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a/n- This just popped into my head after I watched the movie (again). Its corny, (and short) I know, but w/e. And I know that horses probably don't have such complicated emotions, but who cares.

Everytime I see the end of that movie, though, I see Hidalgo's hooves. THEY ARE STILL SHOD! He could pick up a stone, hurt his hoove, fall behind the herd, and get killed! Sorry, it just bugs me...


"Go," he murmured, slipping the bit from my mouth. I blinked at him. Go? Okay.

Without wasting a moment I cantered down the hill. Not hearing him coming after me, I looked back. He stood there, one hand holding my bridle, tears in his eyes. I realized then that he really wanted be to go. To run with my herd-mates. To be free again.

A small part of my mind told me to run, to take this chance at the freedom I thought would never be mine again. But I had to stay. Despite it all, the races, the restrictions, the near death experiences, I wanted to stay. He was my two-legger.

The day he had captured me I had been appalled. I had though he wanted to take away my freedom, my spirit. To tame me, work me like a common mule.

Now, though, I realized it was not the cowboy who would ride off into the sunset, but the horse.

The small, treacherous, part of my mind overwhelmed my common sense. And I realized it was not treachery, but truth. My two-legger wanted me to be free, and so I would be, following his mind like I always had, to the last.

I realized as I galloped after my kin with the wind in my mane and the ground thundering beneath my hooves, that he had not wanted a pet or a slave. He had wanted a brother. A partner. A… friend.

And he had gained one.