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Chapter 1, Grandma's Cookies

By: EmeraldSong

Perhaps something like God existed. Moreover, perhaps such a God had his eye on Zackary Greene. The thought crossed his mind as he saw a familiar blue halo sitting at a table in the corner of the Library reading. Alternatively, perhaps there was some logical explanation to explain his second sighting of his azure angel.

The angel in question had an intense look of concentration on her face as her eyes flicked over the pages that she was reading, totally absorbed. It was a state of being that Zack was intimately familiar.

The idea of not approaching her flashed briefly through his thoughts. It was quickly rejected. He did not place trust in fate, but Zack was more than willing to take advantage of coincidence.

'Carpe diem' he thought, 'Seize the day.' (A.N. yeah, I know its clichéd.)

There had to be a probable solution for why she seemed so familiar to him. A long lost child-hood friend, or maybe a rival. His interest was defiantly piqued.

'Perhaps she was your lover in a previous life?' A voice inside him queried. 'It would explain your dreams.'

He scoffed at his inward foolishness, of all the ridiculous things that had ever waltzed through his head that had to be within one of the top three. Previous lover or not, he had to admit that she was pretty hot, even if from first glance she seemed completely different from the girls that he usually went for.

"Ahem…" he coughed hoping to gain some attention.

However, if he had been expecting a reaction he soon found himself disappointed. She did not even flicker as much as an eyelash in his direction. Zack might have found her lack of response annoying if he had not been distracted the graceful curve of her neck. He watched, enthralled as she licked her index finger with delicate pink lips and flipped the page on her book. He could feel the temperature of his body rising as she shifted her body into a slightly different position that revealed slightly more leg than her previous one. She was just so…

"Agh!" he smacked his head on a nearby shelf. What was wrong with him? Sure, she was good-looking, but he was done with puberty! His hormones should have been under control by now! Junior high had been embarrassing enough! He was a man now, a healthy twenty-one year old! No woman, no matter how irresistible her legs were had power over him. He was a man of Science and was totally in control of himself.

Gathering up his shredded confidence, he looked up to face his adversary once again, and found himself facing a small but very amused audience. Flustered he moved his eyes to the table where she had been sitting, only to find her absent. He felt a sinking in the pit of his stomach and belatedly realized that it must have been his lunch.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! Stupid!" he smacked his head into the shelf again, this time on purpose. If there was a God, this must have been his form of punishment. A light tapping on his shoulder caught Zack's attention.

"Excuse me Sonny?" The oldest woman he had ever seen said. "If you're looking for Ami, she just left…Are you alright Dearie? You look like your about to faint." He must have looked awful, because a wrinkly hand found its way to his fore head, which was frankly amazing considering how short she was.

"You know her?" he asked breathless, and not believing his dumb luck at finding this lead.

"Ehh? What did you say? You'll have to speak up." The old woman fingered her ear gingerly.

"Do you know the girl who was sitting here?" Zack asked again feigning patience.

"What did I say about speaking up? Are you deaf? Honestly, when I was young people respected their elders, not like today of course. Why just the other day I was out shopping…Is there something wrong with your eyes as well? I never in all my years saw a twitch quite that bad."


"Now where was I?...Oh I remember! Do you want a cookie? I just baked them yesterday…They're chocolate chip with Bran." She leaned on him and whispered slyly. "They're my husband's favorite, but you're so handsome that I don't think that he'd mind."

"Do. You. Know. The. Girl. Who. Was. Sitting. Here?" The crone had better not of been hinting at what he thought she had been.

"Ehh? I told you to speak up sonny!"


The old woman looked at him, as if scandalized. Then slowly her wrinkly face began to redden.

"Why in all my years I have never…" she spluttered. "Yelling in a library, of all the nerve! Did your mother teach you any manners at all? Back in my day anyone who yelled in a library would have been thrown out of town!"


"Umm…Sir?" a rather timid voice piped up somewhere behind him, "I'm afraid that I have to ask you to leave."

