Author's Note: Lying in bed all day and all night can get quite boring. I've been listening to a lot of music, and because of my fic, of course, keep relating songs to Life With Derek (lol yes I am pathetic). So I was listening to this song by The Used. I don't even like them, but this song is pretty good. And it put this fic idea in my head. Here it is, just a very short one-shot :-) Hope it came out alright, I wrote it in like fifteen minutes lol. Don't worry, I'll be updating my other fic soon!

People always wonder if it's lonely at the top.

Being popular in school never came as a big deal to me or anything. It just happened. When I cut my hair and got over that awkward pubescent stage, people started to really notice me. Girls would flirt and guys would ask me to hang. In the hallway, they'd slap my hand and give me nods of acknowledgement. Underclassmen started looking up to me. Upperclassmen would invite me to parties.

It just came naturally, really.

It's not like one day I woke up and boom, I decided to be popular. Popularity sort of picked me, I guess, as corny as that sounds.

"He's single?" I've heard girls whisper in the school halls.

It's not like I don't know I could have any girl in the school. I know I could.

Girls have always come so easy to me, too, just like popularity. There's no challenge.

Sure, guys think it's awesome to just snap your finger and have any girl on your arm, a la Fonzie. I pretend that I think it's great. But honestly, I think it's boring.

I need the chase. I live for the challenge, the pursuit. And that's why I had always remained single.

Then, she came into my life. She was like a breath of fresh air—so fiery and passionate. She had no problem arguing with me, telling me off, readily pointing out when I was wrong. She was different from any girl I had ever known. She wasn't drooling over my every move. And that made me want her all the more.

Damn, could we fight. We could tear the house down with our battles. There was always this hot passion underlying each argument. She infatuated me with her every move, and, for the first one, I was the one left drooling. She left me awestruck.

We never stopped fighting. People in school never stopped wondering why I didn't have a girlfriend.

"Aren't you lonely?" one girl even came up to me in the hall and asked, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously.

I thought back to just a few hours ago, when I had woken up. Her naked body wrapped around me, the wonderful feeling of warmth overcoming me as it always did. I studied her peaceful, sleeping face, her pale skin glowing in the sunlight peeking through my bedroom blinds. I pushed her dark hair off of her face, leaning down and pressing my lips against her forehead. She sighed softly, snuggling up closer to me.

I smiled down at my secret angel. "I love you, Case," I murmured.

I broke out of my trance, a smile tugging at my lips. Then I looked back up at the blonde who was still batting her mascara-coated eyelashes. My head turned to the right to see my beautiful Casey walking down the hall with a few friends. Our eyes met and we shared a secret smile.

The blonde was still staring at me, waiting for my answer.

"I'm far from lonely," I told her with an authentic grin, turning and leaving.