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"Are you certain about this Sakura?"

Voice so soft and gentle yet firm asked. She already knew the answer, knew it from the bottom of her heart when her young pupil walked into her office with that sad little defeated look on her face. A part of her hoped that maybe, just maybe the girl would change her mind.

She doesn't have to do this!

Her mind argued hotly as a feeling of betrayal stabbed her.

She's too young to be considering something like this just for the freedom of a worthless traitor.

A growing feeling of anxiety swam through her system, swallowing her whole as she watched the scene unfold before her very own eyes. She knew what would happen if the council agreed with Sakura's proposition. Tsunade could do nothing to stop it from happening and it was what angered and scared her the most. Her fist shook in rage, the surge of chakra pumping through her body, demanding to be set free in a violent way.

Tsunade wanted to run to the girl, grab her by the shoulders to then roughly shake her like a doll, shake her until some sense was knocked into her, but she refrained from doing so. She knew Sakura was old enough to make her own decisions even though her mind argued hotly that she was still a baby, just barely an adult at a tender age of seventeen.

She was so young and so in love.

The girl's head bobbed slowly, pink disheveled hair cascaded down her shoulders, covering her face as her head bent down lower towards her folded hands on her lap. She asked once more, a little more pleading in her voice. Tsunade couldn't loose her just yet. Sakura meant the world to her. Had she ever married, ever had a family she was certain Sakura would have been born her daughter.

Sad, knowing honey-brown eyes gazed as the young girl before her nodded affirmatively again. Bringing her hand up to roughly wipe the tears away from the prying eyes of other occupants in the room, Tsunade sighed heavily before letting her voice tremble slightly throughout the room.

"Very well," she turned to the council and clan leaders, "Is there any objection?"

They looked amongst each other, whispering quietly so the young girl seated in the middle of room could not hear of their decision. It wasn't until Hyuuga Hiashi stepped forward that Sakura began to feel tears forming in her eyes.

"I will take her in," his pale eyes shifted to Tsunade, "The Uchiha clan will flourish once again with the guidance of our family."

At that moment Tsunade knew she lost Sakura. There was no turning back now. She couldn't do anything to change their final decision. The Uchiha clan would be revived and the last heir of the clan would be pardoned of his sins.

Tsunade straightened herself when she noticed the odd looks the council members shot her way.

"You are here by suspended of your statues as a shinobi of Leaf until the Hyuuga clan deems it fit. You are to be taken to their complex and prohibited in any way to roam the streets until it is time for you to leave this village," she watched as the young girl bobbed her head absentmindedly while the council and clan leaders nodded.

"You are not allowed in any shape or form to present yourself as the mother of the child. The child will be stripped from you once it is born and you will continue with your life. Is that clear?"

Tsunade could hear Sakura choke back a sob when she answered her. She felt her heart shattering into tiny pieces as Sakura raised her tear stricken face up, "I understand, Tsunade-sishou."

Five years later…

A pearl of laughter rang through her ears and the young woman shifted in her seat to peer across the garden. Setting the medical scrolls aside she watched as the dark-haired little boy kicked the pond happily. He pouted cutely, eyes crossing to see the offending object that managed to get stuck on his nose. He blew up, growling when the cherry blossom stuck closer to his wet skin.

Smiling softly, Hinata abandoned her place on the wooden porch to sneak behind the child. She bent down, plucked the blossom from his scrunching nose, ruffled the boy's dark hair and pecked him lovingly on his forehead. He protested, arguing it was yucky and that he was going to catch the 'cooties'.

"Yukio-kun, lets get you cleaned up."

"But-but-but I wuss playing in da water Mommy," he whined with his raspy little voice and his famous beaten puppy look.

Just like Naruto-kun.

She pondered as she let her mind drift away to a couple of weeks back. She remembered catching Naruto teaching Yukio how to weasel out of things by being adorably cute.

She was not pleased at all.

The child had used the famous "puppy look" ever since the day Naruto had taught him the trick and each time Yukio used it he managed to make Hinata into a puddle of mush. She suspected Sasuke had something to do with the sudden drag of the words the child started to use along with the big fat and fake tears that streamed from his bright colored eyes.

Hinata sighed again, mostly out of frustration because she knew she could not resist the pretty babe and his dangerously cute charm. He was just so adorable with his large blue-green eyes and his unruly dark hair…and that was a damn good excuse to let him be spoiled!

"Uncle Neji will be upset if he catches you playing in the pond again, sweetie." She tugged on his hand as he held his ground. Hinata could see the boy's eyes twinkle in mischief as his bottom lip trembled.

He rubbed his sparkling blue-green eyes to give the affect of the incoming tears and sucked in air into his little lungs before letting it out as a soft pathetic sob. He looked up, lip stuck out and trembling, eyes coated in a thin sheen of tears.

Hinata sighed dejectedly. As much as she wanted to be strict and say no to the boy she just could not do it. He was just…just-

"Too damn cute if you tell me," A smooth voice said from behind her. Hinata squeaked, partly ashamed and embarrassed to be sneaked from behind. She frowned when she noticed the teasing grin on the tall blond.


He smiled, eyes closing as he tugged on Hinata's other hand, bringing her close for a loud popping kiss. The child watching made a face and immediately gagged in disgust as the adults kissed.

"Kissing is yucky!" He exclaimed hotly as he stood with his hands on his hips.

Naruto looked down to see a red faced Yukio with cheeks puffed out. He would have laughed out loud had the child not had a hot temper. For one being so young Yukio certainly knew how to pick fights with others. Naruto ruffled the boy's dark hair, grinning when he watched as two chubby hands try to swat his larger ones away from his little head.

"You won't say that when you find yourself a nice girl," He teased and soon chuckled when Hinata slapped him softly upside the head and as Yukio kicked him on the shin.

Reaching down, Naruto lifted the child and placed him on his shoulders, "So, what are we doing today?"

The child immediately brightened up, pointing a finger up into the sky as he grinned cheekily, "I wanna eat ice-cream!"

"Ice-cream, you say?"

"Yes, yes!" He exclaimed eagerly with a bounce on Naruto's shoulders. Said blond gripped the boy's knees harder to steady him.

"Well, what does Mommy Hinata say?" Naruto turned around and watched as the young woman's face scrunched up in disapproval before softening into a sweet smile as the child begged.

Throwing his little arm's up in delight, Yukio chanted happily, "Yay! Ice-cream! YAY!"

Naruto shifted Yukio on his shoulders and immediately felt two small hands pulling at his hair. He gritted his teeth as the child's chant for ice-cream grew louder. He could faintly hear Hinata scold Yukio who plainly ignored her with his victory hop and song on Naruto's shoulders.

"Keep it down kid. Any louder and you'll pop my eardrum…and let go of my hair."



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