"About time! Back when I was young…"

"You too Ma'am…"


"Ehh? What are you doing here Ami? I know that you're usually early but four hours is pushing it a bit…" Rei paused when she noticed how red and flustered Ami's face was. "Did someone send you a love letter or something?"

"No," she snapped, looking around Rei's room to avoid looking her fellow senshi in the face. "I just happened to leave the library a little earlier than expected, and coming to the shrine for the meeting was next on my agenda anyway."

"Ami," Rei's violet eyes narrowed dangerously, "Tell me what really happened." Her flat tone left little room for objection, but Ami had to try.

"That's the truth…"

"Then tell me the whole truth, not just half of it."

"It wasn't really a big deal just some guy…" Ami sighed and gave in, deflated. "He was kind of rude and he was following me around…"

"Was he stalking you?" Rei exclaimed, and it was at that choice moment that Minako happened to walk into the room.

"What? Somebody's stalking Ami?"

The air in the room froze, as well as everyone in it. Minako, of course was the first to break the paralysis by whipping out her communicator.

"Usaaaggiii! Makooooooo! You have to come to the temple right away! This is urgent senshi business!" The senshi of Venus waved her arms in the air excitedly, while both Ami and Rei sweat-dropped in the background.

"Minako calm down! It's not like that!" Ami cried her face once again going red. "He wasn't stalking me, he just happened to end up in the same place…after chasing me for three blocks…" she stammered and began to hyperventilate, wondering where her normally calm and analytical frame of mind had gone.

"Ami snap out of it!" Rei's left eye had begun to twitch, something that was never a good sign. "Minako! For the love of Kami put down that communicator and help me sort this out!"

Minako sighed, and did what she was told without complaint. Leader though she might be, she had a strong survival instinct and knew how to pick her fights, unlike a certain meatball princess.

"Calm down Rei, I just figured that since more than half of us are already here we might as well start the meeting early. Mako said that she'd even bring cookies," She switched her attention back to blue-haired genius, "Now Ami if you could start from the beginning…"

"Wouldn't it be better if I waited until everyone was here first?" 'Then I'd only have to go over it once instead of multiple times.' At least some part of her was still thinking rationally.

Minako sighed and nodded reluctantly, "I suppose that would be for the best."

"By the way Minako…Ami at least has a reason for showing up four hours early and intruding on my prayer time…but what are you doing here?" perhaps it was an illusion, but she could have sworn there was smoke coming out of Rei's ears.

"I felt that in this lapse of peace that I have been neglecting my duties as leader and have decided it was time that we got more serious." Minako said it directly with a serious expression her face.

"…" Rei sat there, as if stunned by the answer.

"Just kidding! The truth is that I was bored so I came over to read your Manga! o" A radiant smile plastered her face as she beamed her pearly whites at the Senshi of Fire. "I also have a date tonight and was wondering if I could borrow those heels that you wore last week at the mall. They are the perfect shade of Teal to match my new blouse." Her eyes became large and watery.

"Forget it."

"Please? Remember when I set you up with that cute guy at the park… I think his name was Hashimoto…"

"Unfortunately for you, I do remember that."

"But I thought that you had fun…"

"He tried to drug me!"

"The cola did look a little suspicious I'll admit…But he was so polite!"



"I'd burn those heels to ashes before I let you borrow them!" Her eyes darkening and whipping an ofuda out of nowhere she tried to plaster it across Minako's forehead but missed hitting her nose instead.

This was of course how the rest of the half-hour continued before the Usagi and Makoto arrived with a very happy looking Luna.

"I'm so glad that you girls have finally started to get serious. Crystal Tokyo is coming and," Luna's feline eyes widened, "Minako what happened to you?" Her eyes lingered on the blonde-girl who had about twenty ofuda's hanging off various parts of her face.

"Never mind…I think I know," The black cat had a slightly exasperated expression as she sent a glare over in Rei's direction. "Now what was the urgent business that couldn't wait until the original meeting time that we agreed on?"

"Ano…Its not really urgent business, Luna" Ami spoke up hesitantly, "There was no need for you to call the meeting early."

