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Author's Notes: Another of my AU stories. I just like AU for whatever reason. Anyway, this is a superantural one, supposed to be horror, but I'll let you be the judge of that. For all I know, it's probably tamer than a merry-go-round.


Two figures sat alone on a hill in Odaiba park, watching the full moon. The night air was crisp and cool, a faint breeze coming by every so often and bringing a ghostly whisper from the leaves of the trees. There was hardly any light in this spot, putting everything in sillhouete. "How long has it been now since this mess began," the first asked.

"I'd say about ten years now," his friend answered. He drew his fingers back through his blonde hair. "Damn, I haven't fed in several days. I'm gonna be getting weak soon."

The first figure shook out his mass of brown hair and sniffed the air twice. "We're in luck. Two people are in the park. I wonder what they're doing out so late?" He continued sniffing. "Let's see. Perfume. Expensive clothes. Hair dye, I think... The other one. Sweat. Flowers, many kinds of flowers. Tennis balls? Hmm." He turned to his partner and his eyes reflected a pale green light in the darkness. "Let's go check it out, Matt."

Matt nodded and followed his partner down the hill. "Sure thing, Tai." The two moved quickly and silently past trees and over hills until they came to a pathway and hid behind two large trees. They saw, passing under a lamp post, two girls in their late teens. One had pink hair with several golden stars stuck in it. "That would be where the hair dye came from," Tai whispered. He turned his eyes to the other girl. She had shoulder-length red hair and was wearing a tennis uniform, carrying a dufflebag by her side. The two were talking and giggling as they passed by without ever noticing the boys.

"What are they saying," Matt asked in a whisper.

"They're on the hunt for a couple of dates to an up-coming party. Let's hold off on dinner. I call dibs on the red-head." Tai viewed the red-haired girl as his eyes glowed in the light like before.

Matt just puffed a lock of hair from his eyes. "You can have the red-head. I'm more interested in the other one. Did you catch where the party is?"

Tai focused his hearing a little more and listened to their conversation. "That new place, The Derelict. That's that one that bought the abandoned warehouse."

"Oh yeah," Matt said. "Well, let's go have a little chat with them, shall we?" He grinned wikedly. He could find someone else to feed from. This was too good an oppurtunity to turn down.

Tai chuckled darkly and slipped off into the shadows to head off the girls at a bend in the path. "Way ahead of you, buddy."

The two emerged from the rees and walked down the path toward the two girls casually. "Well, hello there," Matt said when the four were only a few yards apart. "What are you ladies doing out so late?"

The girls jumped. They hadn't been paying attention at all. Normally, people would be scared to see two guys come out of nowhere in the middle of the night, but Odaiba was a peaceful neighborhood that only had to worry about minors purchasing beer to impress their friends. The red-headed girl looked at Tai and smiled. "Hi there. It's a long story." She nonchallantly started to walk toward them, taking a quick look over Tai as she went. He was wearing khaki cargo pants, a blue T-shirt that had "Born To Be Wild" emblazened on the front in white letters, white sneakers, and a blue headband keeping his mass of thick brown hair out of his face. "Hey, you're cute," she said flirtatiously. "What's your name?"

"I'm Taichi Kamiya, and this is my buddy Yamato Ishida. Or just Tai and Matt for short. What are you girls doing out this late? It's almost midnight."

"I'm Sora Takenouchi and this is Mimi Tachikawa. We have our reasons, it's just a long story." Sora took another step toward Tai while Mimi took this time to walk up to Matt.

"Hello there, Matt." She took a look at his outfit with some interest. He was wearing air walks, blue jeans, a black T-shirt that had "doN't annoy THe CraZy person" in scrawled white lettering on the front, and a black leather sweeper coat. She giggled lightly at the message on his shirt. "Nice outfit. I think it looks really nice on you. Hey, Sora and I are going to a party in a couple days. If you don't have any other plans, do you want to come?" She looked into his eyes hopefully, batting her eyelashes.

Matt winked and smirked. "It's a date."

Sora grinned slightly as she glanced at her friend and decided to take Mimi's approach. "What about you Tai? You want to be my date," she asked coyly.

"Is that a trick question," Tai responded. "You got it, Sora."

The four teens talked for another half-hour as the boys escorted the girls to their apartments. Once they were gone, Tai and Matt turned serious once more. "Hmm, they may have potential." Taichi said. "We got their phone numbers, we got a double date, and all we need now is a little time."

Yamato nodded. "We better head back. The clans aren't going to be pleased if they find out that we just organized a double date with two humans. Hell, if they find out anything about tonight, they'll be pissed."

"Alright." Tai sniffed the air twice. "There's a little punk a couple blocks down writing grafitti. He's all yours."

Matt smirked. "Thanks. May not be my first choice, but beggers can't afford to be picky."

With that, the two left in opposite directions, no one the wiser. The next morning, The Odaiba Times reported the first disappearance in the city in five years.