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These stories were done for White Symphony's Holiday Drabble Challenge. This is one out of five stories. The stories are AU. There will be some OOC. Any type of reviews are welcomed.

The Weather Outside


The navy blue haired boy sat in the booth of the small café. He stared out the windo, but only saw white. He rolled his green eyes, looking back at the book that lay on the table. He started to read the contents within, but his mind wandered back to the situation he was in. Athrun just wanted to scream. He was stuck in this damn café because of the damn snow! And to make it worst for the high school senior, she was right there!

Athrun still focused on the book not wanting to look up. But it was hard for the boy; his eyes met the girl he had longed for four years. Her long petal color hair was tied up in two pigtails; she had a smile on her angelic face. She wore her work uniform that fit perfectly on her body. She was wiping the tables in the café.

Athrun only watched, it was what he did for the past four years. Ever since he came to this café, the White Rose. He has fallen in love with the pink haired girl. Every day no matter what, he would walk in take the same seat, have the same order and just watch her work. She always had a smile on her face, always saying kind words to the customers. He always stayed there until closing time which was five o'clock; she was always the last one out. At times Athrun would leave five minutes before or walked out with her. She always said a few things to Athrun, he would respond back in few words and then she would leave.

He watched as she went to the back room. Athrun sighed to himself, he was pathetic. He was a damn stalker; he was living in a dream world. What an idiot he was. His eyes wandered around the café, it was complete empty it was only him and her and the holiday decorations. Athrun cursed at the weatherman, predicting wrong about the day. He knew it was going to snow but not this much! And now he's snowed him with her.

'Just great…'

Suddenly the lights in the café went out and a scream was heard. Athrun quickly jumped knowing very well who that was. (Also she was the only one there beside himself.) He took out his cellular phone which had no signal, it provided the boy light, and he walked (rather yet ran) through the room getting to the back. His eyes met the pink-haired girl holding a flashlight and working with some wires, in a box. Athrun instantly recognized it was fuse box; she must have hit it or something to cause the little blackout in the café.

"Do you need help?" Athrun finally took the courage to ask, he startled the girl making her drop the flashlight. Athrun quickly went to her aid, "Sorry for that."

The girl shook her head, "No it's my fault. I wanted to turn on the heater, but instead I got the power out…"

The girl continued with her sorry speech, but Athrun wasn't listening. He had a smile on his face, 'She's so cute…'

Her lips stopped moving and Athrun still stared by now he was in his own little world. Lacus started to wave her hand in front of the boy wanting him back to reality. "Excuse me?" Athrun finally came back as he felt a tug on his sweater. He blinked a couple of times; his green eyes met blue ones.

"Once again I'm sorry for that…I was spacing out." Lacus giggled as she heard his excuse, her laughter was music to his ears. "As I was saying do you want help?" Athrun said wanting to get back on track before he went back to La La land.

"I wouldn't want to trouble you but I do." Lacus pointed at the fuse box.

"Don't worry I'm good at these sorts of things, it will be fixed in no time. Do you mind if you shine the light there?" Lacus shook her head and helped out. Athrun looked at the wires and started to work, a few minutes later the lights came back on.

"Done..." Athrun whispered, suddenly he felt something hit against him, it was her. She had her arms around his neck and her head was burned in his chest. She was repeating the say words over and over again, "Thank you! Thank you! If my boss found out, I would have been dead!"

Athrun felt the heat rush to his head that instant. He wanted to wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, but didn't. She finally let go and Athrun quickly missed her touch.

"I'm very grateful as a reward you get a special treat anything you want from café for free." She smiled sweetly and quickly took his hand dragging him back inside. Athrun surprised by her action, but still went along with it. Upon entering the main area, they both stopped as their eyes came across colorful lights. All the holiday lights in the café were on, making the room shine.

Athrun cursed at himself for doing the wrong thing, he was about to apologize. However, Lacus beat him, "It's beautiful!" She held his hand tighter, "It's so wonderful…" Athrun said nothing only look at her, she was truly happy.

The time passed between the teens. They sat in booth, enjoying their time together getting to know each other. To Athrun this was dream that he never wanted to wake up from. He learned many things about his dream girl that he never thought he would know. He as well shared some of his life to Lacus. The girl took sip from her apple cinnamon tea, her blue eyes wandered to clock. It was eight o'clock, and they were still snowed in.

"It's getting late." Athrun said as he finished his cup of hot chocolate. Lacus only nodded in agreement, she took the cups and plates and headed towards the kitchen. Athrun watched, he smiled it wasn't half bad getting snowed in. He got up walking towards the windows, wanting to see if there was a way out. Sadly for him there wasn't. Coming up behind was Lacus, she had a smile on her thinking of her time with the green eyed boy. She was happy to be with him, she saw him every day, and every day she grew a crush on him which bigger each passing day.

"The weather outside is beautiful isn't it?" Lacus asked as she stood beside him. Athrun only shrugged, he didn't consider it wonderful; he thought it was terrible, but for today and today alone it was beautiful.

"Yea, it is…"