picturing him in the hair-flipping commercials, and it was killing her.

He obviously noted her amusement, for he blinked, and an eyebrow raised at her slightly. "What?" Cho shook her head quickly, forgetting that she was still staring. "Uh…nothing." He didn't press the subject, so instead, he gave a bit of a nonchalant shrug, continuing on. Cho took this as her cue, softly saying, "I'm here for the bartending job." She hastily handed him her résumé, waiting for his response.

He glanced over it then smirked, and mentioned casually, "You've been in quite a few jobs, Miss Chang." Not sure how she was to take this, Cho looked at him expectantly, wondering why he had to accent her surname with that odd drawl, until silver met mahogany, and he uttered the two words she'd been hoping to hear.

"You're hired."

Cho was amazed at how quickly he hired her. He just pretty much skimmed over her papers, and in two seconds she had a job? Cho was shocked, skeptically wondering if there was some catch to the situation. He might've at least hesitated at the fact that she had absolutely no experience whatsoever with drinks or something. The sound of his voice interrupted her thoughts.

"But not as a bartender."

She resisted the urge to gape, expecting something like that to happen. She held her breath, waiting for him to continue. When the couple seconds of silence dawned over her, she couldn't wait any longer.

"What!" She asked, eyeing him incredulously. How could he hire her when it wasn't even the job she was asking for!

Draco looked to her papers, then back up to her. "From what I've seen, you've also been very experienced with music. Especially the piano."

She stood quietly, wondering what exactly he was trying to propose. She wasn't keen to the idea of him hiring her without her own consent to his plans, but if he was hiring her for what she was thinking of…

His hand slid to his chin to prop his head up, and he continued. "We just imported a piano, as you've probably already have seen. Customers have been complaining about music entertainment issues, although I have no clue why it matters if you're too drunk to comprehend the music anyway. Nonetheless, we need someone with the skills to play. I trust you do?"

"This isn't what I asked to be hired for…" Cho looked at him incredulously.

"Then you don't accept?"

"I didn't say that." Cho frowned, hastily replying.

"Then what are you saying?"

His voice flowed smoothly after hers. His intense stare was starting to make her uncomfortable, although she wasn't about to give him the pleasure of knowing that.

"I accept." Her voice was confident and quiet as she breathed out, though her eyes betrayed the feeling.

He eyed her curiously, locking her gaze with his own and seeing her involuntarily shift from it, he smirked. The only difference with her seemed to be that she had her hair cut a little shorter than mid-back, and it was nicely layered. It was still parted to the side, with a couple long, thin bangs cut mid-cheek.

Her almond-shaped eyes were expressive and light, though seeming to hide something behind those dark depths. He looked her over up and down. She definitely didn't lose any attractive points. He noted her nice curves, and sat back. He had hid hidden regrets that began to cloud his mind from her entrance, and wasn't about to lose his blasé disposition.

She saw him glance over her, and fought the urge to blush and glare. Instead, her mouth twitched with a somewhat annoyance while she folded her arms. Her cheeks became slightly colored and she forced a 'thank you' towards him. Seeing him eye her even more, she controlled an instinct to smack him and stood up quickly, taking a step towards his desk. "Were you about to say something?" Cho boldly titled her head, giving him a small glare, her eyes flashing and challenging.

Clearly amused at her reaction, Draco stood up, towering over her 5'4" with his 6'1". Draco closed the distance between them, whispering in her ear, "Really now, do you sincerely enjoy conversing with me that much? I'm quite flattered." Cho rolled her eyes at this, and the look she gave him was screaming, "Stupid, idiotic, git!" although he didn't notice. As he backed up, he motioned towards his door.

"I'm sure you know the way out."

Cho looked at him with surprise and disbelief. Was he kicking her out of his office?

Draco looked at her reaction, and to explain himself he hastily added, "Blaise Zambini will show you the basic rules and give you your uniform. He'll be down the hall to your right. After you're done with him, report to my office immediately, and we'll see how well your talent is."

Cho had already gone to the door, and when she turned around to face him, he was busy with his stack of papers. She was thinking of something to say, and almost as if on cue, Draco looked up at her expectantly.

Turning quickly around, she bit her lip, opened the door, and walked out. Once she was outside, she leaned on the door slightly, heaving a couple quick breaths. "What is wrong with me today?"

It slightly scared her. They hadn't acted like this since…

Cho shook those thoughts away. Only then did she start to really think about her current situation. What was she getting into, being employed by Mr. Ego himself? Not to mention she got an unnerving feeling every time she was around him. She was being put on edge…a feeling she hadn't felt in quite a while.

"Bah! Stop thinking about it, Cho. Just breathe, follow Blaise, get the stuff done, and you'll be fine." Cho bit her lip, smoothed out her skirt, and held her chin high as she walked down the hall to Blaise, pretending that nothing happened.

After getting her necessary items from Blaise (the list of rules were tedious and long, not to mention Cho was fighting the urge to drift too far off into space, although the uniform didn't look so bad) Cho spun around to follow the horrible hallway of her doom.

The uniform she had been given consisted of a crisp, white, button-up collared shirt. It had the dark green business symbol on one of the lapels of the collar, and a large "C" was embroidered (Blaise's work. Who knew he took wand-embroidery lessons in Hogwarts?) on the left side in a dark green as well. The skirt was a bit shorter than the normal ones in Hogwarts she had gotten used to. It was also a matching dark green, pleated and plaid. If it weren't for the business symbol and her letter embroidery, she would've sworn she was wearing the Slytherin uniform. Other than that, she had a free choice in shoes, accessories, and etc., as long as it matched the uniform.