"…" A vein popped out on the side of the cat's head, "I thought I could at least depend on Ami to be mature… Agh! What would the Queen say if she saw you all now?"

"Queen Serenity wanted us to be happy Luna, remember?" Makoto wagged a disapproving finger in Luna's direction, "Before Crystal Tokyo comes it wouldn't hurt for you to take a chill pill. You agree don't you Artemis?" The white cat, which had been trying to sneak in stealthily, jumped at the mention of his name.

"Something smell's fishy," Usagi sniffed around trying to find the direction, her nose finally settling on Artemis.

"What?" He attempted to look innocent.

"Aren't you on a diet?" Luna gritted her teeth, and Artemis had the grace to look at least a little sheepish.

"Look I can explain…There was this nice old lady, and she wouldn't give me any cookies, but she did offer me some alternative food and it would have been rude to decline the invitation." Seeing the expressions of the girls around him, he quickly switched tactics, "I don't see why I need to be on a diet! I am not fat! I am pleasantly plump!"

"Your mid-section would say otherwise." Luna said rather snootily and Artemis bristled.

"Well, you're no light-weight either!" he realized his poor choice of words a little to late, as one slender black paw sent him sprawling.

"Back to business…" Luna growled. Nobody argued.

Five torturing hours later…

Minako groaned as she shuffled out of the temple. She intended to think twice before setting Luna off again. She had only managed to get out when she mentioned how this was going to make her late for her appointment tonight. Well…It was not actually an appointment, even though it felt like one for her.

The date had been set up by her mother months ago, and if she skipped out on it, there would be hell to pay later.

Minako sighed, 'If he's anything like the last guy she set me up with…,' She mentally cringed thinking about it. He was the son of a business associate, and probably resembled a potato.

Amano Kane, heir of the semi-successful Amano enterprises. At least the potato's name was somewhat cool sounding. It was times like these that she really envied Usagi, she at least had been destined to end up with a hottie who was not a total douche bag. Sure Mamoru had his problems, but the fact that he was a reincarnated prince pretty much made up for any faults that he might have.

"Every Frog has a silver lining!" she said to herself aloud.

"I'm not even going to bother correcting you…" she jumped at the sound of Makoto's voice. Minako looked at the brown-haired woman sheepishly.

"So what exactly is bothering you?" Makoto inquired kindly.

"The usual, my parents setting me up potatoes." Seeing the confused expression on the senshi of thunder's face she quickly explained, "Prospective business partners and their sons…Unlike normal dates, they're horribly boring and painful, and my escort is usually a pervert of the first order…"

"If they bother you so much, why do you go?"

"My mother would never let me hear the end of it."

"Tell her to screw off, it's your life after all."

"Well said." Minako paused, and smiled brightly at Makoto, "I think I'll take your advice."

"Well…if you don't have anything else planned you could come shopping with me and Usagi. She's looking for an anniversary present for Mamoru."

"Sounds good to me."

Thus, Amano Kane, heir of semi-successful Amano enterprises, which was actually far more successful than at first made out to be was stood up in one of the most expensive restaurants in Tokyo.

Zackary Greene spent the rest of his Saturday plotting revenge against the blue-haired sprite who had been an instrument in his being banned from the best library in Tokyo, and in shaking his atheist view of the world.

Rei tossed her teal heels into the sacred fire for security measures.

Ami wondered why there were not more scenes for her, since she was supposedly the main character. She concluded that the author was inexperienced and desperately needed to improve her skills. She spent an enjoyable evening reading her encyclopedia set.

Usagi, Makoto, and Minako spent far more time in the food court than actually shopping. It was then that they discovered Minako's deadly allergy to antelope meat and spent the rest of the night in the emergency room.

Artemis spent the night wondering if Luna had permanent P.M.S. He proved this theory true when after explaining the Black Cat's condition aloud to her, he found himself with a black eye.

Mamoru sulked in a corner because he had not even shown up, and thus was not destined to be overly involved in the plot. "But I'm a prince!" he whined as the author rolled her eyes disdainfully.

The old Lady at the library spent the evening baking cookies for unsuspecting strangers.

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