Shaking her head, she neared the door, hesitating before she knocked once. In a matter of seconds, the door was opened, and she was again faced with the one and only, Draco Malfoy. He closed the door behind him, and started walking to the left. Cho looked at his retreating back in confusion. Wasn't the piano in the other direction? She didn't question him, however.

He stopped so abruptly that Cho almost crashed into him, but luckily she side stepped so that she caught herself with the wall. Opening the door in front of them, Draco walked in, then stood by the piano with a strange expression that Cho couldn't read. Taking in a breath, she walked in as well, her eyes catching the piano. It was obviously newer than the one she saw before, although she didn't know why they didn't just use this one instead of importing another one, not to mention if it was older.

Cho gracefully sat, gingerly tracing her fingers over the keys, contemplating. Her mind was working furiously as she thought of the piece to play. Forgetting Draco's presence, (he had walked to a corner of the room to observe her from there) she began to play. At first, the tune was light-hearted, almost so allegro that, had she been paying attention, her hands would've collapsed minutes ago.

But she soon lost herself in the music, and with that her song melted into a familiar tune that she somehow recollected as she played.


Cho was having another sleepless night. She made her way to the Room of Requirement again, after discovering the antique piano that awaited her return. She itched to touch the keys, to play what her mind couldn't form into words.

Her mind was so jumbled up after those secret meetings with Draco Malfoy, the enigma. He never stopped to baffle her. He was the first in a long time that could make her blush as quickly as he did, (he sincerely held a fine record) not to mention he was the only one she felt at ease with. Unpredictable, sometimes they would just sit there, staring at the stars in silence, and other times they would just talk about classes, or whatever came to mind.

But last night, they had shared a strange, unexpected kiss under moonlight, and soon afterward he ran quickly away, leaving her utterly confused. And here she was now, playing a song she created of him. It started out slow and melodious, but sorrowful and passionate. There was a melancholy twist in it, and as she kept on playing, it seemed to resonate like the blowing of the wind, fierce but gentle. Then she repeated the beginning, and added a chorus of notes that were filled with hope and waiting. The song ended slowly with a twinkling of forlorn stars.

She didn't notice that Draco had come in during the song, listening tentatively and standing behind her, deep in thought. Cho turned around, gasping quickly in surprise when she saw Draco. The soft blonde strands fell gently about his face, covering his eyes while he looked at something invisible on the ground. He didn't look up, but quietly whispered, "What was the song about?"

Cho stood, stepping towards Draco's tall figure and simply replied, "You." Draco sharply tilted his head at this, his eyes an intense flame that bore into hers, not bothering to hide his questioning surprise and interest. There was almost a plea of hope in his pale orbs, and he seemed to search her for a confirmation of something. Cho averted her eyes before she would get lost in his gaze. She walked past him to open the door and took one last look behind her. He was still standing immobile, staring thoughtfully at the piano, as if the song she just played was still playing. With that, she closed the door behind her, leaving a pensive Draco behind.

End Flashback

Cho gasped silently to herself as she finished the song. She looked up slowly to see Draco looking intently at her about a foot away, and she blinked before looking coyly away. "He obviously remembers," She observed. The situation was screaming "Déjà vu!" in her mind. He was standing almost exactly like he did before, with the same look of contemplation, except he had turned his head to the window, filled with the night sky. His mouth was in a grim line, with a very slight twitch at one of the corners.

Cho bit her lip, and got up. She lifted a hand to push her hair behind one ear, and, glancing at Draco once, and started for the door like she had years ago. Her clammy hands fiddled with the doorknob, and she softly opened the door. As she closed it behind her, she waited a couple of seconds before she was about to leave. Then his voice, deadly low in a whisper not meant to be heard, uttered one word.


Her breath caught and a large knot formed in her throat. She could hear the longing, the regret, the sorrow…everything. She leaned her head and her right shoulder against the door, sliding down. It took all the will she had to not run back in. He hadn't meant for her to hear, after all.

The trip back to her apartment was hazy…almost like she just had a hangover. She remembered that Blaise had escorted her out…but then her mind went blank. Everything was just blurry…too blurry and dreamy, and it didn't help that his voice was pounding in her brain with a large sized mallet. Cho cradled her head, sighing. What was she going to do? And more importantly, what was he going to do? He would always act as if nothing had happened, and it frustrated her beyond belief. Was he going to shut himself off again?

Cho splashed some cold water over her face, brushed her teeth, combed through her hair, and eased into cute zodiac pajamas. They were of a dark-blue hue and extremely silky. She paced around in comfy beige slippers, questions forming and storing themselves in her mind just as new ones stacked up. Already she was getting a massive headache. She rubbed her head. Cho sighed heavily; she was in no condition to play the piano tonight.

"Erg! Shut up brain, and sleep!" she mumbled irritatingly to herself.

Maybe she would call Ginny tomorrow. The two had gotten incredibly close during a night at the astronomy tower where they both couldn't sleep. Ever since then, they had become best friends. Cho collapsed on a nearby couch and proceeded to look outside. She really needed a break, or some vacation, maybe a walk or something. This was absolutely ridiculous, there was no way she'd get all freaked out over some guy…it just wasn't like her nowadays.

Draco just had to be another ordinary guy…right? Her pride insisted on her independence, and she wasn't about to back down. The faster she got to schooling for that medi-witch job, the better. After all, then she'd be away from that temporary job of hers…although something in her brain told her she wouldn't be getting rid of that very soon.

Cho let out a large cat-like yawn, and buried her head into the feathery couch pillow. Her brain ceased to function as sleep lured her into its wonderful temptation. She didn't notice her eyes close as her world faded to black.

I know I've been mistaken

But just give me a break and see the changes that I've made

I've got some imperfections

But how can you collect them all and throw them in my face?

But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting

You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting

And if you chose to walk away I'd still be right here waiting

Searching for the things to say to keep you right here waiting

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